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Refund Policy

If at any time you choose to unsubscribe please understand that the cost to subscribe again at a later date may be higher at that point and that by canceling you would void any guarantee to receive the same low subscription rate.

No refunds. Be assured however that if you decide to cancel before the 7 day period that your cancellation will be handled promptly and you will NOT be charged.  There are some unique situations where a refund WILL be given.  For example, your Free Trial expired and your 1st payment just went through.  You meant to cancel but it's now a day late.  Please see below on how best to handle refund issues.

If you decide to cancel your subscription (for any reason) and it's inactive for a duration of less than 30 days you can resubscribe based on the cost of your original subscription.

Your cost of subscription will never go up as long as your membership remains active, guaranteed.

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If you have reason and believe that are are due a refund or wish to stop any future transactions from occuring.... 

Say perhaps you signed up and then one day after your Free Trial expired you remembered that you forgot to cancel your account but your credit card has been charged!  Not a problem.  :)

How to NOT handle this or simular type issues:

Contacting your credit card company to close your account and/or to request funds to be put on hold only increases the complexity of the transaction and causes unnecessary delays.

How to BEST to handle this or similar type issues:

Please contact me directly first at scott@livetradepro.com  or call me at 802-448-3253  Your request will be handled promptly and most often times will be resolved that day.


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