Stocks below where recently alerted to members in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.

See my annotated charts (setups) of some of our most recent positions.
See my commentary on some stocks we’re trading now. Updated daily.

UVXY (short) May 9th, 2019

UVXY (short)  Alert at $45.90 Lower high. Like it at $45.90  Suggested stop at $46.20

Short: 45.90 Thursday May 9th
Sell: (partial) 35.90 Thursday, May 16th
Sell: (partial)  35.90 Tuesday, May 28th

UVXY Position Closed +21.8% +21.8

ROKU May 8th, 2019

ROKU Alert at $67.60 Earnings. Potential breakout above 68.43 (ish)

Buy: 67.60 Wednesday May 8h
Sell: (partial) 83.20 Thurs.,  May 9th
Sell: (partial) 92.30 Friday May 24th
Sell: (partial) 94.40 Friday May 24th

ROKU Position Closed +23% +36.5% +40.4%

NUGT May 7th, 2019

NUGT 14.68 NEED to see some follow through.  High risk trade

Buy: 14.68 Tuesday May 7th
Sell: (partial) 15.75 Wed., May 8th
Sell: (partial) 14.68 Fri., May 10th

NUGT Position Closed +7.3% +0.0%

RH May 3rd, 2019

RH From Stocks To Watch list. See as attractive (small) on this pullback. Now trading at $107.94

Buy: 107.94 Friday May 3rd
Sell: 104.80 Thurs. May 6th

RH Position Closed -2.9%

ZM April 25th, 2019

ZM Alert at 63.23  Market open at 64.74.  Recent IPO.  Seeing as selling yesterday was perhaps overdone.

Buy: 63.23 Thursday April 25th
Sell: (partial)  74.90  Wed.,  May 1st
Sell: (partial) 86.90 Thurs May 16th
Sell: (partial)  89.00  Fri., May 17th

ZM Position Closed +18.5% +37.4% +40.1%

PD April 24th, 2019

PD Alert at $39.58  As per Stock To Watch list. Potential breakout above $40.00

Buy: 39.58 Wednesday April 24th
Sell: (partial) 45.15 Monday, April 29th
Sell: (partial) 57.70 Thursday, May 16th

PD Position Closed +14% +45.8%

PINS April 23rd, 2019

PINS Alert at $25.32 Initial support around $25.18.  As per Stocks To Watch

Buy: 25.32 Tuesday April 23rd
Sell: (partial) 32.25 Monday, April 29th
Sell: (partial) 34.06 Monday, April 29th
Sell: (partial) 35.70 Tues, April 30th AH

PINS Position Closed +27.4% +34.5 +41%

ROKU April 22nd, 2019

ROKU Alert at 57.73  Bullish round bottom setup above the 200 day average.

Buy: 57.73 Monday April 22nd
Sell: (partial) 64.90 Thurs., May 1st
Sell: (partial) 63.30 Thurs., May 2nd

ROKU Position Closed +12.4% +9.6%

JDST April 17th, 2019

JDST Alert at $44.54 See chart on GDX (short)

Buy: 44.54 Wednesday April 17th
Sell: (partial) 50.90 Mon, April 22nd
Sell: (partial) 50.90 Wed., April 24th

JDST Position Closed +14.3% +14.3%

PYX April 17th, 2019

PYX  Alert at $17.06.  Selling so extreme now and near likely support.

Buy: 17.06 Wednesday April 17th
Sell: (partial) 22.80 Wed.,  May 1st
Sell: (partial) 19.80 Thurs May 2nd

PYX Position Closed +33.6% +16%