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Get professional support through each trade, via timely updates, including exactly what I’m looking for to better confirm the likelihood of these stocks to breakout!  This can drastically give you not only better probability of success but often times a better percentage gain.

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What makes us different?

It doesn’t take all that much to put together a daily list (with charts) of stocks in order to look good.  So called gurus know that one or two of these will run higher and then post about the (so called) few wins, just to look good!   These are tactics all too often used to exaggerate real results.

Instead what I give is a clear, concise plan with alerts sent out only when I see what I believe to be an exceptional stock setting up, giving evidence based on the technical analysis that it’s likely to move higher.  This all happens live during market hours.  And not based on a list of stocks given before the open that have already moved up the previous day!

And you can use my exclusive techniques (this all provided for you on the members website) to best help you to narrow your focus onto a few select swing trade positions.  All combined giving you the likelihood of better probability of success and a better percentage gain.

Are you busy working market hours?  Over 1/2 of our subscribers are just like you and are not available to be in the chat with us. They love our services that continually provide key (live) updates and I’m confident you will also.  See what others are saying.

Why Trade Alone?

We keep things simple by focusing on a few key stocks that are setting up and then send out a LIVE Alert only when we believe the probability for success is high, with minimal downside risk on that trade along with significant upside potential.  But we don’t just leave it at that.  You’ll also get assistance to help guide you through every trade, even if you’re not at your desk with updates on current open positions via chat, email and/or via your smart phone device using our Free App!  More benefits.

Did you know that over 20 thousand people, including several professional full time traders (dozens of them our competitors) follow/track our trades each day?  Shouldn’t you?

Traders Helping Traders

Also we have experienced traders that have been with us for quite some time that truly enjoy helping others like yourself by sharing their own specialized insight. All a big part of what makes it all happen in our live chat room. See emails from actual members here.
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Today’s Trading Highlights!
Monday, October 16th

To view annotated charts, click on the blue text
A solid day in chat on  RYTM   This recent IPO attempting to break out of this base and up 4.2% since alert given (free to new members) in chat along with an alert sent via email and text on Oct. 16th.  COST  Seeing as attractive again now with earnings out of the way and up 2.7% since our alert given on Oct. 10th.   INCY  This close above its 20 day moving average today confirming strength and up 5.8% since our alert on Sept. 28th.  JD  Reversal attempt above key support (200 day average) and up 1.3% since our alert given on Oct 16th.  ARDM  This stock breaking out nicely and up 27.1% since our alert was given on Oct 10th.  NTNX  Breaking out on heavy volume and up 15.2% since our alert given on Oct. 9th.
NUGT and ROKU  Two good recent winners for us this week and at the same time two good examples of why we’re continually locking in at least some gains into these rallies while profit is there to be taken.  You can view our buy/sell points on these stocks and more here.
Many other great trades called by members in chat today on LBIX SEDG  Nicely done guys!
Gold stocks  My expectations, including my most recent and historical charts.