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How you can increase your profits.

Never underestimate the importance of keeping the profits you’ve made.

This is information provide to help educate you. Trading options is extremely high risk.   You can lose most or all of your monies trading options.

NOTE  These ideas below are not exclusive to me but have been shared with me by a professional options trader that has been part of our community for several years; whose incredible success has been by trading smart, using strategies that have worked exceptionally well for him.  As we know, everyone is different. So it’s important to understand that it does take work, discipline, and a real eagerness to learn. For your best chance of success, be with us LIVE during market hours in Discord

Start Small   Significant moves up and/or down can happen (shockingly) fast with options. So start small and start tracking your results (that may or may not be 100% aligned with this training) to get a a better understanding of how things work and most of all to help to perfect what you’re doing to maximize results, while at the same time keep downside risk to a minimum.

Some Basics

  • Focus on high conviction trades (stocks) one’s that would most likely be a good buy instead of a sell if they went lower. That doesn’t mean to buy based only on a stock going lower. Know your levels based on the technical analyses. Your personal risk tolerance is an essential element when making such decisions. Starting small helps.
  • 1-2 contracts maximum to start
    You may want to start with just 1 contract; which will reduce your downside risk 50% right off.  Then if the opportunity presents itself on a pullback and/or the stock starts to move higher with good evidence of strength, you can at least have for yourself open to the option on increasing size at that point.  Pro Tip  Careful potentially chasing stocks that look exciting, and already up a significant amount of percentage in a very short period of time.
  • 100.00-200.00  This of course could increase with more experience but I think it’s a good starting point for small accounts.
  • Contract expiration date.  I like a minimum of 2-4 weeks out  Not every trade is going to work the same day. This will give your stocks more time to swing trade.
  • OTM (out of the money) Don’t go further out than 3-5% for the strike price. Once you gain more experience and confidence in your technical analysis, you may want to increase this in some cases depending on overall market conditions and understanding of  realistic targets.
  • Volatility (including intraday) can drastically work against you.  Don’t chase.
  • You can make a lot with a little and you can lose a lot with a lot.
  • Cut losses quickly, ideally keeping them 50% max or less.  Pro Tip  When you accept that you could lose 100% on a trade, it can help greatly to reduce the likelihood of making an emotional decision.  Never put in more than you’re willing to lose.
  • Everyone makes mistakes.  Learn from them (make the needed changes in your plan) and move on. Dwelling on the past will only leave you in the past, and the power of perseverance can never be underestimated.
  • Technical analysis. You want to have some idea of support and how high a stock could go (a potential target price) and a reasonable time of how long it may take for the stock to hit that target.  That’s how you analyze probabilities.  Use technical analysis to your favor when choosing strike prices and expiration dates.  Here’s what I use to create charts TrendSpider  Pro Tip There are so many indicators available. Don’t get lost in them.  I strongly suggest to keep things simple. Start with the basics and stick with those. Price / Support / Resistance / Volume.  Here’s a good free Resource to learn how to read candlesticks. Stock Charts School  When learning about candlesticks, I once again suggest to keep it simple and get to where you understand how a few work before trying to master them all. Tip Let TrendSpider know that you are with LIVE Trade Pro and they’ll give you another Free Week Trial.  They also offer 30 min of one on one, to help you to set up your charts during your Free Trial.  And don’t forget to use the promo code LTP30 to save 30% You must use the link above to get the special discount.
  • When to take profits?  Per Moritz:   When do I take profits?  I see 100% I take it. I see 300% I take it. I see 500%, I’m definitely taking it. I see 1000% I’d be very stupid if i don’t take it.
  • Patience  Not every trade is going to work (be highly profitable) quickly.  Sometimes you just need to give your trades (with a good probability factor) some more time to work.  3-4 week out on expiration time on contracts can help.

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What does ITM and OTM mean?

A call option is in the money (ITM) if the market price is above the strike price. A put option is in the money if the market price is below the strike price. An option can also be out of the money (OTM) or at the money (ATM). In-the-money options contracts have higher premiums than other options that are not ITM.

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The best of Moritz
His quotes taken from Discord (100% unedited)