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About Us

Why I'm here:
My incredibly smart wife one day suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others.  So, here I am.

Email:  mastertrader.consultant@gmail.com

Phone: 802-233-0593  /  8:00 AM -  7:00 PM  EST


A few more things about us:

We have now grown to well over 150 active (paying) members. 

Our fastest growth (over 50 new members joined us) occurred during the latter part of Sept. of 2013, while the market was in correction mode; yet 99% of our successful stock alerts had been for long positions. One of the ways we where able to do this was by being very selective on stocks that where bullish despite overall market conditions.

20 thousand traders now follow our stocks picks and trading strategies each and every trading day via the internet.  These includes several professionals and countless competitors?  Why are these guys following our stock picks?

Our members are also a significant part of what makes it all happen in live chat.

Who are some of our "key" members? Traders like Moritz who is commonly refered to  as "mo 300" in chat because of his consistent wins trading options (calls/puts) up even 300% plus. Several members in chat now follow this guys picks/trades daily in our LIVE Trade Pro chat room with amazing results. Moritz is also great at finding stocks that are undervalued (based on his analysis on the fundamentals) and pointing out entries based on the technicals, prior to the run both day and/or swing trade positions. And yes, also posting his exits (LIVE) to assist all to maximize profits. Follow one of our top traders LIVE for the next 7 days with our FREE trial offer now.

The best way to find out more about us is to try our services today, for FREE!

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