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SSTI Feb 27th, 2020
HUIZ Feb 25th, 2020

HUIZ Feb 25th, 2020 Chart update

Breakout confirmed.

PTON Feb 24th, 2020

Nice push off support, with volume. This blue Raindrop indicating to me the likelihood of a reversal on this stock. See what tomorrow brings. Discover more about these exclusive  Raindrop Charts™

PTON Feb 26th, 2020  Chart update  

Nice continuation!

CHWY Feb 13th, 2020

CHWY Feb 24th, 2020  Chart update

Beautiful Raindrop (Balloon Top) breakout confirming strength

BILI Feb 6th, 2020
BILI Feb 3rd, 2020
SQ Jan 23rd, 2020
LK Jan 31st, 2020
LK Jan 7th, 2020

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CRWD Jan 3rd, 2020

CRWD Jan 6th, 2020  Chart update

Signal today confirmed strong on record high volume