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With the exception of just one trade being stopped out at 12%  loss all other positions where stopped out of with only a 1.5% loss.

Attention Day traders!  >>> My specialty is swing trades however my entries often precise enough for day trades and/or options traders too.

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PI I alerted this stock on Feb 16th at $10.54.

I then gave an additional opportunity during the next trading session on Feb 20th in chat as I walked through the setup, to buy/add to this position at $10.79

Posted chart/update to my Private Twitter Feed at the price of $11.32

This stock went as high as $12.35 shortly after on that same day, up +17.2% from my initial alert at $10.54 and closed at $12.06

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It doesn’t take all that much to put together a daily list of stocks in order to look good.  So called gurus know that one or two of these will run higher and then post about the (so called) few wins, just to look good!   These are tactics all too often used to exaggerate real results.

Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out ONLY when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up to move higher, based on the technical analysis.

Are you busy working market hours?  Over 1/2 of our subscribers are just like you and are not available to be in the chat with us. They love our services that continually provide key (live) updates and I’m confident you will also.

Hi Scott,

It’s been two months now, and my portfolio is up 45%. I don’t recall I’ve performed this good in such a short period. Your awesome stock picks and the chat room environment gives confidence and boost to my existing trading system. It’s not that I cannot analyze technical signals or identify trading opportunity, but often it gets overwhelming and time consuming to research and analyze when you’re overseas and busy with other duties. So I appreciate your efforts to bring us great trading ideas. Keep up the good work.


Bottom line is we help traders just like you on a daily basis, to consistently get better results.
Here’s just one way we do just that.

The assumption all too often is that if the markets are technically in correction mode, then it’s time to sell all of your stocks.  The truth of the matter is there will always be some good (select) stocks that will perform exceptionally well, despite this short term action in the broader markets.

We often get exceptional results during these times. Want proof?  Please feel free to view my history on StockTwits and/or Twitter  I suggest these for you because my post there are all time/date stamped.  There’s no faking these results.

Now see how we traded on one of the worst days in recent market history  “Markets in Turmoil” (recorded chat log)

Did you know that over 25 thousand people, including several professional full time traders (dozens of them our competitors) follow/track our trades each day?  Shouldn’t you?

Traders Helping Traders

Also we have experienced traders that have been with us for quite some time that truly enjoy helping others like yourself by sharing their own specialized insight. All a big part of what makes it all happen in our live chat room. See emails from actual members here.
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Today’s Trading Highlights!
Tuesday, July 17th

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Open Positions
This list does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.
A solid day day in chat on  ROKU  Very strong, round bottom set up and up 36.7% since alert on June 4th.  ROKU  Also alerted more recently on the pullback and now up 25.1% since June 28th.  IQ  Classic reversal setup at support and up 24.5% since our alert on July 9th.   SEDG A reversal attempt near support and is up 9.1% since our alert was given on July 6th.  ZS  Liking this bullish round bottom setup on this recent IPO and now up 16.5% since our alert on July 5th.  PI  A strong, longer term reversal setup and up 44.4% since alerted on May 24th.  FAS  Reversal setup off support and up 9.3% since alert was given on July 2nd .  SFIX   A strong up trending stock and saw as attractive on this pullback near support and up 7.1% since our alert was given on July 16th.  LABU  Seeing as attractive again on this pullback today and up 3.9% since our alert given (today)  LABU  Now up 27.7% since our alert on June 28th.  SHOP Drop to pop setup confirming with strength and up 16% since our alert on July 2nd.  CLPS  Classic reversal setup just above support and up 14.8% since our alert on July 13th.  SPOT Continues to look strong, as this one recently traded at new all time highs and now up 26% since our alert on May 23rd.  FSCT  Breakout attempt, nearing key pivot point and up 8.3% since our alert on June 29th.  SEDG  Reversal setup above the 200 day average, up 9.1% since our alert given on July 6th.
Market Expecations/Charts
We’re continually focused on locking in gains to help assure more profit!  buy/sell points
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Closed Positions (recent)
SFIX  A strong rally since earnings however thought  it prudent to lock in gains from $20.80 based on too high, too fast and just too easy not to take while up 62.7% since our alert was given (Free to new members) along with an email alert and text message June 8th.
PVTL  Breaking out after earnings and up 26.5% (overnight) since our alert was given on June 12th.
IQ  Breaking out to new all time highs however thought it prudent to lock in gains today while there to be taken and up 37.5% since our alert was given on May 21st.
SQ  Strong uptrend and up 26.9% since our alert May 4th,  however thinking it prudent to lock in gains here after it closing green for 10 consecutive 10 days.
SHAK  Break out and up 27.9% since our alert was given, on May 3rd.
PI  Excellent percentage gainer after earnings however thought it to be prudent to lock in gains here, while up 34.7% since our alert May 7th.
LABU  Thought it prudent to lock in gains into the rally today while up 32.3% since our alert given March 2nd.
SHOP   Good follow though but near resistance and up 20.2%  since our alert given on Dec. 5th
XNET   A strong move however thought it prudent to lock in gains here while there to be taken, up 45.9% since our alert on Dec. 29th.
ROKU  Nice rebound after this extreme sell off and up 50.1% since alerted on Dec. 6th
At a glance; how we’re trading these stocks, including buy/sell points on these positions.
Market Expectations / Major Indexes  SPY QQQ DIA IWM IYT XLF

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