Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you in the Chat. You did an amazing job showing/teaching everyone, and as a beginner I learned so much from you, Rome and the rest of the amazing group you assembled. Unfortunately, these next few months, I need to focus on my career. (Thanks to some of the earnings I made from you, I am following my dream to become a Sailing Instructor/Captain in the United States Virgin Islands) I plan to rejoin you in the future but right now as I transition to a new home, and and a new career every penny counts. Take care Scott and I will CERTAINLY be back as soon as I can

Andrew M.

PLUG worked. Rest is still in cooking.

Sorry, I could not join the chat room because of office meetings.
Thank you for hard work you do.

What I love about you, is you boost my confidence. I could never have that in me before.


You may or may not remember me but I just wanted to commend you on your service and education for others benefit. I hope to join your service again soon. Not the right time yet.
There are many services across twitter and stocktwits that have sprung up but very few that teach on real stocks not P&D. Your commitment to others excellence and benefit shows every week on those platforms.
I just wanted to share. Happy trading!
Be blessed

Ryan Y.

Unfortunately I have to cancel my subscription for a few months. My schedule has changed and it’s very hard for me to find time to actively trade. I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve taught me. My 8 months here was very worth the money. You are a great leader and I hope you all the best in the future. There will be a chance that I could return to trading after September. I will return to the room later this week to say good bye to the rest of the members. Again, thank you so much Scott. I’m glad I got a chance to trade with you and I’m 10 times smarter now at trading because of you!


I got so much from your UGAZ explanations today. I added lower with more sense of what’s going on rather than just the levels I can see.
I can’t take in level 2 along with everything else. My head would explode, so it’s awesome to hear what you’re seeing and thinking from a super experienced perspective.

I really can’t get enough of your stories and examples about other traders and your own mistakes. It really helps me to remember I’m in a learning curve shared by many many others before me. 🙂

Awesome teaching today !!

Pauline C.

One of the main reasons I joined your team was to get some more discipline in my trading. I am a bit slick with charts and I can pick some good entry points, but I am terrible at selling. And because of that flaw, I have watched a lot of my profits erode last year. I simply had no discipline.
But ever since I joined your team, my portfolio has gone up 15% in the last month and on track to go up another 15% this month. And that is simply because I have a coach telling me when to sell – and that is priceless.

Not to mention there are an excellent group of people to trade with, and making money as a team is far more fun and rewarding than making money alone. I have learned a ton just trading in your room and I am looking forward to being a member for a long long time. I may not be as active after Jan, but I’ll be relying on your live alerts to continue making money consistently hand over fist!
$79/month – best money I ever spent.



It’s been a great week being introduced to your service. I am really pleased with the high level of solid charts, great advice on entries, exits, technical stuff, etc. But best of all, I feel like I really am in a class room. There are lot’s of wise voices and I appreciate all. But especially thanks to you for really smart, clear advice, hands on coaching at times, encouragement and patience. All in addition to your doing a great pro job..

Tim S.

Unfortunately I can’t get into chat during working hours so I rely heavily on your awesome email alerts. Thank you for this alert, Scott! I made my first short term trade! 🙂 DANG!

Deepa J.

You are really good Scott
I have had a bunch of subscriptions but your’s is by far the most profitable.
I’m in it for life.

Hamza J.

I would like to say I honestly did enjoy being in your chat room. It was like having a trading buddy next to me constantly coaching and alerting. I really have to applaud you for your never ending voice. You work very hard for your subscribers. You are honest, genuine, and caring to your subscribers. I felt it and appreciated it. I definitely will keep you in mind if I do swing trading in the future.

Wayne L.