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CHWY June 18th, 2019

This push back above the IPO closing price, on lessor volume telling me that there was more buy interest (accumulation) than anything. Expecting higher.

YETI June 12th, 2019
YETI June 12th, 2019 Chart update
YETI June 17th, 2019 Chart update Confirming
SGH June 18th, 2019
LK June 14th, 2019

Good intial (bullish) signal above its 5 day moving average today of $18.05 Next pivot at $18.18

LK June 14th, 2019 Chart update  Confirming EOD

LK June 17th, 2019 Chart update  New all time close telling me this could certainly continue higher.

UBER June 12th, 2019

UBER June 17th, 2019 Chart update Confirming

PD June 12th, 2019

PD June 12th, 2019 Chart update EOD

New ATH closing price. Not a small thing. Good expectations.

LOW June 13th, 2019
FDX June 12th, 2019 Weekly chart

FDX June 13th, 2019 Daily Chart / Update  Confirming

GRUB June 11th, 2019

GRUB June 13th, 2019 Chart update  Confirming

ZM June 10th, 2019