Stocks recently alerted to members in real time.

This list does not include trades by members in our live chat room.  This list also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.
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Monday May 22 W (Wayfair)

W (Wayfair) Strong up trending stock. Near support. Opened at $62.19. Now at $62.53. Tight stop

Buy: 62.53 Monday May 22nd
Sell: (partial) 72.60 Thurs., June 1st
Sell: (partial) 75.44 Wed., June 27th

W (Wayfair) – Position Closed  +16.1% +20.6%

Friday May 19

TDOC From the Heads UP list. Reversal setup with morning drop to pop action. Opened at $28.50. Now at $28.60. 1.5% max risk

Buy: 28.60 Friday May 19th
Sell: (partial) 31.75 Thurs June 1st
Sell: (partial) 32.20 Wed., June 6th

TDOC – Position Closed +11% +12.6%

Thursday May 18

JDST Hopefully you went over the chat log yesterday noticing that we we’re working on getting positioned to short gold mining stocks. JDST at $69.50

Buy: 69.50 Thursday May 18th
Sell: (partial) 74.50 Thursday May 18th
Sell: (partial) 69.50 Monday, May 22nd

JDST / GDX (short) – Position Closed +7.2% +0.0%

Thursday May 18

Wednesday May 17

PI Seeing as attractive again on this pullback nearer to support. Now at $39.45

Buy: 39.45 Wednesday May 17th
Sell: (partial) 46.20 Mon. May 22nd
Sell: (partial) 43.55 Wed., May 31st

PI – Position Closed +17.1% +10.4%

Wednesday May 17

Tuesday May 09

AMD Reversal attempt above its 200 day. Suggest start small to give this some wiggle room. Now at $10.32 Initial support around $10.19

Buy: 10.32 Tuesday May 9th
Sell:  11.30 Friday May 12th

AMD – Position Closed +9.5%

Monday May 15

CLVS Reversal attempt above its 200 day average. Opened at $47.55. Now at $47.77

Buy: 47.77 Monday May 15th
Sell: (partial) 53.40 Thurs. May 18th
Sell: (partial) 53.40 Friday May 19th

CLVS – Position Closed +11.8% +11.8%

Monday May 15

Friday May 12

CLDR Nice move (setting up) just above key pivot of $20.12. Now at $20.33. Suggest 1.5% risk

Buy: 20.33 Friday May 12th
Sell: (partial) 22.88 Tues., May 16th
Sell: (partial) 20.33 Friday May 19th

CLDR – Position Closed +12.5% +0.0%

Friday May 12

Thursday May 11

ACIA Inside candle, reversal attempt. $44.09 Suggest 1% max risk.

Update: ACIA This setup confirming quite strong. $50.00 mark now key.

Buy: 44.09 Thursday May 11th
Sell: (partial) 47.68 Tues May 16th
Sell: (partial) 44.26Fri., May 19th

ACIA – Position Closed +8.1% +0.0%

Thursday May 11

Thursday May 11

LABU Think it worth a try here but suggesting to keep this position small until it can prove itself. Support around $44.50

Buy: 44.92 Thursday May 11th
Sell: (partial) 48.93 Tues., May 16th
Sell: (partial) 45.70 Friday May 26th

LABU – Position Closed +8.9% +1.7%

Thursday May 11

Wednesday May 10

NUGT $30.85

Buy: 30.85 Wednesday May 10th
Sell: (partial) 35.23 Frid., May 12th
Sell: (partial) 38.10 Wed., May 17th

NUGT (GDX) – Position Closed +14.2% +23.5%

Wednesday May 10