I’ve had many years of ups and downs in the market following another trading advice service who’s trading style ultimately did not work for a small account or me. Unfortunately it took me years to come to this realization and many many thousands of dollars. Over those years I got a great education in what NOT to do in the market and how options work. Fast forward to today (1/10/2019).

I have been with Scott’s trading room for 15 days. Through a combination of his awesome picks, his consistent risk management reminders (which I need), an amazing market run and my own discipline I have managed to take my 2 small accounts (A Roth IRA and a small trading account) from $6,238 to $16,056 by using options on Scott’s stock picks. I expect great things in 2019 for my accounts with Scott.

Michael C.

I took the trial here under the thought “If Scott can make me $159 in the trial week, I will stick around” I made the first year’s membership fees in that week.

Dustin A.

Hey Scott – Loving your service!  Your text alerts are the best – great communication on what’s hot based on your TA  …Thanks!

Brad A.

It gives me lot of confidence to enter in a trade when I see a follow up email on any stock from you . I would say this is the differentiating factor between you and other services that I have used in the past. Thanks,

Chandan C.

Hi Scott,

gotta tell you that the last few weeks have been awesome.  I love the atmosphere in the chat room and your sense of humor, oh ya and the money I have made is incredible.

Phil B.

Thank you! I’m not a professional trader, far from it. But I’ve been day trading parttime for about 8 years. I’ve been pretty lucky and made some really great money in the past , but the stockmarket environment and volatility has changed and over the past 18 months I was experiencing less gains on my trades and bigger losses. Luckily I spotted one of your comments on StockTwits and since I started logging in I’ve met my daily goal of making$700 daily, but I’ve actually have been making about a tad over $1000 daily. So I have either become very lucky overnight (unlikely) or you have some really solid guidance. Of course its the latter, I’m still on the learning curve reading your charts and candles but the online chat is really helpful and your comments help me enter and exit trades.

Thanks for your help!!

Israel L.

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to say thanks. Your setups are so simple and sensible. It increased my confidence as a trader. I have seen so many services but nothing like yours in terms of risk management.

Vijay C

Hey Scott,

After going through a few other chat rooms, I decided to rejoin LiveTradePro. You have the best stock chat that I’ve experienced out of all of them by far– not only are you particularly knowledgeable, you also make the experience very relatable to the common person which, I’ll have you know, is rare in the other rooms. I’ll be sticking with my subscription this time around well into the foreseeable future.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to trading with the room again.

Ryan L.

I’d say you’re one of the best in terms of accurate calls combined with ease of actionability.

James G

Dear Scott ,

I am new to trading , I am very lucky to find your website. I bought every stock you  emailed me . Amazing results.   No matter how the market is we can make money with your advice.  It is always surprising to me how accurately you predict the market moves. Though I am new to this trading business , I feel very safe  buying the stocks you suggest .You deserve the word TRUE MASTER TRADER.

Sridhar R.