Thanks for the assistance by way of your efforts in posting charts, stocks to watch, webinars, entry and exit ideas etc…. Nobody can say you don’t give enough guidance that’s for sure. Also appreciate the quality alerts, even if some days there aren’t very many. That’s just how it goes sometimes! Appreciate how you don’t try to make things happen when they just aren’t. Great job!

Rob C.

Scott, Just a big thanks for the incredible talent and knowledge you share daily. And for the renewed confidence that I’ve gained by trading beside you.  You definitely have the gift! You’re an incredibly giving person that actually cares if his group makes money. Rare these days! Thank you.

Jake D.

re Software upgrade for member website.
Sweet! That is very exciting news! Thank you so much for the update. You really separate yourself from everyone out there; between your great advice/alerts (which I am still learning how to use to be honest), multiple avenues of alerts, communication (like this) and motivational and instructional tweets, I could not be happier with my subscription. I know I’ll get the hang of this shortly with your guidance. This is the first time I’ve ever renewed a subscription. Thank you so much Scott!

David C.

August 30th, 2019
Hi Scott,
I want to thank you for your great service, your stock selection and cool head within volatility is awesome, it definitely gives me peace of mind when entering a trade and holding!
I don’t have time during my job and have found the private Twitter feed works best for my situation.
Thank you again, and have a great weekend!

Josh R

You have called out these patterns over and over in chat. Always teaching us. Another advantage of being in chat but more importantly not just alerts but showing us how to read charts and make informed decisions. Thanks for showing us the ropes.

Aurthur S

I want to take a minute and share what a huge help Scott has been for me. My account value is at an all time high since I joined in October 2018. Throughout this difficult period on the market, my profit this week alone is up an additional 10%.  Besides his alerts, including calling the market bottom in Dec.,2018, he has showed me his techniques for taking profits, finding entry points and so much more. Thank you Scott for all you have taught me. If you are new and you need help, this is the best place to start.

Arthur S.


I’ve had many years of ups and downs in the market following another trading advice service who’s trading style ultimately did not work for a small account or me. Unfortunately it took me years to come to this realization and many many thousands of dollars. Over those years I got a great education in what NOT to do in the market and how options work. Fast forward to today (1/10/2019).

I have been with Scott’s trading room for 15 days. Through a combination of his awesome picks, his consistent risk management reminders (which I need), an amazing market run and my own discipline I have managed to take my 2 small accounts (A Roth IRA and a small trading account) from $6,238 to $16,056 by using options on Scott’s stock picks. I expect great things in 2019 for my accounts with Scott.

Michael C.

I took the trial here under the thought “If Scott can make me $159 in the trial week, I will stick around” I made the first year’s membership fees in that week.

Dustin A.

Hey Scott – Loving your service!  Your text alerts are the best – great communication on what’s hot based on your TA  …Thanks!

Brad A.

It gives me lot of confidence to enter in a trade when I see a follow up email on any stock from you . I would say this is the differentiating factor between you and other services that I have used in the past. Thanks,

Chandan C.