No refunds.  Be assured however that if you decide to cancel before the 7 day period, that your cancellation will be handled promptly and that you will NOT be charged.  There are some unique situations however where a refund WILL be given.  For example, your Free Trial expired and your
1st payment just went through.  You meant to cancel but it’s now a day later.   Please see below
on how best to handle refund issues.

How to cancel your subscription.  You can always cancel your subscription to stop any future transactions from occurring by contacting me direct.

If you have reason to believe that are are due a refund.  Not a problem.  🙂  Simply contact us.

How not to cancel your subscription and/or request a refund. Contacting your credit card company to close your account or to request funds to be put on hold via PayPal only increases the complexity of the transaction and causes unnecessary delays in processing your refund.  Please contact me directly to expedite the process and your refund will be processed (back into your account) within
12 hours, often times less.

If you have any questions please contact me.  Your request will always be handled in a professional and prompt manner. You can also contact me direct at 802-233-0593