Stocks below where alerted to subscribers in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less. Does not include partial; one half size trades with a loss of 4% or less. I also do not include stocks alerted that went up 6% to 15% and that I didn’t send an alert to take profits, that went back down to the alerted price.
Click here to see annotated charts created on many of these stocks listed below.

Here’s the chart platform that I use every trading day. Charts that work (for you)

SHOP April 3rd, 2020

SHOP Alert at $343.70 Reversal attempt. Near potential support Looking for back above the 200 day moving average to better confirm.

Buy: 343.70 Thursday April 2nd

SHOP Position Open

LABU April 3rd, 2020

LABU Alert at $19.88  Market open at 20.79 (initial resistance)

Buy: 19.88 Friday April 3rd
Sell: (partial) 26.40 Tuesday, April 7th

LABU Position Open +32.8%

NUGT April 1st, 2020

NUGT Alert at $6.90 Near potential support with good upside potential

Buy: 6.90 Wednesday April 1st

NUGT Position Open

COST April 1st, 2020

COST 287.38 As per stocks to watch

Buy: 287.38 Wednesday April 1st

COST Position Open

GO April 1st, 2020

GO  Alert at $33.42

Buy: 33.42 Wednesday April 1st

GO Position Open


ZM April 2nd, 2020

ZM Alert at $117.30 Selling extreme. Perhaps overdone High risk NOT for everyone

Buy: 117.30 Thursday April 2nd
Sell: (partial) 133.20 Thursday, April 2nd

ZM Position Open +13.6%

ATHM April 1st, 2020

ATHM Alert at $70.33  V bottom setup

Buy: 70.33 Wednesday April 1st

ATHM Position Open

PTON March 30th, 2020

PTON Alert at $26.12 As per Stocks To Watch.  Initial resistance (key pivot point) at 27.50, the 50 day moving average

Buy: 26.12 Monday March 30th

PTON Position Open

MTCH March 25th, 2020

MTCH Alert at $59.87 Initial area of support the 20 day average at 59.83  Ideally would like to see a close above the 20 day moving average of $60.37 to better confirm the likelihood of continuation higher

Buy:59.87 Wednesday March 25th

MTCH Position Open

CGC March 23rd, 2020

CGC 12.14 Market open at 11.90 (potential support)

Buy: 12.14 Monday March 23rd
Sell: (partial) 16.20 Thursday, March 26th

CGC Position Open +33.4%