Stocks recently alerted to members in real time.

Understand that this listing of trades below does not include trades called out by members in chat. This list also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.

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CLNT Oct 11th

CLNT  Consolidation near support.

Buy: 5.06 Wednesday October 11th
Sell: (partial) 5.70 Thurs October 12th

CLNT Position Open +12.6%

ARDM Oct 10th

ARDM  Potential breakout today if able to get above $4.14, ideally on good volume Now at $4.13  See chart on member site.

Buy: 4.13 Tuesday October 10th
Sell: (partial) 5.25 Friday October 13th

ARDM Position Open  +27.1%

COST Oct 10th

COST Seeing potential support at $155.03.  Opened at $155.40.  Now at $155.63

Buy: 155.63 Tuesday October 10th

COST Position Open

NTNX Oct 9th

NTNX Potential breakout. Will update with chart ASAP.  Opened at $23.14.  Now at 23.53

Buy: 23.53 Monday October 9th
Sell: (partial) 27.10 Friday October 13th

NTNX Position Open  +15.2%

NUGT Oct 6th

NUGT A nice run after alerted (+7%)  Now back to just above price alerted of 31.66  …trading at $31.97.  Suggest 1.5% max risk.

Buy: 31.97 Friday October 6th
Sell: (partial) 36.00 Tuesday October 10th

NUGT Position Open +12.6%

ROKU Oct 5th

ROKU   Bullish gap up with a higher low on daily.  Setting up

Buy: 21.89 Thursday October 5th
Sell: (partial) 25.20 Monday October 9th

ROKU Position Open +15.1%

NGL Oct 2nd

NGL Strong reversal setup.  See chart on member website.  Opened at $11.50.  Now at $11.55 Friday’s closing price.  Suggest 1.5% max risk.

Buy: 11.55 Monday October 2nd
Sell: (partial) 12.45 Tues. October 3rd
Sell: (partial) 11.55 Wed. October 11th

NGL Position Closed +7.8%  +0.0%

INCY Sept 28th

INCY  As per Heads UP. Potential reversal setup. Opened at $109.86.  $110.21.  1.5% max risk.

Buy: 110.21 Thursday September 28th

INCY Position Open

GPRO Sept 8th

GPRO This one seems to be proving itself today. Will provide update with chart on members website shortly.  Opened at $10.10.  Now at $10.31

Buy: 10.31 Friday September 8th
Sell: (partial)  11.58 Fri.,  September 15th
Sell: (partial) 10.89 Tues September 19th

GPRO Position Closed  +11.3%  +5.6%

EGRX Sept 6th

EGRX  Set up in the making for some time now, giving better probability based on this round bottom setup. A green close would confirm nicely after this Long Legged Doji Candlestick from yesterday.  Opened today at $56.93.  Now at $57.12

Buy: 57.12 Wednesday September 6th
Sell: (partial) 61.85 Thursday, September 7th
Sell: (partial) 57.12 Tuesday, September 19th

EGRX Position Closed +8.3%  +0.0%