How Raindrop Charts™ give you a different and oftentimes better perspective on your analysis; that you just won’t see with regular charts/candlesticks. Free Demo

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IWM November 18th, 2019  Using Raindrop Charts™ So I’m looking at this chart, pulling it up using these Raindrop charts and quickly notice a beautiful bull flag setup. I’m thinking based on what I see, most likely to now to move higher. (scroll down to next chart)

November 18th, 2019 Using Candlesticks. So to get a different perspective I thought I’d just take a look at the exact same chart using traditional candle sticks. Hold on, that’s not what my other chart was saying, not as clear anyways. These two candlesticks are red and appear to move in a bearish way, rejected at resistance.  It’s a bull flag sure enough but would I have seen it as clear?  And after I drew in these trendlines …without knowing about Raindrops; would I have the same confidence in this position?  Would you?

IWM November 19th, 2019  Using Candlesticks.  So here we are the next day. So it close higher but was it bullish enough to confirm strength. It’s a bit unclear to me. So go ahead and scroll down to see what this looks like again but using Raindrop Charts.

November 19th, 2019  Using Raindrop Charts™  Once again, I’m surprised at what I see. Look at this!  It’s really simple choice for me. The more confident that I am in my position by what I’m seeing on the chart, the more confidently I’m going to trade my stocks, which can help me to profit more!  Scroll down just one more time to get the best part.

November 22nd, 2019  As you can see, this breakout attempt fell short but what’s also just important are these lows …and clearly showing this bull flag setup at this point is still well intact.

November 25th, 2019  Christmas rally upon us?  This breakout today confirming this bull flag set up nicely and telling me we could certainly move higher

January 15th, 2019  Nice continuation!

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