I’m really enjoying your private twitter feed Scott. I drive a truck for a living (big rig) and it’s perfect for me throughout the day.

Kirby N.

One of the things I admire most about your service is that you have a plethora of useful knowledge unlike these other knuckleheads out there! Kind of like an algorithm, always working! Keep it coming Scott!

Matthew G.

Hi Scott,

Wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your private Twitter and have upgraded to your more premium service on your website.

Kerry K.

I’ll have you know while I was away from your service, I lost $48,586. When I was with your service, I made $67,432. Goes to show,  follow the pro! Happy to be back

Happy holidays to you and your family

Matthew G.

Hi Scott,
I like your style Scott and certainly admire the level of work you are putting in.
And though I’ve been doing this awhile I’m learning some moves from you that are new to me.

Doug N.

Hi Scott

When I joined your subscription service, I had a loss of close to $300K on a portfolio of $1 million. In the last 4 months, I made as much as $200K profit and all the thanks goes to you. I still have a loss of less than $100K, but I have confidence that I will make it in the next 2 months.  You are a great soul

Shankar G.

I made $30k profit in the last couple of weeks trading APP and APPS. Neither stock was on my radar prior. Thanks for all the hard work. I know it’s not easy!

Daniel G

Hi Scott,
I have been a member for just a few weeks. Great service! Probably the best I have tried. I am hoping to expand my membership to include chat-willing to pre-pay for the year. Not sure how i can go about making this change. Thanks in advance.

Marc C.

Thanks a lot, Scott. You have been a great guide and advisor. I have been earning profits from the trades advised by you. I had accumulated huge losses about 20% plus in YTD trading and was anxious earlier but no more now, as I am confident of recovering the losses.

Ganesh S.

Just saying hello! I should be more interactive but I follow along and do trade actively throughout the day too. I’m feeling pretty good with the way the month/quarter shaped up.
I’m finishing at the highs of the year so far after getting a little beaten up last month.
Hope all is well!

Andrew H.