Scott your optimism is awesome. It comes from your wisdom. Thank you. It helps me a lot.

Steve F.

Do your ears ring every weekday Scott? Because I send thanks to you everyday for your constant (good) nagging – #AssureProfits!!! This time last year I cashed out one of my accounts which allowed me to survive this year, and possibly next few years. Sending you my gratitude and love because you were my 1st chat room registration back in the day! If I didn’t learn anything from you, at least I learned the importance of pushing that sell button! My first bear market experience, and I am doing great! Still lots to learn but thank you mentor! Have a great 2023! Here’s a big tight hug for you!

Chez S.

Direct from chat:
11:15 am Lou : Hey Scott, I’m glad you added Sal to the team. He contributes a lot of useful insights during the day. Despite having eight monitors and numerous open charts I still can’t seem to keep up with every single thing affecting the markets. It’s nice to be able to quickly glance at chat and see multiple updates from Sal on things like movements in indexes, call/put activity, movements in the VIX, etc, etc. He’s a great addition.


A Big Thank You!
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank you!  Over the past 30-days my trading account is up over 35%
You’re alerts and knowledge have helped me navigate this tough market to be able to still make some money.
I appreciate you and all your efforts!
Let’s keep winning 🙂

Adam S.

Thank you for your services. It’s easy to use.

Francois T.

I’m really enjoying your private twitter feed Scott. I drive a truck for a living (big rig) and it’s perfect for me throughout the day.

Kirby N.

One of the things I admire most about your service is that you have a plethora of useful knowledge unlike these other knuckleheads out there! Kind of like an algorithm, always working! Keep it coming Scott!

Matthew G.

Hi Scott,

Wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your private Twitter and have upgraded to your more premium service on your website.

Kerry K.

I’ll have you know while I was away from your service, I lost $48,586. When I was with your service, I made $67,432. Goes to show,  follow the pro! Happy to be back

Happy holidays to you and your family

Matthew G.

Hi Scott,
I like your style Scott and certainly admire the level of work you are putting in.
And though I’ve been doing this awhile I’m learning some moves from you that are new to me.

Doug N.