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Swing traders: My primary focus. You’ll get real time alerts and timely updates via email, chat and my private Twitter during market hours and after hours on stocks just coming up off support, before the breakout.
Day traders: You’ll love my my private Twitter to alert you of stocks (with specific price points to watch) the moment I’m seeing evidence of a potential breakout stock.
Longer term investors:  I love stocks with above average expectations for growth, so if you’re looking for better entries you can often find them via my post (during and after market hours) based on my technical analysis and market updates. See for yourself
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What makes us different?

It doesn’t take all that much to put together a daily list of stocks in order to look good.  So called gurus know that one or two of these will run higher and then post about the (so called) few wins, just to look good!   These are tactics all too often used to exaggerate real results.

Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out only when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up to move higher, based on the technical analysis. My technical  alerts are sent to you the moment I anticipate a move (most often well before the breakout)

50 thousand traders follow me on social media, including many of the top traders in the world. Why are these traders following the information I provide? You of course know the answer. See for yourself how we’re different!


Nov 10th, 2019

TrendSpider invited me as a guest to talk about the markets, individual stocks and how we’re using their software to get the edge on the market. Check it out!
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Updated on Friday, November 5th 2021
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A solid day in chat on CFLT  November 4th  Earnings (AH) Alert at 71.22 Potential drop to pop setup.  Update November 5th Nice continuation, breakout out to a new ATH on heavy volume and up 31.4% since my alert given (Free to new subscribers) via email, live chat and text.
ABNB November 4th Alert at $172.00 (AH)  Earnings  Potential drop to pop setup. Update November 5th Breaking out on heavy volume. May go to test or perhaps make a new ATH Up 17.2% since my alert given.
DOCN November 4th Alert at $96.40 Earnings Drop to pop setup with volume. Update Nov 4th EOD  Excellent follow through; trading at a new ATH and up 9.2% since my alert.  See all of our positions


LCID October 25th Alerted at 24.71 (prior to the open) Gap up by the looks. Near support.  High risk entry so may want to wait for after the open.  Nice continuation on increased volume. I’m thinking continuation higher is likely. Update Nov 5th Continues to show good strength (with volume) and up 69.2% since my alert given.

ONON October 21st Alerted at $31.56 Volume increasing. Ideally would like to see a close today above the 20 day moving average to confirm strength on the stock and to increase the likelihood to continue higher. Up 24.2% since alerted.

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Some of our best, recently closed positions below.

AFRM Up 39.5% since alerted on Oct. 5th.

NET     Up 38% since alerted on Oct. 5th.

TASK  Up 63% since alerted on Aug. 16th.

DOCS  Up 50% since alerted on Aug 10th.

UPST Up 105% since alerted on May 14th.


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