April 25th, 2024 Getting used to your style, and really like it. with some of my own dd, things going really well. Thank you

Manuel D.

April 20th, 2024

I follow people on Twitter calling trades that you or Scott have already given us a week ago.

Khaliq P

Feb 8th, 2024 These discords are great for trading /investing and educating people. I’ve learned so much in 4 months than ever watching CNBC and financial news.  And I’ve watched CNBC since 2005. It’s pure entertainment and trash.

Monir A.

Jan 22nd, 2024  Earning season is something @LIVE Trade Pro Scott excels at! I encourage everyone to follow his calls!

David O.

Feb 2nd, 2024  Solid January Thank you @LIVE Trade Pro Scott @moritz06 !! if not picking your Alerts , directional clues and learning here is helping !!

Hardik D.

Jan 3rd, 2024  I’m very grateful for you guys here! You’ve changed my life so far and I’m very grateful @LIVE Trade Pro Scott and @moritz06

Tony S.

Dec 15th, 2023  Calling it a day, swinging rest of my open positions into next week. Thanks as always @moritz06 @LIVE Trade Pro Scott couple of the best trading days so far for me. One of the best weeks too!

Nirmam P

You’re good Scott.  I take your alerts for guidance because I’m busy with my day job but try to make my own trades in terms of taking profits and closing out positions.

Matt J.

I just signed back up for a Livetradepro subscription.

To be honest, I should have never left in the first place. Literally a week after I canceled my membership, my patience went out the window along with $70,000.

It feels great to be back already.

Matthew G.

The best retreat I was ever on gave you the tools to find God and it was up to you to do the rest, so I appreciate your technique!

Karl M.