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SPY QQQ DIA SMH  Dec 22nd, 2023  Macro picture

IWM Dec 22nd, 2023  Strong follow through confirmed expectations, now trading at new 52 week highs.

IWM Nov 24th, 2023

IWM Nov 14th, 2023

Is it time for small caps to catch up?  I’m thinking likely with this push (well above) resistance on heavy volume today. All about follow through now.

XLF  Nov 14th, 2023

Banks stocks  This bullish gap up (now testing resistance) is important. A break through above with continuation would be another compelling argument for stocks/market to continue higher. Strong banks, strong market.

SPY QQQ DIA IWM Nov 3rd, 2023

Strong reversal in the overall market now confirming. A potential breakdown, to breakout setup here.  I’m thinking (likely)  See the intial hints of this coming in my charts just below.

SPY QQQ DIA IWM  Oct 31st, 2023

Possibly a failed breakdown  Heads up for a potential reversal The DOW showing good intial confirmation. QQQ Almost there and could start leading the market higher  again