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Stocks We’re Currently Trading
Updated Monday, February 19th

A solid day in chat on SFIX  After some good consolidation,  just above the major moving averages, and is looking setup to move higher and up 14.3% since our alert was given (Free to new members) in chat, along with email and text on February 11th.
PYX  This subtle setup with a higher low looks good here after their recent earnings report. Confirming nicely and up 15% (overnight) since our alert on February 14th
NUGT   Potential bull flag setup confirming nicely today and up 17% since our alert on February 14th.
OIH  USO / Oil stocks continue to set up nicely above their 20 day moving average. Up 3.6% since our alert on February 13th
_______________________ __________
PDD  This V bottom setup is confirming strong today and up 8.7% since our alert on February 13th
CRON  Seeing as attractive near potential support. Today this setup is confirming nicely and up 9.7% since our alert on February 6th
SQ  Rebound attempt (near support) is now confirming strong and up 11.4% since our alert on January 30th. Thought it prudent to lock in some profit today to “assure profit”.
LABU This rebound attempt, confirming nicely same day, closing above the 20 day average and up 16.2% s since our alert given on January 8th.
SPY  Sell off is extreme at this point. Potential drop to pop setup confirmed nicely and up 15.4% on this index since our alert given on December 26th
We’re continually focused on locking in gains that can help you to assure more profit.  buy/sell points
UVXY VIX  How we’ve been taking advantage of this market correction by trading the volatility index, both long and short.
Some of our more recently closed positions.
SPY Up 15.4% on this index since our alert given on December 26th
SGH   Up 27.7% since our alert  January 24th.
ROKU Up 30% since our alert on January 8th.
NUGT  Up 30.4% since our alert on Jan. 24th
SQ   Down  -5.5% since our alert on Jan 28th.
SQ Up 50% since our alert on December 26th.
CRON  Up 27.7% since our alert on Jan., 3rd.
ROKU Up 52.4% since our alert on Dec. 26th.
LABU Up 56.8% since our alert on Dec. 24th.
UVXY    Up 19% since our alert on Dec. 20th.
NUGT Up 24.4% since our alert on Dec. 11th.
SFIX     Up 21.6% since our alert on Dec. 11th.
SFIX Down 5.7% since our alert on Dec. 10th.

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