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DECK  May 23rd, 2024 / Alert at $922.65 Strong response from earnings report, pushing above initial resistance.

ROST  May 23rd, 2024 / Alert at $135.35  Earnings Breaking through resistance, with volume.  Back above the 50 day average now would be a plus.

ELF  May 22nd, 2024 / Alert at $138.44

NVDA  May 22nd, 2024 / Alert at $952.00 Earnings Drop to pop setup, followed by strong buy interest.

ARM  May 21st, 2024 / Alert at $112.84   Reversal attempt pushing back up off support; the 20 day moving average.

COIN  May 20th, 2024 / Alert at $209.29  Falling Wedge
I like it better here than possibly chasing higher. Seems to be gaining momentum today.

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