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EXPE Nov 25th, 2019

EXPE Dec 5th, 2019

Nice strong signal. Expecting higher if able to now get above $110.00 Next resistance at $115.43

EXPE Dec 10th, 2019 Chart update

Nice continuation with good buy interest towards the highs …as you can see by this Raindrop Chart™ Seeing next point of resistance at $115.43; the bottom of this large gap from higher.

SHOP Dec 3rd, 2019
ROKU Dec 2nd, 2019
NTNX Nov 15th, 2019

NTNX Nov 18th, 2019 Chart update

NTNX Nov 26th, 2019

Update after earnings. Weekly chart

LK Nov 13th, 2019

LK Nov 14th, 2019 Chart update

LK Nov 15th, 2019 Chart update

Created during market hours  Confirming the breakout on increased volume. Expecting higher To be honest, didn’t see what was coming next!  See more below.

LK Nov 15th, 2019 Chart update EOD Update

New all time high. A bullish move indeed.

PTON Nov 11th, 2019

PTON Nov 12th, 2019

So far, so good. Potential breakout above $25.00 See what tomorrow brings.

PTON Nov 13th, 2019

Breaking out with a new ATH closing price.

GH Nov 8th, 2019

GH Nov 13th, 2019

Poised  Note the 20 day average now pushing through (above) the 50 day moving average here. A subtle but good signal.

GH Nov 14th, 2019

Confirming strong above the 200 day average and could certainly continue higher from here.

OKTA Nov 11th, 2019

OKTA Nov 12th, 2019  Chart update

Confirming strength. Expecting higher

AMD Nov 11th, 2019
XBI Nov 8th, 2019

XBI Nov 13th, 2019 Chart update.

Confirmed strong today, breaking out above its 200 day moving average.