Hey Scott, just wanted to let you know that I’m up about 10% my first week of joining your service. This is after a thus far horrid year of trading “with my gut” and being down around 40% for the year. Your service, website, and alerts are extremely on point, well organized and well explained. I am truly grateful to you for offering this service and the way you execute it, and the chatroom and everything is extremely useful. This is huge for me and means a lot to me, I really needed this and really really appreciate it. My goal is to now really get into the material you have on the website and to study and learn from you what I can. Thanks again.

Nick S.

Hi Scott,
Thank you for setting up my trial account.
I’ve successfully traded TK and SEDG so far, based on your spot on alerts.
Also, your website is very informational, I enjoy going over the charts, chart settings you use, and the examples and explanations.
Have a nice weekend,
Hans H.

Hans H.

i am finally having a great time trading

Daniel W.

Even though I’ve been a member since the beginning of year, I didn’t start trading until September 4th. I got a 70,000 bonus from work and opened up an account. At the end of the trading day today, my account balance is $74,956.29. So I’ve profited $4,956.29 or 7.1% on my 70k in about a month. I know it’s not a lot but considering it’s only been a month of real life trading, I’m very pleased with your guidance and overall in depth work/research that you provide to us. Keep it up. God bless.

Andrew H.

Hey Scott, Just wanted to write to thank you for the quick response this morning.

It is so great to use a service that I don’t have to be glued to a computer. Very happy so far, off tomorrow and will finally be joining you in Chat. Thanks!
P.S. To all thinking about joining, best getting started page ever!!!

Gustavo A

Very nice service you are offering here. I love the attention to detail and the constant updates. Your dedication to this really shows, so thank you.

Chisom A.

Outstanding day today! Best thus far. Had to increase the width of my columns on my spreadsheet today as my account total increased so much that I needed another decimal place! Now THAT’s a good day.

Dave G.

Thanks for convincing me to hold SCO, sold PM for 6.3k profit! Looks like oil is broken. You the man!

Jason H.

Your perspective is a constant daily source of sanity in a sea of emotional opinions. ty! from a tradepro member.

Paula R.

Still in VDSI @ $24.82. EXCELLENT GAINS! Got stopped out of GPRO @ $58 (from $43.xx, excellent gains!) Thanks again for your service. It’s paid for itself through 2020 just about. 🙂

Reid H.