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Monday  October 14th, 2019

A solid day in chat on GH  This pop to drop setup confirmed nicely today and up 5.2% since our technical alert given ( Free to new members ) via chat, email and text message
on Oct. 9th.
LK  At potential support. So far, so good up 5.6% since our technical alert given on Oct. 7th.
JDST  << Gold Some must see charts.  GDX At resistance and rejected at the 50 day moving average telling me this may have reached a peak. Confirmed nicely today with GDX falling under key pivot point of 27.50, with JDST now up 13.7% since our technical alert given on Oct. 9th.
ROKU  <<  A must see chart.  Drop to pop with good follow through and up 18.6% since our technical alert given on Oct. 2nd.
CHWY  <<  See chart.  Reversal attempt and up 11.2% since our technical alert given on Oct. 2nd.
LABU  XBI << See chart.  Extreme bearish can be bullish. Seeing a good bounce helping to confirm expectations and now up 15.8% since our technical alert given on Oct. 2nd.
Some of our recently closed positions.
JDST  Up 27.3% since my alert given Sept. 26th.
RH  Up 20.2% since my alert given on July 15th.
PDD  Up 20.4% since my alert given August 5th.
JDST GDX Up 21.1% since my alert August 12th.
NUGT Up 38.1% since my alert given August 1st.
LK    Up 37% since my alert was given July 11th.
YETI  Up 21.7% since our alert given June 26th.
BYND  Up 35.7% since our alert given June 6th.
LK      Up 55.4% since our alert given May 23rd
BYND Up 36.2% since our alert given May 23rd
ROKU  Up 40.4% since our alert given May 8th
UVXY  (short) Up 25.9% since alert on May 9th
BYND  Up 30.3% since we alerted on May 13th
PD    Up 45.8% since our alert given, April 24th
PINS  Up 41.% since our alert given, April 23rd
SPY  (index) Up 15.4%  since alerted Dec. 26th

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