Performance During Earnings Season

Do I get some wrong?
Absolutely, but 99% of those attempted are with only -2-3% max risk.

All types of traders love being with us during the earnings season. It’s where I’m at my best,
is what subscribers tell me.

For quick trades, swing trades or you can use them to help get positioned better for your
longer term investments. Example 401K

I started this page May 23rd so I don’t have all of my stocks that I have alerted this quarter.

It’s important to understand that I do not alert stocks until after earnings have been released.

DECK  May 23rd, 2024 / Alert at $922.65

ROST  May 23rd, 2024  / Alert  at $135.35

ELF  May 22nd, 2024  /  Alert  at  $138.44

NVDA  May 22nd, 2024 / Alert at $952.00

CELH   May 7th,  2024  /  Alert  at  $70.35

TSLA  April 23rd, 2024  / Alert at $147.20


NOTE  Charts below for DECK and ROST includes after hours