Just wanted to say I am really enjoying your commentary, chat, and trade ideas. Really like your strategy and your mindset for trading. Took me many years and a bit of cash but finally getting to a place where I can take positive profits consistently. I’m a recent graduate from University, so while managing properties I am continuing to trade to get my account to where it needs to be for larger profits :). Just wanted to say really enjoying what I see from you so far.


Hi, Scott! Just want you to know how much I appreciate your guidance. My portfolio is on the mend thanks to you. My husband & I live in Minnesota, but, am currently on Nantucket visiting his 89 year old mother. We’re kinda on the remote end of the island here, thus my inability to use my computer. I am just using my iPhone to receive your emails & trade via my Ameritrade app & the reason I am not in the chat room. Another great trading day. You sure know your stuff! Best regards, Athena Sent from my iPhone


Just wanted to thank you again for this morning with the NUGT call, got my money back and then some. You really saved me there, I was about to sell it when i emailed you:) Anyway, i’m still in gold, but this time i got in GG, al little safer than NUGT.

Ioan S

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done for me so far. I am learning a ton even though sometimes it’s hard to see what you see. I know eventually that I will start seeing what you see one of these days. You truly are a mastertrader and can’t wait to learn more and have more successful trades with you. I have already made more money in the last week with you than I have on my own the last 6 months!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


I like the fact that you are methodical and clear in both reasoning for entry and exit and have given clear and frequent chart explanations which creates a sense of calm and confidence in managing a trade.


It’s been an interesting couple weeks and I’ve learned a lot from the stock info. and charts that you share every day and how to seize those opportunities while at the same time limiting my losses where the stocks go the opposite direction to my bet. Thanks.