Stocks below where recently alerted to members in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.

See my annotated charts (setups) of some of our most recent positions.
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CHWY June 18th, 2019

CHWY Alert at $35.87 Reversal attempt. Want this to hold above $35.00

Buy: 35.87 Tuesday June 18th

CHWY Position Open


YETI June 11th, 2019

YETI Alert at $25.79 Market open at 25.52 Initial support area. Showing good strength despite the market.

Buy: 25.79 Tuesday June 11th

YETI Position Open

FDX June 12th, 2019

FDX $158.62  Double bottom setup, near potential support

Buy: 158.62 Wednesday June 12th

FDX Position Open

LK June 11th, 2019

LK Alert at $17.28 17.25 was intial key pivot point on the way up during last rally.

Buy: 17.28 Monday June 11th

LK Position Open

PD June 11th, 2019

PD Alert at $50.03  Stock is getting more consistent higher lows. Support at 49.34 then 48.90. Solid if able to get above (and stay above) $50.00

Buy: 50.03 Tuesday June 11th

PD Position Open

GRUB Jun 11th, 2019

GRUB Alert at $67.60  Strong reversal setup …on increased volume

Buy: 67.60 Tuesday June 11th

GRUB Position Open

PINS June 6th, 2019

PINS Alert at $25.20  Appears to have been a failed breakdown yesterday

Buy: 25.20 Thursday June 6th

PINS Position Open

BYND June 6th, 2019

BYND 101.30 Earnings. High risk. Liking this classic (drop to pop) move above key $100.00 mark.

Buy: 101.30 Thursday June 6th (AH)
Sell: (partial) 124.00 Thurs, June 6th (AH)
Sell: (partial) 133.50 Friday, June 7th
Sell: (partial) 137.50 Friday, June 7th

BYND Position Closed +22.4% +31.8% +35.7%

ZM June 6th, 2019

ZM 81.00 Earnings  Initial support around $80.00

Buy: 81.00 Thursday June 6th
Sell: (partial) 98.00 Friday, June 7th

ZM Position Open +21%

PDD June 6th, 2019

PDD Alert at $19.42 Want to see back above $20.00 near term to better confirm strength.

Buy: 19.42 Thursday June 6th

PDD Position Open