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BROS  Alert at $21.14  -44% sell off after their earnings report seems extreme.  20.00 key support.  Looking for continued buy interest well above the $20.00 mark to better confirm strength, and the likelihood for continuation to go higher.
Buy 21.14 Thursday May 12th
Sell: (partial) 37.80 Tues May 26th
Sell: (partial) 42.85   Tues June 6th
Sell: (partial) 39.11   Wed June 6th
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Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out only when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up to move higher, based on the technical analysis. My technical  alerts are sent to you the moment I anticipate a move (most often well before the breakout)

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FRESH Technical Setups

Click on charts to enlarge.. and to view my most recent technical updates.

QQQ Jan 20th, 2023 Weekly chart is attention getting, with a higher high, higher low and closing back above the 200 day moving average on increased volume.

TEAM Jan 11th, 2023

Technical Alert sent at 62.78 on Jan 3rd

Alert to take profit at 175.00 on Feb 2nd

TEAM Position Closed +26.6%

SQ Jan 20th, 2023

Technical Alert sent at 62.78 on Jan 3rd

Alert to take profit at 86.10 on Feb 2nd

SQ Position Closed +37.1%

Long base with upward bias. This could now start gaining momentum back above the 200 day moving average. That said this stock can be quite volatile short term, so if not already positioned would be more cautious about potentially chasing at higher levels.

SHOP  Jan 20th, 2023

That recent failed breakout attempt was a bit disappointing but after retesting and bouncing off support, seems to be gaining strength again with the rest of the market. All about follow through now. I’m not seeing any real resistance now until around $45.00 – $50.00

Alerted at 35.37 on Jan 3rd

Position Open +24.6%

TSLA Jan 20th, 2023

V bottom setup, confirming.

Alerted at 117.32 on Jan 13th
Alert to take profit at 142.20 on Jan 23rd

TSLA Position Closed +21.1%

AFRM Jan 20th, 2023

Classic reversal setup off the 50 day moving average and breaking through resistance nicely, but careful potentially chasing this stock if you’re not already positioned for this trade. It can be extremely volatile so it’s not for everyone. Would expect significant resistance before the key $20.00 mark.

Alerted at 13.14 on Jan 20th
Alert to take some profit at 15.40 on Jan 23rd

Position Open +17.2%

JNUG Jan 20th, 2023

This bull flag setup confirmed nicely with a higher high, higher low. Here’s some key points of resistance above to watch for.

Alerted at 42.33 on Jan 19th

Position Open +6.4%

XBI LABU Biotech ETF’s

Volatile as always, however the overall action remains bullish, once again bouncing off key support and could go higher.  I’m thinking, likely

Alerted at 6.91 on Jan 11th
Alert to take some profit at 8.60 on Jan 13th

Position Open +24.5%

IWM Jan 18th, 2023

We put up the caution sign today on long positions as this index got near resistance to help subscribers to assure more profits.

IWM Jan 18th, 2023  EOD

Here’s what it looks like after the close. See what tomorrow brings now.

IWM  Jan 10th, 2023  Small caps. Reversal setup with good initial confirmation. This close back above the 50 day moving average is attention getting. And given the overall action on the major indexes, along with select individual stocks, believe this is likely to now continue higher. See what we get.

SPY January 6th, 2023
Gap filled, with continuation. 50 day moving average key. Bullish follow through could push this higher to potentially fill this higher gap and/or test the 200 day moving average. Will likely take time and/or volume to stay above if that occurs.

Caution  There are still bearish overtones and so sometimes what appears to be a buy signal and/or breakout above a key moving average can quickly turn into sell signals. I continue to trader with smaller positions at this time.

VIX  This consistent rejection at lower points of resistance, since filling the gap above on December 22nd is telling me that bulls are starting to gain some traction going into this new year.

TSLA  Alert at 117.32  Friday, Jan. 13th

Near potential support with good buy interest. Ideally would like to see this close green to better confirm strength. That said, it doesn’t have to happen today.

LTHM Alert at $20.57 January 9th, 2023
Falling wedge setup, confirming. Ideally now want to see consistent buy interest well above the key $20.00  to better confirm strength and the likelihood to continue higher.

SNOW  Alert at $122.56 January 6th, 2023
Potential failed breakdown/double bottom setup.  Higher risk setup.

SQ  Alert at $62.78 Tuesday, Jan. 3rd
Double bottom setup. This 3rd attempt to push above this trend line, and back above the 50 day moving average is somewhat attention getting. That said, longer term it’s still trading in a range with significant resistance overhead and so would be careful if potentially chasing at higher levels.

ROKU Alert at $41.90 January 5th. 2023
Alert at  Bullish round bottom setup MACD Just went positive  Could go higher if now able to get back above and stay above 44.50 (pivot point)


GE  Technical buy alert at $67.44   Monday, Jan. 4th

Technical profit alert at  80.02 Friday, Jan 9th

Position Closed Up 18.7%


MU Alert at $49.73 Thursday, Dec. 29th, 2022
The technical setup

Double bottom setup. Ideally want to now see this back above $50.00, along with consistent buy interest well above to better confirm the likelihood to go higher.


BTAI Alert at $15.05  Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, 2022
The technical setup

Pivot point at 15.02  Classic reversal setup above the 200 day moving average.


JNUG  Alert at $28.77  Monday, Nov 7th, 2022
The technical setup

Breakout attempt. Need to see some follow through to better confirm the likelihood to go higher.


BA  Alert at 148.08  Wednesday, Nov 2nd, 2022
The technical setup

Red to green on heavy volume. Seeing as a strong setup, reversing after the recent sell off from earnings. A close above $150.00 now would be telling.


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