TZA Jan 21st, 2020

TZA Alert at $36.03  Markets: Looks to be another failed rally attempt for small caps

Buy: 36.03 Friday, Jan 21st
Sell: 40.05 Monday, Jan 24th

TZA Position Closed +11.2%

UVXY Jan 20th, 2022

UVXY Alert at $13.37  Markets: Looks to be a failed rally attempt.

Buy: 13.37 Thursday, Jan 20th
Sell: 19.30 Monday, Jan 24th

UVXY Position Closed +44.4%


I’m not posting current open positions for swing trades because the market is just too risky for that at this time. Best to continue to stay nimble on long positions and/or short.

There’s no way to really know at this time when things might turn around so it’s best to be cautious. Preservation of cash is essential.

TZA Jan 5th, 2022

TZA Alert at $26.07  Seeing too many red flags (stocks showing continued weakness) in this market. Typically starting in the morning while stocks are higher. So thinking it wise to hedge here, just in case.

Buy: 26.07 Wednesday, Jan 5th
Sell: 30.55 Monday, Jan 10th

TZA Position Closed +17.2%

VXX Jan 5th, 2022

VXX Alert at $17.91  The overall market (major indexes) now seems to be showing signs of weakness so thinking it wise to hedge here, just in case.

Buy: 17.91 Wednesday, Jan 5th
Sell: 19.79 Monday, Jan 10th

VXX Position Closed +10.5%

Open/Closed Positions

I’ll update this page each day as soon as possible. It hasn’t exactly been the best conditions for longer term swing trades. So for now I’m still doing most of my alerts via private twitter; with quicker trades to help reduce the risk.