Why I’m here:
My incredibly smart wife one day suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others. So, here I am.

About me:  I first started trading part time in 2000 and my experience a rough one as you might imagine. Here I was being taught how to make money going long on stocks while at that time no one having a clue that we where in the midst of a bear market; the memorable .com crash!  I continually studied and did well despite that rough start and two years later had made enough profits from my trading to go full time.

I saw a post one day for a live chat room that included a Free introduction from another trader that intrigued me and decided to check it out.  It’s not that I felt I needed the help but there where some great benefits, perks if you will that came along with it.  For one thing I didn’t need to spend so many countless hours researching; much of it was already done for me with fresh ideas with each new trading day.  I also learned some valuable new things from others in chat about charting, trade techniques and better money management.

One day the owner of one on those chat rooms needed to leave and asked if I would mind being an administrator for the day to assist others in the room.  I was more than glad to accept and totally fell in love with the opportunity to help others to become a better trader.

Since then, because of the ongoing request for more and more services from other traders I eventually decided to start my own trading room.  As you can see, in many ways just kind of fell into this because of something that I love doing.

Since then we have now grown to well over 150 active members, with many now being with us for the past several years.

Our fastest growth (over 50 new members joined us) occurred during the latter part of Sept. of 2013, while the market was in correction mode; yet 99% of our successful stock alerts had been for long positions. One of the ways we where able to do this was by being very selective on stocks that where bullish despite the overall market conditions.

Now over 35 thousand traders follow our stock selections and trade strategies every trading day. This includes numerious professional traders and countless competitors. Why are these guys following our stock picks?

Our members are also a significant part of what makes it all happen in live chat.

Inside chat there  are several full time professional members with us that enjoy helping others to succeed in trading just as much as I do, offering buy/sell points on select stocks, momentum trade ideas (including day trades) and timely news just when you need it most, LIVE. 🙂

The best way to discover everything we have to offer you is to try our services today, for FREE!