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If you’re having difficulty getting into our live chat room or have any other technical issues, please contact Greg for technical support.

Email:Greg” <[email protected]Phone6513291560  (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM  EST)  We do ask that you would please do your best to plan ahead. Please try to avoid calling just prior to or just after the stock market opens.  Thank you!

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Mini Charts  One of my favorite FREE trading tools that I use every trading day.

Interactive Brokers  Are you trading overseas?  Have heard some great things about them.

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Mini Charts  A great tool I use to help keep perspective every trading day.

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Screen Stocks – Futures – News etc. Great resource center.

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Chart School  Covers many aspects.

Chart Analysis  Learn more specific technical indicators you can use on charts.

Learning about Candlesticks Great place to start to learn basics, with illustrations of various patterns (setups)

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