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With text, audio and live visuals (streaming, custom charts)
Trades are posted in real time.




Real time trade assist via chat, email and/or SMS text message.  Would you like timely trade assist like this (see just below) sent directly to you on stocks we recently alerted to get an additional chance to get in or to add, just prior to them continuing higher?  FREE 7 DAY TRIAL

Sent on 03-07-17 @10:23 AM  EST (Free to new members) See initial alerts with buy points posted on our website here. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

To be clear, two of the better setups here guys and likely good places to be both for the short and longer term.  Seeing low downside risk, high upside potential and will NOT be touting these as a buy at higher levels.
WIX  I'm most confident in.
RH  Still at very attractive levels and as you can see by chart update on the members site, a good setup here with decent upside potential.

Alerts and more!

See what makes our alerts so exceptional by viewing an actual alert


Direct from live chat.

jaytrader: do you guys realize.. yesterday this room had 3 of 5 top movers on google's finance page, today two?
jaytrader: that's like... crazy

Timing Is Everything
On March 1st, 2016  This message (just below) sent live during market hours) direct to members in chat, along with email and text message...

"Tough open but markets confirming bulls in control on these stocks., including AAPL alerted yesterday.  Markets now starting to remind me of the action coming out of the correction in 2011".

Updates given like the one above is just one of the ways we assist members, that can drastically increase your profits.  Getting positioned at the right time in the right stocks is everything, so don't wait.  Get our best stock alerts/updates now, for FREE!

Please read BEFORE you subscribe.

If you're able to be in chat during market hours I would highly encourage you to choose that (better) option. I can't say enough as to the many extra benefits you'll receive for an additional cost of only $79.00 monthly should you choose to continue your membership with us.  And remember it's a Free Trial, so it cost nothing to try us out.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me direct at 802-233-0593 EST and I'd be happy to go over them with you.  There is never a hard sell.

Not able to join us in chat?

Over 1/2 our members are busy just like you and use our services exclusively via email and/or text message. We also have an App (Free with your membership) for you to have the option to join is in live chat via your iphone (smart phone) or android device.

Why traders love our services.

  1. Save yourself hours of research (we do it for you) every night looking for new setups on stocks setting up to potentially breakout.

  2. We have a fantastic team of people working together who are enthusiastic about assisting all, with timely information such as fibonacci numbers, news (w/links) along with precise entry and exit points for both the active day trader and/or swing trader.

  3. Always something new to learn. Though I have good proven strategies, I'm continually working to improve upon them (tweaking) to become a more profitable trader.  It's amazing how just one little piece of new information can make such a significant difference in increased profits.

  4. Assurance through tough situations. We all have times where it can be tough going and regaining a good sense of direction (short and/or long term) can at times be difficult. Having someone on your side to help can make a difference in getting that confidence back with a solid, well planned course of action.

  5. A non biased view of your situation. We all make mistakes and sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what's really going on when that occurs. Having a non bias source of assistance can help keep you more on track.  What's better is this service is availble to you before, during and after market hours to assist in things like perhaps taking a loss, when to take profits and/or alternate methods of money management and much more.

  6. It's fun! Sure we're serious about trading and our noise factor in chat is minimal, however there is something to be said about being together with other like minded individuals that care about your success as much as their own. It's a big factor towards our success.

  7. Confirmation is good. It's what I'm always looking for in any trade and when someone else I know in chat (those that know their stuff) tells me that they are seeing what I'm seeing, then all the more confidence in the trade.

Sound like something you might like to be a part of?  Visit us in chat.

I believe our best kept secret is not so much the percentage of winning trades (though we DO have plenty) but rather the actual percentage of members profiting (not just one or two) that truly makes the difference, making the probability for your success all the more favorable.

Wow, just got this letter tonight from one of our subscribers!  July 21st  
"Dear Scott

I'm a loyal customer and I just want you to know that I'm counting on your Live Alert emails more than the chatroom. My time zone doesn't allow me to get in the chat room every session. 

So please consider people like me who can't login and still trade and love your service and updates.

I made money in the last two months from your alerts more than I made in 2013; It's an ugly truth but I like it.

Thanks,  Hasan"
Solving problems by taking the guess work out of when to buy, take a loss and when to lock in profits.  


Not just more stocks to watch  
Live Trade Pro gives you...

Heads Up: Stocks to watch updated daily that are poised to run (even that day) posted to the members website prior to the market open.

Live Alerts: Technical signals sent directly to your email and/or smart phone the very moment I anticipate a move to occur.

LIVE Chat:  LIVE training (assist) during market hours.


An exciting letter I received from a member just last night (Tues, 06-17-14)

Thank you – After 6 months plus with you… I’m starting to figure it out!  Studying, learning, watching, etc.  I can now often see what you see in your alerts.  I actually laughed out loud last week when you alerted FIO b/c I bought it prior to you mentioning it in chat. It was setting up nice with my charts… I was so psyched that you agreed with my buy… and then alerted it.  Needless to say, we did well on that one. I also bought TWTR, GOMO and SCTY prior to alerts recently b/c I saw them setting up nicely.  It’s giving me confidence that I’m on the right track.  I still have a lot to learn, but it feels good not being 1000% reliant on some guy in Vermont to tell me where to put my money.  Thanks a million for showing me the way Scott.  I appreciate it!


Robert P.

Discover NEW Benefits
(just added over this past year)

We are always looking to improve our services.  These new benefits added just over the last year, to help improve the chance for your success even more.


Recently invested, several thousands of dollars into absolute, top of the line technology, including a new members website. Chart updates (annotated) via the members website now updated instantly. Better (easier) navigation to find what you need, quickly.

SMS (text message alerts) Now receive alerts wherever you are via iphone or android device.

Regular updates on the major indexes like INDU, SPY, QQQ, IWM etc. Now keep abreast better of the markets with our market expectations page, which includes charts and commentary.

More day trades called in our live chat room. You now get daytrade and/or swing trade opportunities available all in one place. Allows you to follow key members giving their entry and exit points, including trading with options.

More updates during market hours on current positions via email/text message. Be more assured (by timely updates sent directly to you during market hours) to know if you should be holding for higher expecation, locking in gains or cutting losses.

Daily commentary. See at a glance what my expectations are for that day and exactly what my focus is (buying/selling) prior to the market open.

Our #1 rated stock(s) picks updated before the open. Know which stock(s) I believe are most likely to surpass the rest (near term outlook) at a glance, updated daily before the open.

New webage designated specifically for you that prefer longer term swing trade positions, on stocks that I believe will go considerably higher over the next several days, weeks or months.

Previous members.. have you tried LIVE Trade Pro lately?
Subscribe Here  LIVE Alerts  or  LIVE Alerts with Chat! and welcome back.

Havn't yet tried our services?  Free 7 Day Trial


LIVE Chat  (recorded) (unedited)
day trades / swing trades / long / short / options       

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These alerts sent directly to you (in real time) BEFORE the run.

Want LIVE alerts (real time alerts) like this?  Subscribe Now.

New section lets you know which stock(s) I'm strongest on (each day) before the next move up. Wondering which stock(s) I believe has the best probability?  The best of the best alerts now posted on the members site front page with annotated charts.  :)

Who are our members?  Our members in include full time traders (in chat) with extensive knowledge of the markets and/or technical aspects of trading and are always more than willing to help (assist) in swing trades, day trades, trading options and much, much more!  Also with us in chat and/or via live alerts are novice traders, semi retired (experienced) college students, and several part time traders in the United States and from around the world.

Included with your FREE 7 Day Trial

LIVE Alerts: Sent directly to you via email, the moment that I anticipate a move.  So iyou everneed to leave chat for a moment, or perhaps even longer?  No worries, LIVE Alerts will be sent directly to your email box (smart phone) to help keep you up to speed.   

LIVE Chat:  In our "LIVE Trade Pro" trading room.   Includes the latest state of the art technology; text, voice/audio (if wanted) with customized, live streaming intraday charts.  Get every signal, LIVE during market hours.  For more alerts, more training plus more opportunity to trade with other like minded traders, experienced in swing trading, day trades, option trades, etc.  

Heads Up:  This page devoted exclusively each day to stocks on watch that may or may not be alerted that day, which that I believe are poised to run higher and/or break out even that day!
LIVE Training:  We'll be right there with you during market hours!  We don't just put out tickers and hope you'll get lucky.  In fact often times we'll actually take you step by step from the very first signal, to the point of confirmation, right through to that all important time of when to sell.  Money management ideas and so much more.

Chat Log:  Live chat is recorded each trading day and posted immediately (after the market close) to the members website to be able to review at your leisure.

Daily Updates: Posted each day after the market close and/or before the open to help you to prepare for the following day, including stocks to watch and market expectations/direction.

LIVE Consultation: Personal consultation in chat, via email, private message or contact me directly over the phone during market hours.  I'm here (LIVE) to assist you each and every
trading day.

Visit us in chat!

Come visit us (try live alert and/or chat) now and save 20%! (limited time offer)
email / smart phone / tablet / laptop

Real Time Stock Alerts / Live Chat / Education / Personal, one on one assistance.

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