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BROS  Alert at $21.14  Now -44% down after their earnings report seems extreme.  20.00 key support.  Looking for continued buy interest well above the $20.00 mark to better confirm strength, and the likelihood for continuation to go higher.
Buy 21.14 Thursday May 12th
Sell: (partial) 37.80 Tues May 26th
Sell: (partial) 42.85   Tues June 6th

Sell: (partial) 39.11   Wed June 6th
BROS Position Closed +78.% +103% +85%BROS Chart How I guided through this trade.  Our trading plan. This chart will open for you in a separate tab.

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Major indexes  Biotech, Gold, and the VIX

Find better setups with these bullish & bearish reversal patterns
Updated Wednesday, November 30th, 2022
Information provided for educational purposes only.
22 years of helping people be a more confident trader.
Recent Stock Alerts Below
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NET Alert at $43.90 Potential drop to pop (red to green) setup

Buy 43.90 Wednesday, Nov. 30th

NET Position Open


YETI  Alert at 42.44  Bullish round bottom setup with good initial confirmation, showing likelihood to go higher.

Buy 42.67 Wednesday, Nov. 30th

YETI Position Open


CELH  Alert at 105.78  Showing good strength, reversing now above support, 100.00 mark.

Buy 105.78 Wednesday, Nov. 30th

CELH Position Open

TSLA  Alert at $178.44 Possibly a failed breakdown, now pushing just above intial resistance on good volume.


Buy 178.44 Wednesday, Nov. 23rd

TSLA Position Open


BTAI Alert at $15.05  Pivot point at 15.02  Classic reversal setup above the 200 day moving average.

Buy 28.67 Wednesday, Nov. 23rd
Sell: (partial) 18.35 Thursday, Dec 1st

BTAI Position Open +22%


CFLT  Alert at $21.14 Near support. Bullish gap up this morning with buyers willing to buy well above the key $20.00 mark, along with over all conditions telling me this likely continues higher.

Buy: 21.14 Wednesday, Nov 23rd

CFLT Position Open


APPS Alert at $15.72  Reversal attempt at support

Buy 15.72 Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

APPS Position Open


SE  Alert at $52.76 Potential drop to pop setup, near support. Ideally want to see this close back above the 20 day moving average to better confirm.

Buy 52.76 Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

SE Position Open


ETSY  Alert at $118.57 Liking the consistent buy interest above the 10 day moving average and just coming back up off support.

Buy 118.57 Monday, Nov. 22nd

ETSY Position Open


AXSM Alert at 54.31 Red to green setup, pushing back above the 50 day moving average (near support) f Potential breakout stock

Buy 54.31 Friday, Nov. 18th
Sell: (partial) 70.50 Monday, Nov 28th
Sell: (partial) 79.50 Monday, Nov 28th
Sell: (partial) 73.80 Monday, Nov 28th

AXSM Position Closed +30% +46.4%  +35.9%


GPS Alert at $13.04  Earnings  Bullish gap up, and seeing as attractive on this pullback

Buy 13.04 Friday, Nov. 18th
Sell: (partial) 14.34 Monday, Nov 28th

GPD Position Open +10%


APPS  Alert at $12.31  AH Earnings Up some off the low already but this could also be a good buy/add lower if it does pullback.

Buy 12.31 Wednesday, Nov. 9th
Sell: (partial) 17.20 Thursday, Nov 10th
Sell: (partial) 18.80 Thursday, Nov 10th

APPS Position Closed +40% +53%


CELH Alert at $81.84 AH Earnings Positive response.

Buy: 81.84 Wednesday, Nov 9th
Sell:  (partial)  96.80 Wed.,  Nov 10th
Sell:  (partial)  87.79 Tues.,  Nov 22nd
Sell: (partial) 104.80 Thurs, Nov 23rd

CELH Position Open  +18.3% +7.3% +28.%


RIVN Alert at $27.30 AH Earnings  Initial response positive. $30.00 now key.

Buy 27.30 Thursday, Nov. 9th

RIVN Position Open


TTWO  Alert at $94.13  Sell off maybe overdone. Could go higher if able to get back above and stay above key $100.00 mark.

Buy: 94.13 Monday, Nov 9th

TTWO Position Open


BROS Alert at $29.84  AH Earnings  Needs to follow through, above $30.00 to better confirm the likelihood to continue higher.

Buy 29.84 Thursday, Nov. 9th

BROS Position Open


DOCN Alert at $27.04 Reversal attempt on big volume after the intial sell off from earnings.

Buy: 27.04 Tuesday, Nov 8th
Sell:  31.79 Monday Nov 14th

DOCN Position Closed +17.6%


SHOP  Weekly chart  Alert at $31.89 Reversal attempt near potential support area. Higher risk trade

Buy 31.89 Monday, Nov. 7th

SHOP Position Open


JNUG Alert at $28.77  Breakout attempt. Need to see some follow through to better confirm the likelihood to go higher.

Buy 28.77 Monday, Nov. 7th
Sell: (partial) 39.17 Thursday, Dec 1st

JNUG Position Open +36%


ZM  Alert at $78.89 Potential reversal setup, pushing back above the 50 day moving average.

Buy: 78.89 Monday, Nov 7th
Sell: 74.79 Wednesday, Nov 9th

ZM Position Closed -5.2%


ILMN  Alert at $215.18  Earnings  Potential breakout above the 20 day average on increased volume.

Buy: 57.55 Friday, Nov 4th

ILMN Position Open


BA Alert at 148.08  Red to green on heavy volume. Seeing as a strong setup, reversing after the recent sell off from earnings. A close above $150.00 now would be telling.

Buy 28.67 Wednesday, Nov. 2nd
Sell: 167.60 Wednesday Nov 9th
Sell:  172.80  Monday, Nov 28th

BA Position Closed +13.2% +16.7


STNG 50.20 Breaking out to a new 52 week high on increased volume

Buy: 50.20 Tuesday, Nov 1st
Sell: 48.79 Thursday, Nov 10th

STNG Position Closed -2.8%


FSLR Alert at $119.80  Earnings (AH) Sell off seems extreme and near potential area of support. Want to see continued buy interest above $120.00 to better confirm strength.

Buy 119.80 Thursday, Oct. 27th
Sell: (partial)  145.50 Monday,  Oct 31st
Sell: (partial) 157.79 Thursday Nov 3rd

FSLR Position Closed +21.5%  +31.7%


NVDA  Alert at $127.95  Potential support at 126.60

Buy 127.95 Wednesday, Oct. 26th
Sell: (partial) 156.95 Thursday Nov 10th

NVDA Position Closed 22.7%


LABU Alert at $6.18  XBI  High risk trade. Near potential support. Initially want to see this back above the market open price at 6.24

Buy 6.18 Friday, Oct. 21st

LABU Position Open


NUE  Alert at $119.72  Market open $117.35  This stock is reacting in sympathy to last night’s earning report on STLD (steel sector) Potential drop to pop (red to green) setup. Now want to see buy interest above 20.00 to better confirm strength.

Buy 119.72 Thursday, Oct 20th
Sell: 136.40 Friday, Oct 26th

NUE Position Closed +14%


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