I’d say you’re one of the best in terms of accurate calls combined with ease of actionability.

James G

Dear Scott ,

I am new to trading , I am very lucky to find your website. I bought every stock you  emailed me . Amazing results.   No matter how the market is we can make money with your advice.  It is always surprising to me how accurately you predict the market moves. Though I am new to this trading business , I feel very safe  buying the stocks you suggest .You deserve the word TRUE MASTER TRADER.

Sridhar R.


Thanks for all the work you do. Your training has sharpened my trading eye and with your site I’ve become a much better trader.

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach a man to fish… 🙂

Derek B.


Just wanted to take the time to congratulate you and thank you for the amazing service I am receiving from you. Your recommendations this week have made me increase my portfolio more than in the last 3 months. Keep up the good work.

Ray G.

Hi Scott,

It’s been two months now, and my portfolio is up 45%. I don’t recall I’ve performed this good in such a short period. Your awesome stock picks and the chat room environment gives confidence and boost to my existing trading system. It’s not that I cannot analyze technical signals or identify trading opportunity, but often it gets overwhelming and time consuming to research and analyze when you’re overseas and busy with other duties. So I appreciate your efforts to bring us great trading ideas. Keep up the good work 🙂


Khalid A.

I haven’t been in chat lately due to med school boards but those should be done soon.  Your advice is paying for a majority of my 100kish a year cost of attending at this point.  Best regards

Sergey T.

Great first week Scott.  I enjoyed the trial $$$ and wish to continue on.  You have a gift for seeing things most can’t see including me:-)

Mark I.

Hi Scott.  You’ve done a superlative job of keeping your flock focused on and invested in stocks which have soared higher, a la PI and EXAS.  To say nothing of AAOI alert this morning.  Jumped in there too.  Infinite and extreme thanks.

Alison E.

Hi Scott,

I’ll be out of country for couple of months on official business and would like to cancel my membership.  Thanks and once again it was great pleasure learning so much from you and the incredible stock picks you recommend everyday. They have been stellar.

Anil C.

I just wanted to send you a brief note for two reasons. First, in 10+ years of trials and subscriptions of various market services and indicators, yours is undoubtedly the first one that exceeded my expectations. I found significant value to your straight-forward, “learn as you go” educational perspective and want to congratulate you on an exceptional service/website.