Stocks below where recently alerted to members in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.

See my annotated charts (setups) of some of our most recent positions.
See my commentary on some stocks we’re trading now. Updated daily.

LK Sept 9th, 2019 via Private Twitter feed

LK Alert at $20.75  Bullish open, pushing above the 20 day average of 20.62 Seeing this as still attractive with this setup. 20 day average is now a good intial area of support.

Buy: 20.75 Monday September 9th

LK Position Open

SFIX Sept 10th, 2019

SFIX Alert at $19.80  Selling perhaps overdone. Want to see back above $20.00 to confirm.

Buy: 19.80 Tuesday September 10th

SFIX Position Open

PAYS Sept 10th, 2019

PAYS Alert at $9.97 Drop to pop setup. Looking for this to get back above $10.00 near term to confirm strength.

Buy: 9.97 Tuesday September 10th

PAYS Position Open


PINS Sept 10th, 2019

PINS Alert at $28.78  Like some others we’re seeing. Drop to pop after an extreme sell off. Potential reversal setup.

Buy: 28.78 Tuesday September 10th

PINS Position Open

TLRY Sept 10th, 2019

TLRY Alert at $29.97  Near potential support.  Suggest small with 2% max risk at this point. Near potential support

Buy: 29.97 Tuesday September 10th

TLRY Position Open

CPRI Sept 9th, 2019

CPRI Alert at $29.12  Strong reversal setup.

Buy: 29.12 Monday September 9th

CPRI Position Open

HOME Sept 6th, 2019

HOME 7.14 Initial support around 7.06 Drop to pop setup with good conformation

Buy: 7.14 Friday September 6th
Sell: (partial) 9.02 Thursday, Sept 11th

HOME Position Open  +26.3%

SGH September 3rd, 2019

SGH Alert at $28.11  V bottom setup, confirming back above its 50 day average of 27.69 20 day average at 27.72 Would give this some extra wiggle room …and consider adding on a pullback, should that in fact occur.

Buy: 28.11 Tuesday September 3rd

SGH Position Open


NTNX August 28th, 2019

NTNX Alert at $21.30 AH  Stellar earnings report  Potential breakout

Buy: 21.30 Wednesday August 28th
Sell: (partial) 25.60 Thursday, August 29th

NTNX Position Open +20.2%

GO August 26th, 2019

GO Alert at $42.91  Bullish round bottom setup on daily

Buy: 42.91 Monday August 26th
Sell: 46.40 Tuesday, August 27th

GO Position Closed +8.1%