These charts can help guide you but understand they’re updated after the market close.  It’s best to not wait. Get my updates on market conditions before the next move, live during market hours.


SPY March 5th, 2021

Today’s move could be the beginning of a reversal setup. All about follow through now.

QQQ March 3rd, 2021

SPY March 3th, 2021

I’m thinking there are some chartist thinking this is support. I’m not so sure and don’t want to perhaps find out the hard way holding stocks at at this point.

QQQ Feb 26th, 2021

Triple Bottom Setup

DIA DJIA Feb 24th, 2020

Breaking out to a new ATH

QQQ Feb 23rd, 2021

A strong move today (with volume) bouncing off support and closing back above the 50 day moving average is telling me this trend is intact.

XLF Feb 3rd, 2020

Financial stocks breaking through resistance.  A plus for overall market

Update: Feb 4th  Next day:  Strength confirmed nicely with SPY QQQ and IWM hitting new ATH’s …telling me stocks could go higher.

QQQ Feb 1st, 2020

Good intial bounce All about follow through now

SPY Jan 29th (during market hours) 2020

A nice push off the lows but not totally out of the woods just yet. See what we get.


SPY Jan 15th, 2020

The gap higher. A good place to watch and see what happens here. A fill with continuation would be telling