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IMPORTANT: >>> This list does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less.

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ZS Sept 20

ZS $37.87.  1.5% max risk (hard stop)

Buy: 37.87 Thursday September 20th

ZS Position Open

PDD Sept 19th

PDD Alert at $23.10. Potential support at 23.004, the closing price on Sept 12th.

Buy: 23.10 Wednesday September 19th
Sell: (partial) 26.40 Friday., September 21st

PDD Position Open +14.3%

BJ Sept 19th

BJ Initially alerted at 27.36 Still valid.

Buy: 27.36 Tuesday September 18th

BJ Position Open

FAS (XLF) Sept 18th

FAS Alert at  73.66 Reversal attempt for financial stocks, at good support.

Buy: 73.66 Tuesday September 18th

FAS Position Open

CAT Sept 17th

CAT Alert at $148.68.  Potential reversal setup. Looking for back above the 200 day average to confirm. Doesn’t all have to happen in one day.  Suggest 2% max risk.

Buy: 146.68 Monday September 17th

CAT Position Open

RUTH Sept 17th

RUTH Alert at $29.95.  Reversal setup and just want to see back above $30.00 and to hold above that to better confirm. Doesn’t all have to happen in one day.  2% max risk

Buy: 29.95 Monday September 17th

RUTH Position Open

LABU Sept 18th

LABU 89.92.  Market open at $90.08  Potential support. Want to see hold above today’s low of day price.  See our longer term track record (charts) on trading biotech sector.

Buy: 89.92 Tuesday September 18th

LABU Position Open

NVTA Sept 17th

NVTA 16.01.  Needs to see some follow through.  1.5% max risk.

Buy: 16.01 Monday September 17th
Sell: (partial) 17.65 Thurs. September 18th
Sell: (partial) 18.20 Wed.,  September 19th

NVTA Position Open +10.2% +13.7%

PAGS Sept 13th

PAGS Alert at 26.87. From the Heads UP list. Basing.  Key pivot points that I want to see this above to better confirm setup. $26.71, then $27.06

Buy: 26.87 Thurday September 13th

PAGS Position Open

PDD Sept 11th

PDD 19.58.  Want to initially see above $19.58 (20 day average) to better confirm the likelihood of a reversal.  Continuation (potential breakout) likely above $20.00.

Buy: 19.58 Tuesday September 11th
Sell: 22.85 Wednesday, September 12th

PDD Position Closed +17.9%