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This list does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.

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UVXY Oct 12th

UVXY Alert at $52.71 With this significant gap up on the market, think it smart to hedge for some protection.

Buy: 52.71 Friday October 12th
Sell: (partial) 58.90 Friday., October 12th
Sell: (partial) 59.40 Friday., October 12th

UVXY Position Closed +11.7% +12.7%

SPOT Oct 11th

SPOT  Alert at $147.91

Buy: 147.91 Thursday October 11th
Sell: (partial) 166.00 Wed., October 17th

SPOT Position Closed +12.2%

UVXY Oct 11th

UVXY Alert at 50.33  Market needs to prove itself. Until then think it prudent for some protection here.

Buy: 50.33 Thursday October 11th
Sell: (partial) 62.50 Thursday., October 11th
Sell: (partial) 59.00 Thursday., October 11th

UVXY Position Closed +24.2% +17.2%

UVXY Oct 5th

UVXY  Alert at 38.22.  Think it worth being hedged here.

Buy: 38.22 Friday October 5th
Sell: (partial) 41.90 Friday., October 5th
Sell: (partial) 43.20 Friday., October 5th

UVXY Position Closed +9.6% +13%

LABU Oct 5th

LABU 72.98. Extreme selling (considered bullish)  NEEDS to hold.  Suggest a tight stop.

Buy: 72.98 Friday October 5th
Sell: (partial) 78.90 Friday, October 5th
Sell: (partial) 72.98 Thurs, October 9th

LABU Position Closed +8.1% +0.0%

LABU Oct 3rd

LABU Alert at $85.61  1.5% max risk. NEEDS to hold. Potential reversal setup with a higher low on daily, just now pushing back above its 200 day moving average (now support)

Buy: 85.61 Wednesday October 3rd
Sell: (partial) 90.40 Wed., October 3rd
Sell: (partial) 85.61 Thurs. October 4th

LABU Position Closed +5.6% +0.0%

JDST Sept 26th

JDST Alert at $75.35  (long to short gold)

Buy: 75.35 Wednesday September 26th
Sell: (partial) 83.20 Thursday, Sept.  27th
Sell: (partial) 75.35 Tuesday, October 2nd

JDST Position Closed +9.9% +0.0%

SONO Sept 26th

SONO Alert at 13.45.  Potential support. Higher risk trade. 2% max risk.

Buy: 13.45 Wednesday September 26th
Sell: (partial) 15.10 Friday., September 28th
Sell: (partial) 15.75 Friday., September 28th

SONO Position Closed +12.3% +17.1%

PDD Sept 19th

PDD Alert at $23.10. Potential support at 23.004, the closing price on Sept 12th.

Buy: 23.10 Wednesday September 19th
Sell: (partial) 26.40 Friday., September 21st
Sell: (partial) 22.60 Thursday., October 4th

PDD Position Closed +14.3% -2.0%

NVTA Sept 17th

NVTA 16.01.  Needs to see some follow through.  1.5% max risk.

Buy: 16.01 Monday September 17th
Sell: (partial) 17.65 Thurs. September 18th
Sell: (partial) 18.20 Wed.,  September 19th

NVTA Position Closed +10.2% +13.7%