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How we’ve been trading this and other stocks given the opportunity. What’s well worth noting as you observe these trades here is that we didn’t only have an exceptional trade opportunity on May 21st (scroll down just a bit to view that alert) but we had an additional chance to profit more by holding that position along with adding on this pullback on May 25th (see alert just below here) to drastically increase our profits on one big move by leveraging with not 1 but 2 positions.

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Scroll down to see the same charts we used to help guide our members through these trades.


Order of these charts start from first trade (using top chart here) to most our most recent trade (using bottom chart)

This move is compelling and telling me this stock is likely worth well more than $20.00 and could certainly move higher over time. Lets just say a move to $30.00 wouldn’t surprise me.  Not a target but direction of (short term) possibilities. As always will be looking to lock in more gains into any significant rally.

This continues to show good strength, now just pushing above intial resistance. (swing)