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NVTA Nov 8th, 2019

NVTA Nov 11th, 2019 Chart update. 

Good confirmation today closing back above its 20 day moving average on good increased RSI (relative strength)

ROKU Nov 7th, 2019

ROKU Nov 11th, 2019  Chart update

Confirming strength with a higher low, higher high with good volume above initial resistance.

PINS Nov 1st, 2019

PINS Nov 11th, 2019  Chart update

Starting more to confirm strength back above key $20.00

ZM Nov 8th, 2019
GH Nov 8th, 2019
PAYS Nov 7th, 2019
BABA Nov 7th, 2019
CVS Nov 6th, 2019
ROKU Oct 25th, 2019

A solid move today off support. Just keep in mind earnings expected on November 6th at 4:00 PM

We started locking in profit Oct 29th and closed the position on Oct 31st to assure profit near resistance and based on earnings report expected on Nov 6th. As posted then via social media. Please with the timing on this and using  TrendSpider charts certainly helped in a big way guiding us through this trade.

After earnings and just one more reason why I’m big on locking in profit prior to these events, even on companies that I LOVE  “assure profit”

CHNG Oct 31st, 2019