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SHOP Dec 3rd, 2019
ROKU Dec 2nd, 2019
GDX Nov 29th, 2019
CHNG Nov 26th, 2019
SQ Nov 22nd, 2019
EXPE Nov 25th, 2019
BYND Nov 26th, 2019
TWTR Nov 22nd, 2019

TWTR Nov 26th, 2019 Chart update

Confirming strong above the 20 day moving average. (EMA)

CGC Nov 19th, 2019

CGC Nov 20th, 2019 Chart updated (during market hours)

Reversal setup confirmed. Extreme bearish can be bullish.

NTNX Nov 15th, 2019

NTNX Nov 26th, 2019

Update after earnings. Weekly chart