Real Trades

My good friend Moritz built his account from $500 to 179K in 1 year trading options and has joined forces with LIVE Trade Pro.  To be clear, not everyone will get these results shown below.

Moritz however has the experience and the teaching ability to help you to accelerate your learning curve that can increase your own probability of success.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Join our option trading room for Free and see for yourself.

Jan 19th, 2024
Brett CH

Jan 16th, 2024
Michael T

Jan 16th, 2024
Khaliq P

Jan 16th, 2024
Narine A

Real Option Trades in Real Time!

  • Trade side by side each trading day with an experienced options trade with real (proven) success
  • Real time stock options alerts
  • Learn about which options are best, and how to understand exactly how to trade them
  • Learn how to best manage your positions to minimize your risk, while increasing upside potential.