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NVDA   April 9th, 2024 / Alert at $832.20  Sell off is extreme and overall picture telling me it’s likely a good buy at this price on this strong up trending stock. All about follow through now.

Chart 5 minute time frame

SMCI   April 9th, 2024 / Alert at $884.37   Higher risk entry, however sell off seems extreme. Looking for a return of back above the 50 day average soon to confirm strength.

ARM   April 9th, 2024 / Alert at $125.88   Near support  Higher risk entry

CELH  April 4th, 2024 / Alert at $79.83  Selling seems to be overdone at this point and the bullish gap up today is attention getting, holding up well despite the massive sell off in the market today. Tells me there’s strength here.

COST  April 4th, 2024 / Alert at $707.77
Follow up on April 5th, 2024  Hammer setup confirmed and closed back above the 5 day moving average. It’s what I call a decent setup on a good stock that could reverse even longer term but there’s no way to gauge that at this point, and so will be looking to lock in some profit along the way. Use key areas above on the chart to help guide.

SPOT  April 2nd, 2024 / Alert at $263.74 Bullish Engulfing on increased volume. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this  go to new 52 week highs.


DELL April 1st, 2024 / Alert at $114.80  Nice consolidation. This bullish gap up with increased volume at the open was attention getting. Strong follow through above the key pivot point at $116.45 (follow the line over to the left of the chart) telling me this likely continues higher now.

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