Stocks below where alerted to subscribers in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less. Does not include partial; one half size trades with a loss of 4% or less. I also do not include stocks alerted that went up 6% to 15% and that I didn’t send an alert to take profits, that went back down to the alerted price.
Click here to see annotated charts created on many of these stocks listed below.

Here’s the chart platform that I use every trading day. Charts that work (for you)

Tuesday April 3

BBRY Near intial support of $7.56.  Now at $7.58.  LOD today is $7.55.  Friday’s open was at $7.53

Buy: 7.58 Tuesday, April 3rd
Sell (partial) 10.28 May 16th
Sell (partial) 11.20 May 22nd

BBRY – Position Closed  +35.6%  +47.8%

Monday March 27

LABU Attractive at $44.72 Support at $44.37. Tight stop.

Buy: 44.72 Monday March 27th
Sell: 48.84 Monday March 27th

LABU – Closed +9.2%

Monday March 27-2

Wednesday March 22

EXAS Just coming off its 20 day average. Now at $20.32

Buy: 20.32 Wednesday, March 22nd
Sell: (partial) 22.60 Monday, March 27th

EXAS – Position Open +11.2%

Wednesday March 22

Wednesday March 22

MOMO Like it again after this pullback.

Buy: 32.83 Wednesday, March 22nd
Sell: (partial) 34.38 Thursday, March 23rd
Sell: (partial) 32.83 Thursday, March 23rd

MOMO – Position Closed +4.7% +0.0%

Wednesday March 22

Wednesday March 22

LABU Reversal attempt, just pushing above the 50 day average. Tight stop

Buy: 45.13 Wednesday, March 22nd
Sell: (partial) 47.00 Thursday, March 23rd
Sell: (partial) 45.13 Thursday, March 23rd

LABU – Position Closed+4.1% +0.0%

Wednesday March 22

Tuesday March 21

SNAP Potential reversal setup (not confirmed) On Daily seeing a Hammer, followed by Doji and basically looking for a green close to confirm today. Initial support around $19.93. Now at $19.93

Buy: 19.93 Tuesday, March 21st
Sell: (partial) 22.95 Thurs, March 23rd
Sell: (partial) 22.48 Friday, March 24th

SNAP – Position Closed +15.2% +12.8%

Tuesday March 21

Monday March 20

NUGT (GDX) This trend intact above $22.65. Alerted of course much lower last week but see as attractive on this pullback off the highs. NUGT Opened at $9.11 Worth another shot here as this trend on gold is still intact. Now at $8.96. Would like to see this hold above $8.80

Buy: 8.96 Mon.,  March 20th
Sell:  9.86 Wed., March 22nd

NUGT – Position Closed +9.2%

Monday March 20

Thursday March 16

EDIT Near intial support however suggest small. At $24.62

Buy: 24.62 Thurs. March 16th
Sell: 23.90 Friday, March 17th

EDIT – Position Closed -3.0%

Thursday March 16

Wednesday March 15

NUGT $8.37 Tight stop.

Buy: 8.37 Wednesday March 15th
Sell: 9.65 Thursday,   March 16th

NUGT – Position Closed +15.3%

Wednesday March 15

Tuesday March 14

RH Attractive on the pullback but would go small. Opened today at $32.93.

Buy: 33.15 Tuesday, March 14th
Sell: (partial) 35.70 Friday, March 17th
Sell: (partial) 35.70 Mon., March 20th

RH – Position Closed +7.7% +7.7%