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CHNG Oct 10th, 2019



ROKU Oct 4th, 2019
HOME Oct 7th, 2019
CRWD Sept 30th, 2019

CRWD Sept 30th, 2019 Chart update EOD 

Confirmed strong, with volume.

SQ Sept 24th, 2019

SQ Sept 24th, 2019  Chart update

Good intial confirmation of the expectation. Next key level …basically at $60.00

SQ Sept 24th, 2019  Chart update

Got confirmation of the expectation today. This could certainly continue higher as a swing trade. Will take it one day at a time.

HOME Sept 6th, 2019

HOME Sept 9th, 2019  EOD Chart update

Setup confirmed

NTNX August 28th, 2018

NTNX September 5th, 2018 Chart update

NTNX September 9th, 2018 Chart update

Breakout confirmed. Expecting higher

RH August 5th, 2019

RH August 6th, 2019 Chart update.

Setup, confirming.

RH August 8th, 2019 Chart update.

Setup, confirming with good continuation here. Slow Stochastic crossing positive is a plus today.

PDD August 2nd, 2019


PDD August 7th, 2019 Chart update.

Liking this 2nd test (bounce) off good support