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How We Trade

Recently closed to keep potential losses to a minimum. Based on the technicals to assure profit and/or to prevent potential losses. These are not necessarily closed because I believe them to be a good short but simply part of the trading strategies that I use to help keep downside risk better under control.
YELP +4.4%  GS +0.0%  SONO -3.4%  UVXY -1.5%

Focusing on select, individual stocks has been working out very well regardless of the bearishness of the broader indexes.
See some of our current open positions here along with prices alerted just for members on JDST PDD NIO LABU SFIX SQ and more. Get my best alerts Free for the next 5 trading sessions.

Some of my best trade strategies revealed here below.
Below (with charts) show just some of the strategies I use that can help every member to assure more profit. There are always variables. In this case there’s an extreme correction going on in the market so locking in profits when there to be taken is essential. See chart below!

PDD November 9th, 2018

PDD November 20th, 2018

It’s important to know that this same day, the market was extremely bearish and had a significant gap lower from the previous trading session with the DJIA closing down -551.8 pts!  PDD Closed up 16.6%! I love these type of opportunities to buy stocks AFTER earnings are released.

Update!  I once again alerted this stock today (11-27-18)

>>>>  PDD Seeing as attractive again on the pullback  Alert at $21.48. Initial support around 21.35′ the 20 day moving average. PDD <<<<
Will update with chart ASAP

We also opened some new positions today that I believe could breakout anytime.
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