Feb 8th, 2024 These discords are great for trading /investing and educating people. I’ve learned so much in 4 months than ever watching CNBC and financial news.  And I’ve watched CNBC since 2005. It’s pure entertainment and trash.

Monir A.

Jan 22nd, 2024  Earning season is something @LIVE Trade Pro Scott excels at! I encourage everyone to follow his calls!

David O.

Feb 2nd, 2024  Solid January Thank you @LIVE Trade Pro Scott @moritz06 !! if not picking your Alerts , directional clues and learning here is helping !!

Hardik D.

Jan 3rd, 2024  I’m very grateful for you guys here! You’ve changed my life so far and I’m very grateful @LIVE Trade Pro Scott and @moritz06

Tony S.

Dec 15th, 2023  Calling it a day, swinging rest of my open positions into next week. Thanks as always @moritz06 @LIVE Trade Pro Scott couple of the best trading days so far for me. One of the best weeks too!

Nirmam P

You’re good Scott.  I take your alerts for guidance because I’m busy with my day job but try to make my own trades in terms of taking profits and closing out positions.

Matt J.

I just signed back up for a Livetradepro subscription.

To be honest, I should have never left in the first place. Literally a week after I canceled my membership, my patience went out the window along with $70,000.

It feels great to be back already.

Matthew G.

The best retreat I was ever on gave you the tools to find God and it was up to you to do the rest, so I appreciate your technique!

Karl M.

Scott your optimism is awesome. It comes from your wisdom. Thank you. It helps me a lot.

Steve F.

Do your ears ring every weekday Scott? Because I send thanks to you everyday for your constant (good) nagging – #AssureProfits!!! This time last year I cashed out one of my accounts which allowed me to survive this year, and possibly next few years. Sending you my gratitude and love because you were my 1st chat room registration back in the day! If I didn’t learn anything from you, at least I learned the importance of pushing that sell button! My first bear market experience, and I am doing great! Still lots to learn but thank you mentor! Have a great 2023! Here’s a big tight hug for you!

Chez S.