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Question.  Are you looking for good (better) entries (to help minimize downside risk) on stocks with good upside potential (to maximize gains) along with exit strategies (to help assure more profits consistently? You may want to consider our 7 day FREE Trial now.  Come visit us in chat.

"I'm not so much focused on "stock of the day" (the one everyone is raving about) but rather which stock I expect WILL be next".

Strategies That Work...

  • It's all about waiting (being patient) for the right set up, to be positioned BEFORE the move.
  • It's not so much about calling the exact top but rather about locking in nice gains when they are there to be taken.
  • Having a mechanical stop loss order at the open (or just prior to the close) is almost like asking to be stopped out.
  • If the news and/or fundamentals coincides with what I'm seeing on the chart, all the more confidence in the chart.
  • Better to be focused on a few quality stocks than to be chasing every new stock that is breaking out.
  • Better to be willing to take what a stock is willing to give instead of what one thinks it "might" give. Trust the chart.
  • You want to buy low, however to buy based only on a stock being lower without other (bullish) evidence is high risk.
  • Probability says that after a stock breaks out above the $90.00 mark, it's likely heading for $120.00 and then some.
  • Confirmation is essential, however waiting for too much only insures that your entry is at a higher point, therefore higher risk.
  • Make decisions based on the evidence seen, one day at a time, because one never does truly knows what the next day might bring.

Which chart(s) should you believe?

Are you placing (changing) the lines on your chart(s) or hoping to find someone elses opinion to agree with you to try and feel better about your position?  When things seem questionable and you're not to be able to see things as clearly as you want to, it's important that you have an objective (non biased) view.

Educational Charts (long/short setups that work)

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Trading strategies that have proven to work, time and time again.

  • Consistent percentage gainers are achieved by careful planning & then patience for the follow through to occur, NOT by impulse buying.
  • You don't need to be anxiously trying to catch each and every move (twitch)  Be patient and choose your timing when it's EASY.
  • "Have confidence (focus) on the trend.  You'll not so likely get shaken out on short term (intraday) action".

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How you can reduce your downside risk and increase profits verses just putting in a stop.

Try buying in smaller amounts, in increments. This way if the stock pulls back after your initial buy, it may well give you a better "buy" opportunity than a sell opportunity, provided everything else (the trend) is in tact. Before doing so however there is one important question that you should be asking yourself; "If I didn't own this stock at a higher price, would I be a buyer here"? If the answer is unquestionably yes, then it's most likely a good place to add. So what may have seemed initially a negative can now give you even more profit than you initially anticipated. You can also assure yourself of more gains by locking in profits, the same way on the way up, in increments (stages). By using these methods you can reduce risk, get better leverage with the your working capital and help to assure that you'll lock in more profits, consistently. Get more trade strategies that are proven to work. 

A true story...

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Recently recieved from one of our members.

I have spent a few hours going over every trade you alerted for September.  I wanted to review all trades you presented and run through what should have been done on each trade.

I chose to use a model to show what would happen using a 3% stop.  This model using approx. $17k to $20k per trade.  That is realistic as the turnaround time on many of your trades is from 1-4 days freeing up capital to take the next trade.  

The overall profit for the month would have been $19,600. 

With building this model for myself it will help me better follow you system and ultimately increase my profits allowing me to be more diversified.  The information also clearly illustrates what you have been talking about in chat, these positive trades all add up to significant gains in the long run.  Boring and steady trades pay big! 

To higher profits,



Room Name: LIVE Trade Pro
Date and Time: March 28, 2014 08:45:16

(Earnings Release)

[08:45 am]   Scott : BBRY, red flags already
Side note:  trading premarket when it was still green
[12:14 pm]   Scott : BBRY, NOT where you want to be
[02:34 pm]   Scott : BBRY, broken
They played this well (making traders believe it would go higher) however when you're seeing red flags like this, you don't want to wait for it to go coniderably lower before taking action.  Believe what you see (and sometimes can feel)  It's then time to assure profits and/or reduce your downside risk, especially if you're trading the stock, not invested.


General Chat Transcript

Note:  Much of what occurs in chat is audio and is not recorded here.

Room Name: LIVE Trade Pro
Date and Time: October 16, 2013 08:58:16

[09:03 am]   Ioan S : scott, nice call on SCTY
[09:13 am]   Scott : SCTY Confirming strong (just above $48 (key pivot point) Expect higher. No real resistance till the 52 week high of $52.77Pulling back some now at $47.70
[09:17 am]   Stan B : gm Greg and Scott
[09:18 am]   Kim M : volume perfect today awesome
[09:18 am]   Manuylov M : I'm in DANG,RMTI, temped to enter SCTY from yesterday
[09:20 am]   Kim M : SCTY alerted Monday 47.18
[09:41 am]   Scott : VIP, huge break out
[09:55 am]   Scott : Some recent alerts that are still quite low and alert still QUITE valid!DANG, BIOS, WEN, NBG, RMTI, SCTY, XONEI would suggest to NOT wait for them to go higher to first believe they likely go higher. Good (solid) set ups poised to move, eventoday!
[09:55 am]   Scott : LIVE Alert Update sent
[09:59 am]   Chris M : CNBC reports they are very close to a deal in the senate
[09:59 am]   Chong W : SPY big spike
[10:02 am]   Eugene B : RMTI - big volume spike
[10:02 am]   Manuylov M : god bless you, i'm in ))
[10:02 am]   Guan Wen Z : gogo RMTI
[10:03 am]   Waqas K : i got $6.000 in rmti
[10:03 am]   Woo : ha I m in RMTI at 11.09 just now
[10:03 am]   Guan Wen Z : 11.5 next
[10:03 am]   Waqas K : right here at 11.42
[10:03 am]   Waqas K : OK
[10:04 am]   Woo : this morning
[10:04 am]   Scott : nice entry woo!!
[10:04 am]   Guan Wen Z : beautiful daily chart RMTI
[10:07 am]   Manuylov M : RMTI hit triangle resistance on a daily, always wandering what will happen next
[10:13 am]   Patrick I : Scott im in rmti and dang and looking for one more
[10:14 am]   Manuylov M : Lol, just like to see something from Russia to trade )
[10:17 am]   GTradz : DANG nhod's
[10:28 am]   Robert S : In BIOS
[10:28 am]   Moritz S : woke up late again sheesh
[10:34 am]   Moritz S : RMTI scott nice
[10:35 am]   Moritz S : already up 6%
[10:36 am]   Scott : BITA, b/o  (Break OUT)
[10:45 am]   Eugene B : vol building again on RMTI
[10:47 am]   Scott : RMTI is pretty :)
[10:47 am]   Scott : and still LOW
[10:53 am]   Scott : Charles, welcome to the room! :)
[10:53 am]   Robert S : welcome Charles
[10:53 am]   GTradz : welcome charles
[10:53 am]   Kim M : Hi Charles
[10:53 am]   Moritz S : yo
[10:53 am]   Charles Y : hanks guys - novice watcher at the moment.
[10:53 am]   Scott : RMTI
[10:53 am]   Scott : SCTY
[10:54 am]   Scott : DANG
[10:54 am]   Scott : VIP
[10:55 am]   Waqas K : dont forget WENDY
[10:55 am]   Scott : BIOS
[10:55 am]   Waqas K : slow and steady
[10:56 am]   Waqas K : i added 4000 on rmti around 11.20
[10:56 am]   Waqas K : now got bout 10k in it
[10:56 am]   Waqas K : i sold half my apple at 500
[10:58 am]   Charles Y : do you guys call you buys and sells?
[10:59 am]   Kim M : Senate deal reached per CNN
[10:59 am]   Waqas K : heres what i got AAPL BBRY BIOS CTSH DANG RMTI SA SCTY VIP WAGE WEN XONE
[11:01 am]   Scott : SCTY break OUT (likely)
[11:01 am]   Scott : even today
[11:06 am]   Waqas K : i got 5000 in scty
[11:07 am]   Waqas K : no i talk in $
[11:07 am]   Waqas K : i added rmti tho
[11:07 am]   Waqas K : 11.20 $4000 now got $10,000
[11:08 am]   Bruce S : market looks strong?
[11:08 am]   Bruce S : at these levels
[11:08 am]   Bruce S : that sawesome
[11:09 am]   Bruce S : Scott that was great, love it
[11:12 am]   Bruce S : headline into a bad press release
[11:12 am]   Waqas K : add what ?
[11:12 am]   Waqas K : scty
[11:13 am]   Scott : SCTY
[11:13 am]   Scott : yes
[11:18 am]   Scott : DANG, poised
[11:19 am]   Eugene B : RMTI looks ready to test 11.38 again
[11:19 am]   Arlene R : In VISN for a mo mo play
[11:20 am]   Quoc N : hi everyone, im a new member. good luck to all!!!!
[11:21 am]   Eugene B : RMTI :-)
[11:21 am]   Waqas K : u think 12+
[11:21 am]   Scott : RMTI
[11:22 am]   Chris L : lets go rmti
[11:22 am]   Eugene B : in big with DANG & RMTI :)
[11:22 am]   Arlene R : Hi Quoc
[11:23 am]   Quoc N : yes!!!
[11:23 am]   Scott : welcome to the room Quoc!
[11:23 am]   Scott : :)
[11:23 am]   Kiran A : in RMTI ,SCTY , VIP
[11:23 am]   Kiran A : thanks scott
[11:24 am]   Scott : RMTI
[11:24 am]   Scott : SCTY
[11:24 am]   Quoc N : bot VIP SCTY thx
[11:27 am]   Guan Wen Z : #1 problem with this chatroom: too many good alerts, not enough capital
[11:32 am]   Bruce S : Scott to ur point, another trader is just putting scty on watch now
[11:33 am]   Scott : there you go
[11:33 am]   Scott : :)
[11:39 am]   Kiran A : scott do u see SCTY as short term trade or good for long term too
[11:43 am]   Guan Wen Z : Arlene u long VISN?
[11:44 am]   John W : Already up 8% on SCTY puts :) Thanks Scott!
[11:46 am]   John W : SCTY - since my calls are for Dec there shouldn't be much decay in the next 30 days so I'm holding
[11:54 am]   Scott : VIP bottomed out last at $12.73 , next support at $12.60 so if it holds above this last area, OK but want to see follow through
[11:56 am]   Scott : SCTY, expect higher
[11:57 am]   GTradz : wlcome acr
[11:57 am]   Scott : ACE, welcome to the room!
[11:57 am]   Scott : :)
[11:57 am]   Ace H : just been watching so far, and learning
[11:57 am]   Ace H : thanks everyone for the welcome :)
[12:01 pm]   Eugene B : Scott, picked up more RMTI on that pullback to $11.23 - go Rockwell - :)
[12:02 pm]   Helen G : back again..thanks for rhe SCTY alerts!
[12:03 pm]   Scott : helen :)
[12:06 pm]   Scott : VIP, $12.73 to the penny , now bouncing
[12:10 pm]   Scott : SCTYWould take (some) profits at $51.22NOT calling a top here guys...Up 8.6% since alert.
[12:11 pm]   Scott : LIVE Alert Sent
[12:11 pm]   Scott : SCTY
[12:22 pm]   Helen G : RMTI :)
[12:22 pm]   Scott : RMTI, b/o
[12:23 pm]   Scott : as mentioned earlier, this one just gettn started, still LOW
[12:23 pm]   Moritz S : that was a good catch off support scott RMTI
[12:25 pm]   Moritz S : up 9+% now RMTI
[12:26 pm]   Moritz S : selling some here
[12:34 pm]   Helen G : I concurr with Guan-- not enough capital ...
[12:43 pm]   Scott : $SCTY Just to be clear, I'm in NO way calling a top here. Only think it prudent to assure (some) profit. VERY bullish on this stock!
[12:46 pm]   Helen G : I know a lot of you dont like stocktwits but there are alot of good people on it-- just have to be discriminating..so much better than yahoo boards.. I only found stocktwits because yahoo finally shutdown the boards for leverage etfs and i was forced to look at market pulse which is stocktwits
[12:46 pm]   Helen G : Its how I found scott :)
[12:58 pm]   Kim M : We need to get you on the suggested list on StockTwits, you totally qualify
[12:59 pm]   Scott : RMTI
[01:08 pm]   Kim M : have a plan, trade and believe in your plan = profits even if you get 6 losses in a row, trust your system
[01:11 pm]   Manuylov M : RMTI trying to break HOD
[01:14 pm]   Scott : SCTY, as mentioned reversal, there goes (again) :)
[01:15 pm]   Scott : RMTI, new HOD :)
[01:24 pm]   Guan Wen Z : I spent 2 hrs on FU's chinese website and still have no idea what they do for living
[01:24 pm]   Michael C : got in n got out of SCTY already. booked a 100% option gain on that last swing up.
[01:24 pm]   Scott : very nice :)
[01:24 pm]   Helen G : options.. got so much to learn...congrtz
[01:25 pm]   John W : Michael what contracts were you using?
[01:25 pm]   Michael C : Nov 16
[01:25 pm]   Michael C : I typically do one strike out of the money
[01:25 pm]   John W : Thanks, I'm in the Dec $49's
[01:26 pm]   Moritz S : stocks that are eady to read
[01:26 pm]   Michael C : nice
[01:28 pm]   John W : I am still holding the calls
[01:28 pm]   Scott : on SCTY? sweet :)
[01:46 pm]   John W : BITA - just sold my calls +82%. Thanks Scott!!!
[01:48 pm]   Scott : nice!!
[02:11 pm]   John W : SCTY - assure profit - sold calls. +29% in one day. Thanks Scott
[02:12 pm]   Scott : aweseom
[02:12 pm]   Scott : $$$$$$$$$$$
[02:12 pm]   Scott : :)
[02:12 pm]   John W : kaching!
[02:13 pm]   Helen G : goota truly learn options
[02:15 pm]   Arlene R : Scott, my best money was made in SCTY today - thank you
[02:16 pm]   Scott : :)
[02:16 pm]   Scott : awesome arlene
[02:16 pm]   Arlene R : yes - since this morning
[02:16 pm]   Arlene R : tooks some profits and back in again
[02:17 pm]   Scott : nice
[02:17 pm]   Arlene R : Made 3K in it today
[02:21 pm]   Scott : SCTY nearing HOD
[02:21 pm]   Arlene R : 52.77 a b/o on SCTY
[02:24 pm]   Scott : DANG basing nicely with a higher low
[02:26 pm]   Waqas K : squeeze on what DANG ?
[02:26 pm]   Arlene R : right
[02:27 pm]   Arlene R : BITA new highs
[02:35 pm]   Manuylov M : gn all, it's like hour to midnight here in Russia )
[02:36 pm]   GTradz : seeya manu
[02:36 pm]   Scott : manu!
[02:36 pm]   Scott : great having you here :)
[02:36 pm]   Manuylov M : Thanks Scott )
[02:36 pm]   Scott : have a good night
[02:37 pm]   Helen G : russia.wow..gotta luv technolgy..
[02:38 pm]   Manuylov M : Feeling crazy sometimes, but luv u guys ) See ya tommorow
[02:41 pm]   Charles Y : what a romance for you guys that got in SCTY
[02:49 pm]   Paul S : Hello, Scott
[02:54 pm]   Scott : Paul, welcome back! :)
[02:54 pm]   GTradz : wb paul
[02:55 pm]   Helen G : Hi Paul..Im relatively new
[02:55 pm]   Paul S : Same here, been playing a lot with nugt and dust
[02:55 pm]   Scott : DANG settn up
[02:56 pm]   Scott : WEN back to HOD
[02:56 pm]   Paul S : Joined back today. Not as good as you are in finding great stock set ups
[03:01 pm]   Paul S : Any great live trade I should get into today
[03:04 pm]   Paul S : okay, will wait for your set ups
[03:05 pm]   Scott : DANG
[03:06 pm]   Scott : WEN
[03:06 pm]   Paul S : k
[03:08 pm]   Scott : DANG, poised
[03:10 pm]   Stan B : Just bought DANG Scott
[03:12 pm]   Scott : DANGWENBoth very good set ups (right here) and still low with very good upside potential AND low downside risk.
[03:12 pm]   Scott : LIVE Alert Update sent
[03:12 pm]   Stan B : In BIOS DANG RMTI. Loving it. :)
[03:12 pm]   Scott : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
[03:12 pm]   Scott : $$$$$$$$$$$A signal that I at times use in chat. Implies that stock is likely (poised) to run higher. Still considered to be reasonably low and very bullish in my opinion.
[03:13 pm]   Scott : DANG
[03:13 pm]   Scott : WEN
[03:14 pm]   Charles Y : in DANG 
[03:18 pm]   Helen G : in DANG @ 10.44
[03:36 pm]   Helen G : took profits in SCTY 52.03
[03:36 pm]   John W : Helen - congrats!
[03:52 pm]   Charles Y : DANG worth keeping overnight?
[03:53 pm]   Paul S : done deal
[03:53 pm]   Helen G : good
[03:53 pm]   Scott : charles, yes
[03:54 pm]   Robert S : added to DANG already have lots of WEN
[03:56 pm]   Patrick I : RMTI ?
[03:57 pm]   Eugene B : DANG looks to be closing well above the daily 10.45 pivot
[03:58 pm]   Paul S : dang being bought in the close good sign
[03:58 pm]   Scott : DANG, hot ticket, just settn up
[04:00 pm]   Bob VG : also bot DANG at 10.5
[04:00 pm]   GTradz : gn all
[04:01 pm]   Scott : have a good night guys :) 


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