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MSTR   Potential breakout above this higher (down trending) line. Would ideally like to see with increased volume to confirm strength.

Alert signal sent at 293.93, June 20th

Alert to take some profit at 371.80,  July 3rd
Alert to take some profit at 332.80 July 13rd
Alert to take the rest of profit at 458.20 July 14th

MSTR Position Closed  +26.5% +47.2% +55.9%

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GTLB Dec 4th, 2023
GTBL Alert at $54.20  ER (AH) Strong response Potential breakout above $54.50
UPST Nov 30th, 2023
UPST Alert at $23.38  This Doji candlestick along with this push back above the 50 day moving average has my attention. A green close tomorrow would  likely indication the likelihood for this stock to continue higher.  
CRM Nov 29th, 2023
CRM Alert at $233.00 (AH) Earnings  Bullish response  Very strong (and immediate follow) through after this alert.
CFLT Nov 28th, 2023
CFLT Alert at $19.33   This bullish gap up on increased volume has my attention.  Ideally want to see a close above $20.00 to confirm strength and the likelihood to move higher.
SYM Nov 20th, 2023
SYM Alert at 40.70 (AH)  Earnings  Strong response above $40.00 telling me this likely continues higher. _________________________________________________________________________ Alert to consider taking profit at 52.80 Up 29.7%       Position closed 12-06-23 _________________________________________________________________________  
LABU Nov 17th, 2023
LABU Alert at $3.27  XBI  V bottom setup confirming, pushing back above the 50 day moving average _________________________________________________ Alert to consider taking profit at 4.50 Up 37.6%   20-1 split adjusted _________________________________________________ Position closed 12-08-23
BILL Nov 16th, 2023
BILL  Alert at $59.03  Sell off just seems stupid at this point, being up as high 348.50 in Nov, 2021 and liking the more consistent buy interest going on since this latest gap down.
PANW Nov 15th, 2023
PANW Alert at $227.50  (AH)  Sell off from earnings seems extreme. _______________________________________________ Alert to consider taking some profit at 290.80 Up 27.8% _______________________________________________
U Nov 10th, 2023
U  Alert $23.58  Significant buy volume well above the 20.00 level, telling me that this sell off may have been overdone.
IWM Nov 10th, 2023
IWM  TNA  Alert at 137.38  Reversal attempt, near support. Need to see some follow through to better confirm the likelihood of a reversal. -1% max risk  Stop 165.80
AAPL Nov 3rd, 2023
AAPL Alert at $174.37  Seeing as attractive on this pullback after earnings, pushing back above the 20 day moving average.
SQ Nov 2nd, 2023
SQ Alert at $45.60 AH Earnings Ideally want to see this back above $50.00 to best confirm strength. _______________________________________________ Alert to consider taking some profit at 58.80 Up 28.9% _______________________________________________ Alert to consider taking rest of profit at 69.29 Up 51.9% _______________________________________________ Position closed  12-08-23 _______________________________________________

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