One of the most common reasons that someone will quit during their first 7 days.

You have a great service Scott but I just couldn’t keep up because I’m so busy with my job/business/travel

I get it that. Makes me think of “Undercover Boss” where the CEO goes on the assembly line for the 1st time. It’s a lot of new all at once and hard to keep up!

My suggestion?  Don’t try to keep up.  🙂  And the best way to do that is by narrowing your focus onto (fewer) stocks that I expect will be the best of the best, via my Private Twitter feed

You can now feel more comfortable with handling less positions while increasing the probability of a successful trade (while keeping risk low) and more often with the better percentage gainers by swing trading these stocks.

a. So less positions

b. Better probability

c. Lower downside risk

d. Increased profit potential

How subscribers are using (and profiting) by using my Private Twitter feed.
This in from someone that’s been with me now for nearly 1 year now.
August 1st, 2019
Here’s some feedback from an email that I received from an active member very shortly after adding the above to the member website.

“Hi Scott,

Nice addition to getting started page.

To be honest I’ve only been relying on your private twitter feed.
I’m playing with less than 12K and at max 4 positions.
I can’t always monitor due to dayjob.  Get stopped out a bit but it’s all part of process.

All I can say is that soon it’ll be an anniversary for me being a subscriber.
I’m relying mostly on your private twitter feed since on weekdays I’m dealing w/ dayjob, review your emails on weekend (and study).

Numbers speak for itself, so far profit has been flowing in.
I’m happy

Thanks Scott”



This one factor alone may well be the best HELP for you to be more profitable.

“Following the Process”


Below I’ve laid out for you a good process in place that’s proven to work for traders just like you

but it does take a some effort.

#1 Don’t feel that you need to take every alert. How to best narrow your focus onto which stocks I believe will perform best.

Pay more attention (narrow your focus) onto stocks I’ve recently alerted and that I follow up on via email and/or  my Private Twitter feed, that I confirm, especially on stocks that I’m doing so on a consistent or repetitive basis. Most often these are stocks that will give you better probability of success, with reasonable downside risk and most often the better percentage gains IMPORTANT …even when posted above the intial alerted price!

On stocks with better probability; I would suggest a small amount (to reduce your risk while being able to take advantage of what’s likely the better trade opportunity) in  a position is better than none.

Best probability factors: Understand that there are many variables here and stocks/market conditions can be a quick to change without notice. That being said, the more of these (technical analysis signals) that line up and confirm strength on a consistent basis (on up and down moment/day) the better the probability of the stock to continue higher. Trend: Both short and longer term / Support: Common points of support which can be a straight line across and/or major moving average such as the 20, 50 and 200 day moving averages.  Resistance” It’s worth noting here that  too often resistance is overstated, especially in bullish conditions. Remember it’s only one part of the equation. Time:  How high, how fast (included with potential points of resistance) is always important, especially when it comes to taking profit.

Avoid or consider a smaller position in highly leveraged ETF’s and/or stocks that I suggest are high risk. You’ll lower your downside risk and if you have under 25K in your account, you’ll be far less likely to stop out the same day on a position.

Important note. The better you understand at least the basics of technical analysis the better you’ll be at choosing which stocks to trade and have a better idea as to the real potential of each setup. It’s worth the time to study.

#2 Downside risk. Taking a small loss may be annoying for a little while but taking a big loss can be devastating for some time.

I almost always suggest 2% maximum downside risk on any trade. That being said, I don’t set a mechanical stop just after the market open or just before the close. It’s often volatile at these times, especially at the open and setting a stop is almost like asking to be stopped out. Also understand that I don’t raise my stops when a stocks begins to confirm bullish. It can quickly take you out of an excellent percentage gainer based only on short term action. Reducing risk with stops. Pullbacks on stocks will almost always be a part of the process of swing trading stocks. Not always fun but a part nevertheless.  Try to resist the temptation to sell based only on a stock going lower than the previously close. There’s of course exceptions to this based on news, perhaps market conditions, etc. I do however like a trailing stop in if I’m away to lock in good profits on stocks that I’m up nicely on.

#3 Assure (lock in) profits on a regular basis. The best way to get consistent wins is to lock in gains on a consistent basis.

This will vary depending on market conditions and/or the strength of the stock but here’s some good basic guidelines I like. In a perhaps a weaker stock/market, consider selling some when/if up 8-12% In better conditions and/or strong stocks, you may want to wait for 15-20% Note: I’ve never regretted taking profit on any stock that was up 20-30% in a short period of time, eve if it continued higher. Fact is most are going to pullback. I’m simply going with probability just as I do with stocks likely to reversa from good support levels.

#4 Focusing on individual positions and not getting too caught up in every little move of the major indexes is so important. SPY DJA QQQ IWM etc. Don’t be too anxious to sell everything based only on what the major indexes are doing, on a short term based, like  In a bull market, some stocks will at times fair well despite the overall market conditions. Key is fo focus on the individual stock(s) performance. Example. One day the DJIA was down 450 points but I was liking the action on  almost all of our positions that day. So I asked everyone the question, if you didn’t see the major indexes so low, would you be OK with these positions? The answer was an immediate and  resounding YES!


Will be adding more about the process soon!


Your best chance at success on my swing trade positions?  Use my Private Twitter feed as your guide. 

TradeProSelect <<< Follow me here and then be sure to email me  at [email protected] to confirm your username for immediate access!

How it can help you.

#1 Automatically narrows your focus onto which stock I expert to perform best.

#2 Increases the probability of a successful/profitable trade

#3 Helps to keep your overall down side risk lower.

#4 Most often will also give you the better percentage gain per trade.


Email from a member:  I’m finding it difficult to monitor all the trades since I work full time and don’t sit behind a computer all day. There’s too many positions for me to handle. There’s just too much frequent trading for me.

My response to him: Certainly understand. Best suggestion I can give is to focus more on what I consider to be the better positions, that I post on the Private Twitter Feed. I typically post only one or two alerts/updates each trading day on the feed. This feed was actually created especially for this reason, to help narrow your focus onto which stocks I like best. So you don’t really need to (buy) every stock that I alert but rather focus on these stocks I’m most consistently bullish on. You’ll have fewer positions with better probability of success and often the better percentage gainers. These stocks are also typically the better candidates for longer term swing trades, meaning less in and out of positions.


Take what I have to share …then MAKE IT YOUR OWN
We’re all different. We all have different amounts of capital we’re working with, different levels of risk, etc.  Some of you may want to trade more actively while others of you may want to hold stocks for a longer duration of time.  One of the best things you can do if you’re not already there is to learn how to read charts and/or fundamental of companies so that you can better choose what setups you like best and companies that you feel more comfortable with, especially if you’re wanting to hold for a longer duration of time.  Good technicals along with good fundemations will give you that extra confidence to do so.
Here’s a couple of example from two members that did just that.
Some suggestions! Don’t necessarily take every alert sent. Sometimes it’s fine buying/adding above the price alerted on a stock, that I’ve followed up on via email and/or my private Twitter feed. These trades not only increase your probability of success but are also often the better percentage gainers. In a nutshell, focus on stocks I’m most focused on.

Technical Support / Contact Information
If you’re having difficulty getting into our live chat room or have any other technical issues, please contact Greg for technical support.

Email: “Greg” <[email protected]Phone6513291560  (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM  EST)  We do ask that you would please do your best to plan ahead. Please try to avoid calling just prior to or just after the stock market opens.  Thank you!

Understand for security purposes that if you try more than more than 10 times to get into the members website with the incorrect password that our program automatically locks you out.

How to access chat via your iphone / android / tablet  Download omNovia App
Important Note: You can not access the chat room on more than one device at the same time. Be sure to first close out of chat (i.e. your desktop/laptop at home) before you attempt to access (elsewhere) on your mobile device.

SMS  How to get our alerts via text message:

To receive alerts/updates via text message you’ll need to send me a text message via your smartphone to: [email protected]

Important: You’ll also NEED to include your full name and email address
in that text message in order for me to know who it was sent from so that I
can properly get you set up.



PS  Once you’re setup please continue use my regular business email address [email protected] to communicate with me. It’s too difficult on this end receiving via phone (text) to know whom the message is from and what it’s referencing to.

How to get access to my private Twitter feed  Included with your subscription

This feed was originally created to help you that are busy during the day but the truth is that it’s an ideal tool for any trader at any level.

A great tool to help maximize your focus on my best swing trade positions, especially for those of you that aren’t able to be in chat and/or want to slow the pace down on longer term positions, to help increase your profits.

  • Get faster updates on what I believe to be the better stocks to be in, with annotated charts.
  • Less clutter, more focused!  You’re going to like what you see.  🙂
  • Get more opportunities to get into stocks that you may have initially missed out on and/or that you may want to consider adding onto.
  • Have more assurance to hold longer for potentially bigger gains (based on better probability) on stocks that I’m consistently bullish on longer term.
  • Access will also often give you the better percentage gains with these select stocks.  So many great benefits!

You WANT access to this feed  🙂

#1  To get access, 1st follow me.

#2  IMPORTANT! To get access you need to email me afterwards your Twitter username for verification.



A Must Read If You’re
Busy During Market Hours

NOT so active traders!  This is for you.  Are you the type of person that is busy during market hours and/or  your trading account is under 25K so you’re trading with some restrictions?

Here’s some tips that should help. Let me first say however that this does take work, so if you’re wanting to hold onto stocks for a longer duration of time, it’s important that you do some study to get a better understanding of what stocks are likely to do well longer term as well as short term, since you want everything possible going in your favor. When the trend is on your side, time also is on your side.

It’s important that you understand at least the basics of charting. So after I update a chart, take time to study it so you’re able to see exactly what I’m seeing at that point in time and then follow up on it each day. Look at each indicator such as the Slow Stochastic (one of my favorites) the RSI “Relative Strength” Support/Resistance, Volume and so on.

Go over the chat log. You don’t have to read it in its entirety so do a search on a ticker (ideally on one of the stocks I’m more confident about) so that you can see comments from myself and others on that particular stock. If I’m confirming a move, taking a look at a  5 min chart so that you can see exactly what I was seeing at that time, along with the daily chart and the outcome. Was there follow through?  Is the trend still intact? Did we stop out?

Focus on stocks I’m most focused on. When I find a winning stock that’s consistently confirming, I tend to stick with it until it doesn’t. Its’ kind of like when an object is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. By doing this you’ll increase your probability of a successful trade and more often be in the bigger percentage gainers, while at the same time reducing your risk.

What does it take to have success using my services?

After many years of helping (assisting) individual traders over the years, I’ve learned that the most important components to your success with using my services are number one, being present (showing up) and number two, taking advantage (on an on going, consistent basis) of the opportunities presented and then most importantly number three, trusting in the information that I provide. (taking action)

Focus is essential… If you’re going to be joining us in chat I would suggest (in order to help avoid possible distractions) to start by following my stock alerts and comments (strategies) ONLY

Understand that it’s imperative that you first read ALL that I’ve provided for you here on the members website to get a good understanding of my overall trading strategies and techniques.

However to help keep things simple, especially for those of you that may not have the opportunity to be in chat, I’ve put here (below) a VERY condensed version that anyone can follow to help put yourself in a more advantageous position, while helping to reduce downside risk.  This can be especially helpful for swing trading positions, which most alerts are geared towards.

Note:  If at all possible (even it’s only part time) I would suggest to join with us in our live chat room.  It’s not only most likely to be much more profitable for you, it can also be fun!  🙂


Overview / Quick Start Guide  Understand that the information provided below is a quick outline and is not intended to be a complete (detailed) guide to cover all our unique trading strategies.  So be sure (as soon as possible) to go over the entirety of this members website to be best prepared to take advantage of what we provide to help you to assure more profit.

#1 I suggest to not wait for stocks alerted to move higher before believing that they’re likely to move higher.  These are stock alerts, not stocks to watch.

#2 Would suggest a minimum of 3-4 stocks at any given time (always be well diversified) with a maximum of 6-8 positions.  Also cash on the side at all times to be in a position to quickly take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

#3  One of the main criteria that I use with stocks alerted is that downside risk (in most cases) should be no more than 2% and that I want to see a minimum of 10-20% upside potential.  Would suggest to stop out of any stocks if they are down 3%.

#4  Understand that the suggested stop out point is not based on your buy point but rather the actual price alerted.

#5  Raising stops. Your downside risk of course starts to change after the stock begins to go higher but careful about raising (trailing) stops too quickly.  Once a stock goes up significantly (especially if the gain is fast) you may want to put in a tight trailing stop at that point to assure at least some of those gains.

#6  Assure Profit.  Suggest to sell at least 1/3 to 1/2 shares on stocks alerted that go up say 6%-8% or higher within the first few days, especially if it’s the same day alerted or a quick overnight gain.  There is nothing rock solid beyond that so understand some of these may well go higher from that point and others may pull back and why most often times it’s just prudent to lock in at least some gains, especially if your position is large to “assure profit”  In more choppy type market conditions you may want to make that a more realistic number to perhaps say 4%-5%  Make sense?

#7  This one is so essential, especially if you’re busy during market hours and want a slower pace?  I do my utmost to make it as clear as possible for you as to which stocks I expect to perform best by sending you follow up emails with specifics that I’m looking for, to better confirm the likelihood of certain stocks expected to move higher.  Narrow your focus (buy/add) onto these stocks that I’m most consistently focused on, to give yourself the best possible edge to winning, using my trading strategies.

Things you should be aware of BEFORE getting started.

As with any serious endeavor it’s worth your while to start by first reading the instruction manual first!  Please take the time to go over everything that I provide on this website.  For most you’ll complete this simple task (study) in less than 2 hours.  Many members have suggested to go over it twice!  I concur.   It can make the difference between losing or profiting greatly over the next several months and beyond.  It’s worth the effort!

It’s said that there are exceptions to every rule and there certainly are here also.   Understand that there are many variables (it’s often a fluid situation where the game rules can and do change quickly) way above and beyond what  I have the time to fully include here.  If I could do so, I suppose my on going services would not have to be needed.

Some things that could potentially throw things off (but certainly not limited to)

Your own personal risk tolerance. / Not being properly diversified / Are you trading options instead of regular shares of stock? / / Extreme (quick) changes in market direction. / Your own time temperament.  How long are you OK holding a stock?  / Not locking in gains when there is a significant gain to be taken. / Not placing proper stops. / Not believing (trusting) in the information that I provide, even when it may not feel comfortable.

Some additional things that you can do to improve the probability for your own success.

#1  Study my Trade/Alert Guide
Focus and consistency are absolutely key to your success.  Please take the time to get a thorough understanding of my strategies.

#2  Spend some time to go through my archives and STUDY my charts.
Price, timing, when to sell, etc.  One of our best traders in chat spent hours, even days going through my data.  She even took the time to put together an excel spreadsheet, so that she would know inside out what to expect and even left room for mistakes that she knew would come from being new.  In less than 2 weeks, she’s one of our TOP traders in the room!

#3  LIVE Alerts (sent via email)  First be sure to read ALL that I provide (instructions sent with every alert) including suggestions on when to take profits or losses on alerts received.

#4  LIVE Alerts given in chat:  (via our live trading room)  Same as Live Alerts via email except multiple alerts given (including day trades) from myself and other top members, with help at the moment you need it most.  Even if you’re only able to be with us in chat on a part time basis, it’s a HUGE plus.

#5  Use several alerts.  If you’re just picking one stock here or there you’re going to have difficulty.  I suggest at least 3-5 alerts (not being overloaded in any one stock) going at any given time and cash on the side to be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

#6  Timing can be everything.  Everyone starts at a different time and markets go in cycles so market conditions do change and certainly can and do effect results.  Though many, many traders (even on a bad market day) have had great results right away, I would suggest to not necessarily expect overnight riches. (in less than 7 days)   🙂

#7  This one simple thing could literately put thousands more into your account!

Follow me on Twitter.  Why?  Perhaps more important than my own tweets are those that I retweet (forward) from other reliable sources that have what I believe to be vital information that can drastically improve your own profitability.
So please follow me now.
My (Twitter) address:

#8  Assist on strategies…  Changes (starting) in anything new can be difficult, so if you do have any questions, please feel free to contact me direct at either of the numbers below.  Thanks!


Day Traders
(swing traders)

Tip:  Day Traders and/or Swing Traders  Remember that especially when I take the time to post another chart on a stock already alerted, my expectations are most often considerably higher and most likely not the type of trade where you’ll want to be locking in a quick profit of a few percent (just to feel good because it MIGHT pull back) when probability says it’s more likely to run perhaps 12% 17%, maybe even +20% as a swing. It’s also important however to understand that does not mean that I’m suggesting to BUY at any level. You’ll still want to trade based on the strategies provided. Be careful about chasing and understand the risk factors involved (Your own risk tolerance is important)

Tip: Day Traders  If you’re a more active trader (day trader) perhaps consider locking in most of those profits but also leaving a small portion (reduce risk) overnight to be able to take advantage of stocks (swing trades) that I believe have the potential to make a more significant move.


#7  Personal assist on trading strategies.  Changes (starting) in anything new can be difficult, so if you do have any questions, please fee free to contact me direct at either of the numbers below.  Thanks!

Contact me (Scott) direct @ 802-233-0593

Important / Please Read

Disclaimer: Understand that I in no way claim to be an expert when it comes to the fundamentals (financial status) and/or potential future growth for companies listed and accept no responsibility for any losses due directly to, or indirectly from the information provided herein.  Information provided on this site is based on technical analysis and is to be used for informational purposes only.  It is your responsibility to do your own due diligence concerning any companies listed.  Understand that you could lose part or all of your investment and that it is your decision alone as to when (if) to buy any stock(s) mentioned and for what duration of time.


My Chart Settings
They’re Simpler Than You Might Think!

Because of all the complexity out there about technical analysis (including one’s own interpretation) I thought it worthwhile to share what I use here in determining buy and sell points.

There are of course many other types of indicators other than what I have listed here that may be quite useful. In fact I would encourage you to explore to find out what works best for you. (that produce results) That can always come later so to keep things simple I’m only going to go over the ones that I believe are really key. They work for me. 🙂
Settings for

First off all go to This is the main chart service that I use.

Important Note: Be careful about using too many chart services. It may result in giving you mixed messages (cause to second guess) and/or could be an indication that you’re stretching to find one indicator that will tell you what you want to hear.

OK, now type in the ticker symbol of the stock you want to evaluate.

Then scroll down a bit and choose Period – Daily / Range – (Fill the Chart) / Bar – 8
Then down just a tad choose Size – Landscape.
Then down just a tad over to the left choose Volume – Separate.
Over to the right a little ways click on Price Labels
Lower left under “Overlays” go with the default and under that choose Moving avg (exp)
Lower left under “Indicators” go with the default and under that choose Slow Stochastics
Then click on Update

I also like to use this to view 1 year weekly charts, for a longer term perspective (trend)

Settings for (mini candle charts)

These mini charts are extremely helpful.  I’m using them (often) every trading day!

To help keep things in better perspective (keep my focus) I also use a shorter time frame of 2 months using these nifty little charts. I check these charts often (during market hours and/or after the close) to help keep me on  track.  They have proved valuable to me many times, especially when a small intraday move (that might appear big looking at a 5 minute chart) might be throwing my game off, making me perhaps second guess a longer term trend based on a short term move) It provides a great view of several charts (at a glance) of your choosing. I mainly use the following settings; Slow Stochastic, Money Flow and Accumuation.  These charts are an absolute must have!|B|H14,3


Settings for

I also like to check out what a stock looks like (6 or 12 months out) on It gives me a better indication to see if a stock closed above or below the open, a clearer view of Bollinger Bands and also records after hours prices and volume. (20 min. delayed)  It’s also very customizable and it’s Free!

Here are the setting that I use under “Advanced Chart” By the way, they also have “Interactive Chart” with JAVA. It’s a very nice set up.

OK, now type in the ticker symbol of the stock you want to evaluate.
Choose 6 month time frame and daily frequency.
Set the moving averages to SMA (2 line) 9
Choose Bollinger bands for the upper indicator.
Set the lower indicator 1 to Volume+
Set the lower indicator 2 to MACD
Set the lower indicator 3 to Slow Stochastic
For Price Display choose Candle Stick
Chart Background – Black
Chart Size – Large
Now store the settings.
Settings for Medvedtrader
Love this for live data (streaming charts) Quick and easy to download.

My setting are 3 days, 5 min candle sticks. I simply add MACD and Bollinger Band to the default settings and that’s it!


Specific Indicators That I Use

Below are the indicators that I typically use in determining if a stock is a buy, a sell or a hold.

Trend lines, Price, Volume, Support, Resistance, RSI, Candle Sticks, MACD, Moving Averages including the 50 day, 200 day, 20 day and 10 day. 52 Week high and low.


How to cancel your subscription.

If you find (for any reason) that you would like to cancel your account, it’s important to understand that there is a right way and a wrong (not so nice) way to do so.

Please do not cancel your account by holding funds and/or suspending your account through PayPal or through your credit card company or electronic checking account.  Using any of these methods automatically creates further complications, including your not receiving a refund (if you believe one is due to you) in a timely manner.  Understand that we have NEVER refused to give a refund for anyone that requested one.  And most often times you’ll see your refund back into your account within just a few short minutes after you request it, if handled in the following manner.

The best way to cancel your account (how most members do it) and/or request a refund is to simply send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call direct at 802-233-0593 If you do believe (for any reason) that you should also be issued a refund, please contact me first.  I’ll gladly expedite the process for you.

Thank you!