Some tips on how to get a better read on charts and my trading style.

Charting School
The above link also provides very good information on several aspects of reading charts.

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No one wants to believe that this could ever happen to a stock they own. Don’t let this be you.

Your own perception may not always be reality.

Keep downside risk to a minimum!

Tight stops alone are not going to save you from heavy losses.
There are other ways though to reduce your downside risk. i.e. Avoid
Example: Avoid potential gap down situations. One way to do that is to just not be there in the first place; in “high risk, down trending stocks”
Example PYX “Marijuana stocks CRON TLRY ACB CGC

IAA Assure profit

AA Assure profit

A big sell off doesn’t always come with warning signs.

LK When to hold?

When to sell? When to hold? It’s obvious today but what was I thinking before this breakout? Created this chart for educational purpose only, to provoke your thinking and hopefully profit from it. Example LK


Another good example of what I mean, by when I say that big volume (with a green close) isn’t in itself isn’t necessarily bullish at all.

08-19-19 Chart Update This stock is now down an additional 31.8% since this training stock was posted!


Consistent winning trades. This unquestionably one of our best trading stocks since December 26th, when we initially alerted it at $27.56 Work what’s (stocks) working until it doesn’t work.

Gap needs to be filled? Not always, so always have an exit plan just in case

Pretty charts don’t necessarily equal great earnings!

A nice looking candle stick breaking through resistance on increased volume sound good but it isn’t going to tell you anything about what’s coming up for earnings