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AFRM Jan 20th, 2023Classic reversal setup off the 50 day moving average and breaking through resistance nicely, but careful potentially chasing this stock if you’re not already positioned for this trade. It can be extremely volatile so it’s not for everyone. Would expect significant resistance before the key $20.00 mark.

Sent Technical Alert at 13.14 on Jan 20th
Alert to take some profit at 15.40 on Jan 23rd
Alert to take some profit at 20.15 on Feb. 2nd

AFRM Position closed  +17.2%  53.3%

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It doesn’t take all that much to put together a daily list of stocks in order to look good.  So called gurus know that one or two of these will run higher and then post about the (so called) few wins, just to look good!   These are tactics all too often used to exaggerate real results.

Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out only when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up to move higher, based on the technical analysis. My technical  alerts are sent to you the moment I anticipate a move (most often well before the breakout

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LULU  Earnings (AH) Strong move (with heavy volume) above the 300 day moving average telling me this likely continues higher.

Technical Alert sent at 322.27 on March 28th

LULU Position Open


NUGT  Drop to pop setup, at support. This hollow red candlestick is attention getting.

Technical Alert sent at 38.32 on March 27th

NUGT Position Open



LTHM  High risk trade  Potential drop to pop setup. Want to see consistent buy interest now well above $20.00 to better confirm strength.

Technical Alert sent at 20.08 on March 24th

LTHM Position Open


MSTR  This Long Legged Doji Candlestick followed by this red to green move; pushing back above the 200 day moving average is compelling.

Technical Alert sent at 228.26 on March 16th
Alert to take profit at 279.40 March 29th

MSTR Position Open +22.4%


SMCI  Strong, up trending stock. Now getting a nice push up just above support, the 50 day moving average.  This Hollow Red Candlestick could also be giving a good indication for a reversal here. Continuation higher likely if able to get back above and stay above 20 day average. Potential for new ATH

Technical Alert sent at 90.37 on March 16th
Alert to take profit at 115.50 March 23rd

SMCI Position Closed +29%


AI  Seeing at good (potential support) Hollow red candlestick could be a good intial indicator for a reversal setup here.

Technical Alert sent at 20.80 on March 15th

AI Position Open


S  Earnings (AH) Sell off seems extreme. and near potential support. This rebounded quickly confirming strength. I’m thinking continuation higher is likely.

Technical Alert sent at 12.80 on March 14th
Alert to take some profit at 16.18 March 15th
Alert to take some profit at 15.01 March 17th

S Position Closed +26% +17.3%



TSLA  Drop to pop setup (at good support) confirming nicely back above the 50 day moving average. This upward (arching) move on the 50 day moving average telling me this could go higher from here.

Technical Alert sent at 167.89 on March 13th

TSLA Position Open


AI  This strong reaction to earnings on this up trending stock is compelling. Thinking that continuation higher is likely.

Technical Alert sent at 23.06 on March 2nd
Alerted to take profit at 28.40 on March 3rd

AI Position Closed +22.5%


QQQ Jan 20th, 2023 Weekly chart is attention getting, with a higher high, higher low and closing back above the 200 day moving average on increased volume.


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