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SPY Jan 15th, 2020

The gap higher. A good place to watch and see what happens here. A fill with continuation would be telling

QQQ May 22nd, 2020
IWM April 24th, 2020

This index (small caps) has been lagging but today starting to show more strength, moving above key resistance. Now support.


BYND April 21st, 2020
ROKU April 15th, 2020
Another solid day with good volume. Would expect some resistance around $120.00 And then the 200 day average at 123.40.  That’s not to suggest how high this stock will go but some good points to reference on the way up.
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CHWY April 15th, 2020

From breakdown to breakout to new ATH’s ..and earnings already out of the way!

Physiological resistance at $50.00 It’s not a target but a reference point.

TDOC April 15th, 2020

Has the look of a stock that could go to new all time highs. Very strong.

Also noticed that this was an ATH (closing price) for this stock today. Not a small thing! Today the stock closed at 171.77 The previous ATH (closing price) was 167.44 ATH (intraday) is 176.40 Continuation higher, likely

SHOP April 15th, 2020

Yet another stock that I wouldn’t be surprised to go to new all time highs. Very strong. Continuation (potential breakout) if able to get above and stay above this pivot point at 504.05

MTCH April 15th, 2020

Chart update EOD Signal confirmed, closing today above the 200 day moving average.

CHWY April 8th, 2020