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MBLY  June 21st, 2024 / Alert at $26.23  Red to Green   I think sellers are just tired of selling at this point as this moves up off the lows (with lower volume).  Bottom likely in

U June 21st, 2024 / Alert at $15.56  I haven’t traded this stock in forever but the 65 minute chart got my attention and my gut told me this may be ready to turn around. That said, follow through is needed to really confirm strength and the likelihood to continue higher. See what we get.

HOOD June 21st, 2024 / Alert at $21.97 Symmetrical Triangle setup, confirming strength above the 20 day moving average at 21.69 with increased volume.

CRM  June 20th, 2024 / Alert at $240.49   This push back above initial resistance; the 10 day moving average (on increased volume) is telling me this is now likely ready  move higher.

GLD NUGT  June 18th, 2024 / Alert (NUGT) at $37.21 Symmetrical triangle setup with very clean lines, and thinking this may be a point of reversal for gold stocks.

CELH  June 18th, 2024 / Alert at $61.07

DELL  June 17th, 2024 / Alert at $137.40 Consolidation followed by this bullish gap up today got my attention and so didn’t hesitate to get positioned. I’m thinking this could potentially go to fill this higher gap and then some.

ADBE  June 13th, 2024 / Alert at $466.00  Earnings  Bids jumped up higher (quickly) Breakout likely

SMCI  June 13th, 2024 / Alert at $823.01  Inverted Hammer setup confirmed, with volume.

VRT   June 13th, 2024 / Alert at $92.37   Inverted Hammer setup, confirmed on this move pushing back above the 50 day moving average. RSI positive  Technically oversold.  Expecting higher.

PLTR  June 11th, 2024 / Alert at $23.24 One of the better setups I’ve seen on this stock. I wouldn’t be surprised to see new 52 week highs come.

ANET  June 10th, 2024 / Alert at $297.77 Symmetrical triangle setup with good initial confirmation (with increased volume) just above the 50 day moving average

MMM  June 7th, 2024 / Alert at $99.56
Bullish gap up with increased volume

CVNA  June 5th, 2024 / Alert at $102.44  This push back above $100.00 off support telling me this could be the beginning of a longer term uptrend.

CRWD  June 4th, 2024 / Alert at $281.98  Fast sell off after earnings but seeing more buy interest at this level. Ideally want to see this at least back above $300.00 to confirm strength.  To see what happened after this alert (AH) view click on the mini chart below.

AMZN  June 4th, 2024 / Alert at $179.71  Appears to be a failed breakdown with a higher low.

NOW  June 4th, 2024 / Alert at $667.19 Liking the strong buy interest after the extreme sell off.

May 31st, 2024 / Alert at $40.18 Simple setup, pushing back above resistance on increased volume.

ARM  May 21st, 2024 / Alert at $112.84   Reversal attempt pushing back up off support; the 20 day moving average.

Update June 18th, 2024  Thought it prudent to alert subscribers to consider taking profit at 176.15

Up 55.1% since alert given at $112.84 on May 21st, 2024

Seeing it as overextended at this level and just too easy not to take, it while it’s here to be taken. Assure Profit

COIN  May 20th, 2024 / Alert at $209.29  Falling Wedge
I like it better here than possibly chasing higher. Seems to be gaining momentum today.

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