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UVXY Dec 10th, 2018

UVXY Alert at $66.32 Like it long just in case.

Buy: 66.32 Monday December 10th
Sell: (partial) 70.00 Monday, December 10th
Sell: (partial) 66.32 Monday, December 10th

UVXY Position Closed +5.5% +0.0%

NUGT Dec 7th, 2018

NUGT Alert at 14.95  GDX  Thinking continuation (potential breakout) above $20.00

Buy: 14.95 Friday December 7th
Sell: (partial) 17.70 Tues., December 18th
Sell: (partial) 18.60 Wed., December 18th

NUGT Position Closed +18.4% +24.4%

KL Dec 6th, 2018

KL Alert at $22.49.  Thinking this still may have some upside for longer term swing trade.

Buy: 22.49 Thursday December 6th
Sell: (partial) 24.90 Thurs. December 13th
Sell: (partial) 24.90 Wed., December 19th

KL Position Closed +10.7% +10.7%

UVXY (short) Dec 6th, 2018

UVXY (short) 67.60  Think worth positioning with DJIA so close to (potential) support now.

Buy: 67.60 Thursday December 6th
Cover: (partial) 58.90 Thurs., December 6th
Cover: (partial) 60.20 Friday, December 7th
Cover: (partial) 63.40 Friday, December 7th

UVXY Position Closed +12.9% +10.9% +6.2%

UVXY Dec 4th, 2018

UVXY Alert at $48.32.  Just in case (hedge)

Buy: 48.32 Tuesday December 4th
Sell: 54.50 Tuesday, December 4th

UVXY Position Closed +12.8%

KL Nov 28th, 2018

KL Alert at $19.26 Reversal setup with a higher low on daily, just above its 200 day moving average (support) Ideally looking for back above key $20.00 mark to better confirm the likelihood of continuation higher.

Buy: 19.26 Wednesday November 28th
Sell: (partial) 23.25 Thursday, December 6th
Sell: (partial) 22.75 Thursday, December 6th

KL Position Closed +20.7% +18.1%

Z Nov 27th, 2018

Z Alert at $32.74.  From the Heads UP list.  Tight stop

Buy: 32.74 Tuesday November 27th
Sell: (partial) 37.40 Friday, November 30th
Sell: (partial) 36.35 Friday, November 30th

Z Position Closed +14.2% +11%

RH Nov 20th, 2018

RH Alert at $107.81.  Potential triple bottom on daily chart.

Buy: 107.81 Tuesday November 20th
Sell: 122.00  Monday, December 3rd

RH Position Closed +13.2%

JDST Nov 23rd, 2018

JDST Alert at $69.96  GDX Gold mining stocks near resistance and seeing intial weakness, with the likelihood of continuing lower here.

Buy: 69.96 Tuesday November 23rd
Sell: (partial) 79.00 Tues., November 27th
Sell: (partial) 82.00 Wed., November 28th
Sell: (partial) 77.80 Wed., November 28th

JDST Position Closed +12.9% +17.2% +11.2%

PDD Nov 20th, 2018

PDD  Alert at $19.64.  Positive earnings out premarket however rally was quickly sold into after the market open, perhaps based on negative action on overall market. Potential drop to pop setup. Needs to get back above $20.00 to confirm.

Buy: 19.64 Tuesday November 20th
Sell: 23.60 Tuesday, November 20th

PDD Position Closed +20.2%