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CPRI Oct 25th, 2019

This drop to pop move back above the 20 day average telling me this setup is well intact. Also worth noting the 50 day moving average now arching upward, helping to better confirm the likelihood of a longer term reversal in the trend.

NTNX Oct 25th, 2019

A good day as it confirmed strength once again above this support (green line) Still time for things to happen before earnings, coming up Nov 27th at 4:00 PM

PDD Oct 25th, 2019

Nice continuation. Up 27.9% since our recent technical alert on this stock and could certainly continue higher as it breaks out to new all time highs!  That said, would be cautious (potentially chasing) if you’re not already positioned in this stock.

CROX Oct 17th, 2019

Breaking out to a new 52 week high

GH Oct 14th, 2019

GH Oct 17th, 2019

Setup confirmed nicely today with good continuation, closing above the 20 day moving average and telling me this certainly could move higher.

PDD Oct 14th, 2019
ROKU Oct 9th, 2019

Technical alert triggered

CHWY Oct 4th, 2019

CHWY Oct 15th, 2019

This higher low indicating to me this trend still intact. All about follow through now.

XBI Oct 2nd, 2019

Alert triggered.  A good solid today above this resistance, telling me this could certainly move higher from here.

ROKU Oct 8th, 2019

The setup. I really like this perspective using TrendSpider software that automatically put in trend lines for me, with one click of the mouse.
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