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What makes us different?

It doesn’t take all that much to put together a daily list of stocks in order to look good.  So called gurus know that one or two of these will run higher and then post about the (so called) few wins, just to look good!   These are tactics all too often used to exaggerate real results.

Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out only when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up to move higher, based on the technical analysis. My technical  alerts are sent to you the moment I anticipate a move (most often well before the breakout)

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Nov 10th, 2019

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Updated:  Monday, October 11th 2021
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A solid day in chat on  NET  Alert at $120.28  Oct 5th. Bullish gap up on increased volume. Potential breakout stock.

Update October 11th Strong follow through, hitting a new ATH on increased volume. No resistance overhead and up 19.9% since our alert given (Free to new subscribers) via chat, email and text on October 5th

AFRM Alert at $111.33  Oct 5th  Market open at 109.15  Like it on the pullback (near potential support) Ideally would like to see a close above the 20 day moving average today.

Update October 11th  That didn’t take long. The following day confirmed strong; breaking out on big volume and up 21.3% since our alert was given on October 5th Next resistance I’m seeing is at the ATH at 1446.90 Could go higher

U Alert at $122.29 Bullish gap up. Potential reversal setup Looking for a close back above the 50 day moving average to better confirm.

Update October 11th A strong move up after retesting support. Potential for gap higher at 147.50 to get filled. Looks good and up  11% since our alert was given on October 5th

APPS August 31st. Alerted at $58.01 Bullish gap up.  Market open at 57.75 (potential support)

Update September 2nd  Strong close back above the 50 day average on increased volume and up 19.2% since our alert was given on August 31st.

Update September 17th  Breakout confirmed. Today’s close above the trendline and 200 day moving average( on increased volume) is attention getting. I’m thinking this likely continue higher. Here’s some pivot points to help guide.  Up 15.3% since our alert was given on August 31st.

Update October 6th Picture perfect chart action, bouncing off the 200 day moving average with nice continuation. Note today the 20 day moving average, pushing above the 200 day moving average. This is good  Expecting higher.  29.2%
CFLT  August 20th.   Alerted at $52.28 Sell off seems extreme. Near potential support.

Update September 3rd  Breaking out on increased volume with a new ATH (closing price) telling me this stocks likely has more upside.  Currently up 12.9% since our alert given on August 20th

Update September 17th   New ATH With most of the recent buying happening roughly between $50.00 – $60.00 I’m thinking this stock could still move higher Up 33.4% since our alert


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Some of our best, recently closed positions below.

TASK  Up 63.1% since our alert on August 16th.

DOCS  Up 50% since our alert on August 10th.

UPST Up 105% since our alert  on May 14th.


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