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This list does not include trades by members in our live chat room.  This list also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.
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Wednesday March 08

LABU Potential reversal with this higher low. Now at $50.18. Suggest a tight stop and to close LABD if confirmed.

Buy: 50.18 Wednesday, March 8th
Sell: (partial) 54.50 Thurs. March 16th
Sell: (partial) 50.18 Tuesy., March 21st

LABU – Position Closed +8.6% +0.0%

Tuesday March 07

WIX Nice bull flag setup here. Opened at $62.10

Buy: 62.70 Tuesday, March 7th
Sell: (partial) 68.50 Friday, March 17th
Sell: (partial) 68.40 Friday, March 20th

WIX – Position Closed +9.3% +9.0%

Thursday March 02

LABD Biotech overextended however want to see some follow through here.
Update Direct from LIVE chat!
02:07 pm Scott : biotech, just lack of buy interest at these high levels will make it retrace, dont need big volume

Buy: 9.62 Thursday, March 2nd
Sell: (partial) 10.70 Thurs, March 7th
Sell: (partial) 10.25 Wed., March 8th

LABD – Position Closed +11.2% +6.5%

Wednesday March 01

NUGT GDX Pushing above 50 day avg. of $22.93 NUGT Now at $9.52 Initial support at $9.40. Need to see follow through.

Buy: 9.52 Wednesday, March 1st
Sell: 8.94 Thursday, March 2nd

NUGT – Position Closed -6.5%

Tuesday February 28

EDIT Drop to pop setup. Now at $23.60. Needs to follow through. Suggest small to start

Buy: 23.60 Tuesday, February 28th
Sell: (parital) 25.50 Tuesday Feb. 28th
Sell: (parital) 23.60 Friday, March 3rd

EDIT – Position Closed +8.1% +0.0%

Monday February 27

OCLR (short) From the Heads Up list Opened at $9.23 Now at $9.07

Short: 9.07 Monday, February 27th
Cover: 8.52 Tuesday, February 28th

OCLR – Position Closed +6.1%

Friday February 24

LABU Higher low on the daily. Yesterday’s LOD $42.50 Setting up. Opened at $42.80 Now at $42.87 Tight stop.

Buy: 42.87 Friday, February 24th
Sell: (partial) 52.25 Mon., February 27th
Sell: (partial) 54.60 Thursday, March 2nd

LABU – Position Closed +21.9% +27.3%

Wednesday February 22

NUGT Volume now coming back into gold.

Buy: 11.27 Wednesday, February 22nd
Sell: (partial) 12.20 Thurs., February 23rd
Sell: (partial) 11.27 Friday, February 24th

NUGT – Position Closed +8.3% +0.0%

Wednesday February 22

LABD (long to short biotech)

Buy: 11.52 Wednesday, February 22nd
Sell: (partial) 12.54 Thursday, February 23rd
Sell: (partial) 12.28 Thursday, February 23rd

LABD – Position Closed +8.9% +6.6%

Wednesday February 22

FB Poised to move higher out of this tight range, on good volume this morning.

Buy: 134.37 Wednesday, February 21st
Sell: (partial) 139.75 Friday, March 17th
Sell: (partial) 139.75 Tuesday March 21st

FB – Position Closed +4.% +4.0%