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You can access our live trading room (requires no downloading whatsoever) through your PC or Mac or with any smart device such as your iPhone or Android phone with our Free App. Our live, professional trading room includes the latest cutting edge technology; text, voice/audio if wanted. We also have a technical assist that runs multiple, custom live streaming charts of stocks that members are currently trading in chat.

When conditions are right it’s not unusual for me to walk members through step by step on what I consider to be the more exceptional setups. These are not typically stocks that everyone is already talking about (trending) but those just under the radar, poised to move higher near term. So I’m not just throwing out a ticker symbol on these trades but continually doing my utmost every trading day to prompt you into taking advantage of these opportunities, versus just being a deer in the headlights wishing you had taken the trade but maybe felt you didn’t have enough information to feel confident enough to pull that trigger.

Get my exclusive training live every trading day on specific trade techniques, learn chart patterns, (real time) setups, strategic money management and much more that you’re just not going to hear anywhere else but here.

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LIVE Alerts: Real time trade alerts, sent directly to you via email and/or text message the moment that I anticipate a move. Includes suggested entry point, stop loss (risk) along with when to lock in profits and a technical chart so you’re seeing what I’m seeing. We may also send you updates on stocks that have been recently alerted when we believe that conditions appear to be changing. For example, I may send out an update on a stock giving a specific pivot point to watch for a potential breakout, giving you more opportunity to perhaps add to that (premium) position. These additional updates in effect will help you to focus more on those stocks and by doing so giving you not only a better probability of success but often a better percentage gain by narrowing your focus on the stocks I’m focused on.

Heads Up: This page devoted exclusively each day to stocks on watch that may or may not be alerted that day, that I believe are poised to run higher and/or break out even that day! We also include short set ups.

Chat Log: Live chat is recorded each trading day and posted immediately after the market close to the members website to be able to review at your leisure. Great for review of stocks in play if you’re not able to be with us in our live trading room.

Updates Daily: Be prepared before the move with our daily updates. Posted each day after the market close and/or before the open to help you to prepare for the following day. Includes specific stocks to watch along with exclusive annotated charts (fresh updates) along with our expectations on overall market direction.

Professional Consultation: I’m here to assist you (LIVE) each and every trading day.

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