One sunny spring day I took my beautiful little 2 year old girl out for a walk to look and talk about at all the many beautiful flowers together. It was a short time really but time that I’ll never forget. A memory that last. And knowing that I would have never had that and other precious moments since that time unless I had made the decision to work for myself at home. What a blessing  Was it hard to get started?  Yes. Was it worth it? More than anything.  My little girl who was 2 years then is now old 15 years old

One day me incredibly smart wife suggested that I stop talking to the TV about the stock market and how wrong they where in the information they put out and to instead use my knowledge to help others. So, here I am.

I first started trading part time in 2000. The .com crash. Here I was, learning how to trade going long on stocks; with no one having a clue that we were in the beginning of a bear market.  I stumbled but continually studied and did well despite that rough start and two years later had made enough profits from my trading to go full time.

I saw a post one day for a chat room that that intrigued me and decided to check it out.  It’s not that I felt I needed the help but there were some great benefits that came along with it.  For one thing I didn’t need to spend countless hours everyday researching. Much of that was already done for me, with fresh trading ideas everyday.

One day the admin of the chat room needed to leave and asked if I would mind being an administrator for the day to assist others in the room.  I was more than glad to and found out quickly that my real passion was helping others to become a better trader. Because of the ongoing request from traders wanting more services, I eventually decided to start my own trading room. Since then we have now grown to well over 150 active members. Many have been with me for several years and often subscribers that have left have come back again and again.

It’s now been 20 years since I began this journey.  Making good money is only one part of being successful though. I’m married, have 6 small children and live a comfortable lifestyle. My wife homeschools our kids while I work out of my home office.  One of my most memorable moments will always be taking my 2 year old daughter (she’s 12 now) out for a walk in the afternoon looking at flowers on a beautiful sunny day.  I couldn’t do that with any regular job. What a blessing. What are you dreams?  Go for them. It’s not easy but it’s more than worth it.

Over 90 thousand people now follow me on social media.

Partners  One of our subscribers, his name is Moritz took what he learned from me and decided started trading stock options  My good friend Moritz then went on to build a new separate trading account from $500 to 179K in 1 year trading options and has joined forces with me at LIVE Trade Pro.  To be clear, not everyone will get these results; however Moritz has the experience and the teaching ability to help you to accelerate your learning curve that can increase your own probability of success.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Join our option trading room for Free and see for yourself.