I appreciate your insight and  your skillset is incredible!!

Mark B.

Hello Scott,

I have had a membership with you for a brief period of time and had to cancel it because of work schedules and more. Despite that I have been trading solely on the conviction and skills you guys have taught me.  I appreciate all your transparency that helped me learn the skill needed.
Thank you so much to you guys. I really appreciate a life changing teaching.

Mitesh P.

Kelly S.


April 25th, 2024 Getting used to your style, and really like it. with some of my own dd, things going really well. Thank you

Manuel D.

April 20th, 2024

I follow people on Twitter calling trades that you or Scott have already given us a week ago.

Khaliq P

Feb 8th, 2024 These discords are great for trading /investing and educating people. I’ve learned so much in 4 months than ever watching CNBC and financial news.  And I’ve watched CNBC since 2005. It’s pure entertainment and trash.

Monir A.

Jan 22nd, 2024  Earning season is something @LIVE Trade Pro Scott excels at! I encourage everyone to follow his calls!

David O.

Feb 2nd, 2024  Solid January Thank you @LIVE Trade Pro Scott @moritz06 !! if not picking your Alerts , directional clues and learning here is helping !!

Hardik D.

Jan 3rd, 2024  I’m very grateful for you guys here! You’ve changed my life so far and I’m very grateful @LIVE Trade Pro Scott and @moritz06

Tony S.