Thursday, Dec 14th
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By narrowing your focus onto a few select stocks, you’re not only more likely to increase your probability of success but often times get a better percentage gain.  This Private Twitter Feed was created to help you to do just that.  Know what my favorite swing trade positions are as they get updated live. The feed updated 24/7 ONLY on positions when I believe there to be an exceptional opportunity.

Open Positions  WIX, SGH,CMTL, AAP, CLVS, PYPL, CALD, SHOP, GOOS, PBI, ROKU, NKE   << Click to bring up charts.

See more detail like buy/sell points on stocks recently alerted.

If you’re confident about a position but volatility is a concern, consider this alternative. Take a smaller position with a not so tight a stop to give you more wiggle room during market hours on that stock. So if you typically are say putting in $10,000 in a trade, make it 5K instead. Instead of setting your stop to say 1.5%, make it 3% (the max I suggest for any trade position) More room for flexibility without having to risk additional dollars.  More…

Heads UP

Stocks to watch  Updated Daily  Stocks that may or may not have been alerted, that you may want on your watch list.
These are not stock alerts.

Potential shorts  Stocks that I believe may now be setting up to short.

Significant indexes  A variety of indicators to better help keep perspective of overall market conditions.

Market expectations   Annotated charts to guide, giving my short & longer term expectations on the direction of the market.

Some ways to help lower downside risk and how to better maximize your profits.

The best time to take advantage of alerts are most often when they’re alerted and not after they’ve significantly higher.  This keeps your downside risk lower along with better upside potential on that trade. Updates sent after are to help guide you through each trade in order to either perhaps reduce your risk or to better confirm likelihood of continuation to go higher and may provide for you additional opportunities (even if higher than initial alert price) to buy or add to that current position at that time.

How you can increase your probability of success & percentage gain, trading stocks that I’ve alerted.

Narrow your focus on the stocks I’m focused on.  Which stocks am I talking about the most in chat? Which ones am I consistently updating (confirming) via chat, email and/or charts. These type positions most often will give you better probability with lower downside risk (based on price initially alerted at) along with better probability for follow through and percentage gain.


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Stocks to Watch

GDX (NUGT) Dec 14th

SGH Dec 13th

CALD Dec 13th


GDX (NUGT) Dec 13th Weekly chart

CMTL Dec 13th

WIX Dec 13th

WIX Dec 13th

CLVS Dec 11th

PI Dec 11th Weekly chart

PI Dec 11th

ROKU Dec 11th

AAP Dec 11th

GDX Dec 8th

ROKU Dec 8th

CLVS Dec 8th

AAP Dec 8th

XBI (LABU) Dec 7th

NKE Dec 6th

GDX (NUGT) Dec 6th / NOTE: Chart created Sept 20th

GDX  (NUGT) Just coming off this support level. A higher risk trade however finding gold mining stocks attractive at this level.

ROKU Dec 6th

XBI (LABU) Dec 6th

PYPL Dec 6th

SHOP Dec 6th

ROKU Dec 6th

PBI Dec 6th

PBI  Poised (setting up) to move higher here.

CALD Dec 6th

CALD  Like this push off the lows, back above its 50 day moving average however there’s also much resistance overhead and would be sure to lock in some gains on the way up here.

SQ Dec 6th

SQ  Also worth noting here is the RSI is again strong above 50 and Slow Stochastic oversold and now crossing upward, positive.

PI Dec 5th

PI  Seeing a potential reversal off good support however please note the key pivot points higher (grey & blue).  Would ideally like to see some increased volume at higher levels to better confirm strength and likelihood of continuation above these levels.


GOOS Dec 5th

XBI (LABU) Dec 1st Weekly

ROKU Dec 1st Weekly chart

FNKO Dec 1st


GDX (short) Stock To Watch

PI Nov 30th Weekly

PI Nov 30th

This stock continues to confirm well (constantly) with good upside potential.  Be sure to also see other recent charts posted for additional details on support/resistance etc.

XBI (LABU) Nov 30th

COST Nov 29th

FNKO Nov 29th

NKE Nov 29th

AAOI Nov 28th

SQ Nov 28th

PBI Nov 27th

ROKU Nov 27th

UPS Nov 27th

ROKU Nov 22nd

PI Nov 22nd


LABU (XBI) Nov 22nd

ROKU Nov 22nd

TTD Nov 21st

UPS Nov 21st

XBI Nov 21st

PI Nov 21st

PI Nov 21st

PI Nov 21st

UPS Nov 21st

KEM Nov 21st

EBAY Nov 21st

SNN Nov 21st

UPS Nov 20th

SHOP Nov 17th

AAOI Nov 17th

GLD Nov 17th

PI Nov 17th

TTD Nov 17th

NKE Nov 16

Not predicting a breakout here, rather would suggest to be locking in at least some profit prior to resistance and perhaps hold a core depending on the action higher.  We’ll see.

COST Nov 16th

GLD Nov 16th

SHOP Nov 16th

SHOP Nov 16th

SHOP Nov 17th

XBI (LABU) Nov 17th

XBI (LABU) Nov 15th

ROKU Nov 15th

XBI Nov 15th

SHOP Nov 14th

CALD Nov 14th

PI Nov 13th

FDX Stock To Watch

CALD Nov 13th

NKE Nov 10th

PI Nov 10th

SHOP Nov 10th

INCY Nov 10th

COST Nov 9th


NKE Nov 9th

M (Macy’s)

ACLS Nov 8th

AAOI Nov 8th

AAOI Nov 8th

GILD Stock To Watch Nov 7th

NKE Nov 6th

PI Nov 6th

EGRX Nov 6th

PI Nov 6th

CLDR Nov 3rd

NKE Nov 3rd

SNN Nov 3rd

GLD Nov 2nd

LABU Nov 2nd

SHOP Nov 2nd

CBI Nov 2nd

PI Nov 2nd

SHOP Nov 2nd

COST Nov 1st

COST Nov 1st

SRPT Oct 31st

LABU Chart update Oct 30th

XBI Chart update Oct 27th

XBI (LABU) Chart update Oct 26th

NTNX Chart update Oct 26th

NTNX Chart update Oct 11th

ARDM Chart update Oct 26th

ARDM Chart update Oct 12th

COST Chart update Oct 24th

COST Chart update Oct 23rd

SHOP Chart update Oct 18th

Trade Strategies

Understand though I do my utmost to update this website in a timely manner, the best, most timely updates are through the alerts/update sent directly to you. If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to read one of my stock alerts (sent via email) in it’s entirety for maximum clarity.

If a stock that’s been alerted is not listed on this page, it’s been omitted (closed) because it’s been suggested to help keep risk to a minimum as outlined per each alert (at times in live chat)
For more information see my trade alert guide

How to reduce risk …and increase your confidence.  One of the best ways I know of to reduce risk without getting stopped out multiple time in a volatile stock/market is to reduce your size.  Try buying in small portions and add when (if) you’re seeing better confirmation, either on a pull back and/or possibly if it then confirms higher with a potential breakout signal.

This can vastly increase your level of confidence in a position now because you’ve lessened the level of risk.  There are also additional benefits.  Say you typically put in 10K on a stock with 1.5% risk.  Now say you put in 1/2 that amount or 5K.  This can put you in a position where you now have more wiggle room, say 3.0% (versus 1.5%) without risking any more actual dollar amount.  So now you’ll likely to get shaken out of a good setup based only on the short term action, provided the overall trend of course in intact.   So instead of getting stopped out on a full position based only on a certain (larger) dollar amount “percentage” on what is most likely a good, longer term position, you’re much more likely only to stop out if the chart is indicating to actually do so.   Understand this is not suggesting to do without (to take out) stops.   More trade strategies