I’m here to help every trading day to assure you make more profit.

New  Private Twitter Feed  Now included at no extra cost with premium subscription! 

I’m so excited about this new feature.  Why?  It’s so good, it’s worth the subscription even if I didn’t offer you any other current services.  It’s that good.  You owe it to yourself to try it now, for FREE.

Benefits:  What this means for you.

This new feed is focused on swing trade positions.  Short term swing trades (2-5 days)  Longer term swing trades (1 or more weeks)

Know the current stock(s) that I’m most confident about every trading day (at a glance)

Less active, more FOCUS. This New Private Twitter feed can actually increase your probability of your success. It’s intentionally designed to be less cluttered, giving you more of the information you really need to know on an ongoing basis.  Miss a trade?  This could give you that 2nd chance for a good entry.  Looking to add to a current position?  This can help you to do just that with more confidence on what I believe to be the better trade positions.

PLUS so many more benefits.  See below.

Real time stock alerts via chat, email and/or text message.
These alerts given to you via live chat, email and/or text message the moment I anticipate a move; before the breakout!  99% of the trade opportunities you’ll receive are for swing trades and not so unusual to see them breaking out to higher levels, even moments later.  They’re also typically stocks with  only 1.5% downside risk or less, with a minimum upside potential of 10%-20%.  Also well worth noting is we rarely find ourselves in a  gap down situation.  This in itself can help assure so much more of the profits you make.

Real time assist.  Important updates on stocks alerted, to help you through each trade.
These timely updates given during market hours help you to narrow your focus on the better trades alerted, even if it’s above the initially alerted price. These are often opportunities to buy stocks you may not yet have taken advantage or an opportunity to add to that position based on the stronger (confirmed) expectation. So you’ll know which stocks have the better probability of success, along with the likelihood of a better percentage gain.

One of a kind, automated process on how to trade every stock alert.
Once I send out an alert you’ll know what to do with it. I’ve set the process up so that if I send out a stock alert and I get hit by a bus; you’ll have a specific trade plan (in advance) of knowing when to take a loss, when to add and when to start locking in those profits.  I’m also here LIVE during market hours every trading day, available to assist you in the event you have any questions (no extra charge) via chat, email and over the phone.

Free consultation, including after the market close.
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who’s been there, done that who can relate (and have real answers) to problems you’re having. We’re all different and there is no cookie cutter approach. So lets work together to help you setup a plan that works for you.

See for yourself why both novices and pros love our services.

Free 7 Day Trial.

Our Key Benefit Live Trade Room

If you’re able to be in chat with us, I would highly encourage you to choose this option.  I can’t say enough as to the many extra benefits you’ll receive by doing so and remember it’s a Free trial so it cost nothing for you to try.  And you can of course change your subscription at any time.

Below is an email I received from a member who was a bit skeptical about paying an additional $60.00 to sign up for OUR BEST VALUE PACKAGE which includes chat.

Hi Scott,

It’s been two months now, and my portfolio is up 45%. I don’t recall I’ve performed this good in such a short period. Your awesome stock picks and the chat room environment gives confidence and boost to my existing trading system. It’s not that I cannot analyze technical signals or identify trading opportunity, but often it gets overwhelming and time consuming to research and analyze when you’re overseas and busy with other duties. So I appreciate your efforts to bring us great trading ideas. Keep up the good work 🙂


Scott, since I joined chat I think 3 week ago, I’ve made $16,231.56.  You’re the man.  that’s even accounting for the $1600 loss in JDST and $1800 in WIX.  In both those cases I chased and had a wide stop 3.5%…. I should’ve listened.

Thanks, Gabe


Are you too busy working during the day to join us in chat?  No worries.  Several of our members are busy just like you and use our services exclusively via email and/or text message.

Here’s a letter I received from one of our subscribers using our trading services almost exclusively through email.

Dear Scott,  I’m a loyal customer and I just want you to know that I’m counting on your Live Alert emails more than the chat room.  My time zone doesn’t allow me to get in the chat room every session.  Love your service and updates.  I made more money in the last two months from your alerts than I made in 2013; It’s an ugly truth but I like it.  Thanks, Hasan



Why traders love our services

  • Save yourself hours of research

    We do it for you, every night looking for new setups on stocks often still under the radar, setting up to potentially breakout.

  • We have a fantastic team

    of people working together who are enthusiastic about assisting all, with timely information such as fibonacci numbers, news (w/links) along with precise entry and exit points for both the active day trader or swing trader.

  • Always something new to learn

    Though I have good proven trade strategies, I’m continually working to improve upon them (tweaking) to become more profitable. It’s amazing how just one little piece of new information can make such a significant difference in increased profits.

  • Assurance through tough situations

    We all have times where it can be tough going and regaining a good sense of direction (short and/or long term) can at times be difficult. Having someone on your side to help can make a difference in getting that confidence back with a solid, well planned course of action.

  • A non biased view of your situation

    We all make mistakes and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really going on when that occurs. Having a non bias source of assistance can help keep you more on track. What’s better is this service is available to you before, during and after market hours to assist in things like when to take a loss, when to take profits and/or alternate methods of money management and much more.

  • It’s Fun

    Sure we’re serious about trading and our noise factor in chat is minimal, however there is something to be said about being together with other like minded individuals that care about your success as much as their own. It’s a big factor towards our success.

  • Confirmation is good

    It’s what I’m always looking for in any trade and when someone else I know in chat (those that know their stuff) tells me that they are seeing what I’m seeing, then all the more confidence in the trade.

Sound like something you might like to be a part of?  Visit us in chat


Included with your FREE 7 Day Trial

  • LIVE Alerts

    Sent directly to you via email and/or text message the moment that I anticipate a move. So if you ever need to leave chat for a moment, or perhaps even longer? No worries, LIVE Alerts will be sent directly to your email (smart phone) to help keep you up to speed.

  • LIVE Chat

    Includes the latest state of the art technology; text, voice/audio (if wanted) with customized, live streaming intraday charts. Get every signal, LIVE during market hours. For more alerts, more training plus more opportunity to trade with other like minded traders, experienced in swing trading, day trades, options, etc.

  • HEADS Up

    This page updated daily giving you more opportunities on stocks to watch that may or may not be alerted that day, that I believe are poised to run higher and/or break out even that day!

  • LIVE Training

    We’ll be right there with you during market hours! We don’t just put out tickers and hope you’ll get lucky. In fact often times I’ll actually take you step by step from the very first signal, to the point of confirmation, right through to that all important time of when to sell. I’ll also share with you key money management strategies you can apply and so much more.

  • CHAT Log

    Our chat is recorded (text only) each trading day, then posted after the market close to the members website to be able to review at your leisure.  A great training tool and a great way to keep abreast of your current positions.

  • DAILY Updates

    Posted to our members website after the market close to help you to prepare for the following day, including stocks to watch, opened and closed positions along with market expectations.

  • LIVE Consultation

    Professional consultation in our live trade room, via email, private message or contact me directly on the phone.  I’m here to help.