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Clayton T.

2nd day trading with you and seeing big gains!!! After a month in the red, all green today!!! Great service indeed. 

Mark I.

Great first week Scott.  I enjoyed the trial $$$ and wish to continue on.  You have a gift for seeing things most can’t see including me:-)

Alison E.

Hi Scott.  You've done a superlative job of keeping your flock focused on and invested in stocks which have soared higher, a la PI and EXAS.  To say nothing of AAOI alert this morning.  Jumped in there too.  Infinite and extreme thanks....

Alison E.

Robert P.

Thank you – After 6 months plus with you… I’m starting to figure it out!  Studying, learning, watching, etc.  I can now often see what you see in your alerts.  I actually laughed out loud last week when you alerted a stock I bought prior to you mentioning it in chat. It was setting up nice with my charts… I was so psyched that you agreed with my buy… and then alerted it.  Needless to say, we did well on that one. I also bought a few others prior to alerts recently b/c I saw them setting up nicely.  It’s giving me confidence that I’m on the right track.  I still have a lot to learn, but it feels good not being 1000% reliant on some guy in Vermont to tell me where to put my money.  Thanks a million for showing me the way Scott.  I appreciate it!


Robert P.

Mike W.

Nothing but a good experience on my end.

Hasan A.

Hey Scott,  Been with you for 4 years. You are a money machine man. Thanks a lot for everything you do for us.


I just wanted to send you a brief note for two reasons.  First, in 10+ years of trials and subscriptions of various market services and indicators, yours is undoubtedly the first one that exceeded my expectations.  I found significant value to your straight-forward, "learn as you go" educational perspective and want to congratulate you on an exceptional service/website. 

Mike B

Hey Scott.
I have subscribed to your system for 1 week now and I can't tell you how happy I am. I check the texts and chat throughout the day and make my own call on which trades to take and where to set my stops and targets.  In one week I am up over $1000 with minimal  risk and time invested.
With so many scams online I can honestly say that livetradepro.com is the real deal.
Mike B.

Nick S.

Hey Scott, just wanted to let you know that I'm up about 10% my first week of  joining your service. This is after a thus far horrid year of trading "with my gut" and being down around 40% for the year. Your service, website, and alerts are extremely on point, well organized and well explained. I am truly grateful to you for offering this service and the way you execute it, and the chatroom and everything is extremely useful. This is huge for me and means a lot to me, I really needed this and really really appreciate it. My goal is to now really get into the material you have on the website and to study and learn from you what I can. Thanks again.

Hans H.

Hi Scott,

Thank you for setting up my trial account.

I’ve successfully traded TK and SEDG so far, based on your spot on alerts.

Also, your website is very informational,  I enjoy going over the charts, chart settings you use, and the examples and explanations.

Have a nice weekend,

Hans H.

Daniel W.

i am finally having a great time trading

Andrew H.

Even though I've been a member since the beginning of year, I didn't start trading until September 4th. I got a 70,000 bonus from work and opened up an account. At the end of the trading day today, my account balance is $74,956.29. So I've profited $4,956.29 or 7.1% on my 70k in about a month. I know it's not a lot but considering it's only been a month of real life trading, I'm very pleased with your guidance and overall in depth work/research that you provide to us. Keep it up. God bless.

Gustavo A

Hey Scott,  Just wanted to write to thank you for the quick response this morning.

It is so great to use a service that I don't have to be glued to a computer.  Very happy so far, off tomorrow and will finally be joining you in Chat. Thanks!

P.S. To all thinking about joining, best getting started page ever!!!

Chisom A.

Very nice service you are offering here.  I love the attention to detail and the constant updates.  Your dedication to this really shows, so thank you. 

Dave G.

Outstanding day today! Best thus far. Had to increase the width of my columns on my spreadsheet today as my account total increased so much that I needed another decimal place! Now THAT's a good day.

Jason H.

Thanks for convincing me to hold SCO, sold PM for 6.3k profit!  Looks like oil is broken.  You the man!

Paula R.

Your perspective is a constant daily source of sanity in a sea of emotional opinions. ty! from a tradepro member.

Reid H.

Still in VDSI @ $24.82. EXCELLENT GAINS! Got stopped out of GPRO @ $58 (from $43.xx, excellent gains!) Thanks again for your service.  It's paid for itself through 2020 just about.  :-)

Satyam V.

I've tried other services but returned back to you because you’re the most consistent.

Neetu V.

Hi Scott, just wanted to inform you that you are doing some amazing stuff. God bless you, this has been my best month of the year. Getting more confidence with you alongside!

Crystal L.

Dear Scott

I am a new but quiet member of your service.  I joined a few weeks ago and want to express how pleased I am.  I am not able to be part of the live chat, however I pay strict attention to your live alerts and am very impressed with the accuracy of your calls.
I made over $3k with my first trade NLNK on 11/28.  Since then, I have traded SFS, EYES,  TUBE, KITE, VA and TRUE.  I appreciate the timeliness of your alerts and the focus of your comments in the chat room (I read the transcripts at the end of the day).  

Thank you for all of these gems in an otherwise rocky market.

Pauline C.

YELP where else can u make over 4% in less than 3 minutes??  haha!    
i thought no stay... greedy, greedy look what TWTR did, but I  followed my scalping process and headed out to play with my dogs... and look what happened.
theres something particularly sweet in making money on the days when u expect choppy to nothing,
 u have me looking in all sorts of places i wouldn't be looking plus your commentary, cautious but...   helps me tune out the bearish opinions and get down to work.  plus all those mentions in there has me casting a wider and wider net as i learn to apply my process to trades on the fly... 
the more i improve at following, staying in longer and longer your trades the more i make.
wow.... wow!!      
another awesome, fun $ day!!!!!

Hasan H.

Dear Scott

I'm a loyal customer and I just want you to know that I'm counting on your Live Alert emails more than the chatroom. My time zone doesn't allow me to get in the chat room for every session. 
People like me who are not able to be in live chat love your service and updates.
I made money last two months from your alerts more than I made in 2013. 
The best service ever for me since 2005

Andrew M.

Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you in the Chat. You did an amazing job showing/teaching everyone, and as a beginner I learned so much from you, Rome and the rest of the amazing group you assembled. Unfortunately, these next few months, I need to focus on my career. (Thanks to some of the earnings I made from you, I am following my dream to become a Sailing Instructor/Captain in the United States Virgin Islands) I plan to rejoin you in the future but right now as I transition to a new home, and and a new career every penny counts. Take care Scott and I will CERTAINLY be back as soon as I can



PLUG worked.  Rest is still in cooking. 

Sorry, I could not join the chat room because of office meetings.

Thank you for hard work you do. 
What I love about you, is you boost my confidence. I could never have that in me before.

Ryan Y.

You may or may not remember me but I just wanted to commend you on your service and education for others benefit. I hope to join your service again soon. Not the right time yet.

There are many services across twitter and stocktwits that have sprung up but very few that teach on real stocks not P&D. Your commitment to others excellence and benefit shows every week on those platforms.

I just wanted to share. Happy trading!

Be blessed


Unfortunately I have to cancel my subscription for a few months. My schedule has changed and it's very hard for me to find time to actively trade. I'd like to thank you for everything you've taught me. My 8 months here was very worth the money. You are a great leader and I hope you all the best in the future. There will be a chance that I could return to trading after September. I will return to the room later this week to say good bye to the rest of the members. Again, thank you so much Scott.  I'm glad I got a chance to trade with you and I'm 10 times smarter now at trading because of you!

Pauline C.

I got so much from your UGAZ explanations today. I added lower with more sense of what's going on rather than just the levels I can see.

I can't take in level 2 along with everything else. My head would explode, so it's awesome to hear what you're seeing and thinking from a super experienced perspective.

I really can't get enough of your stories and examples about other traders and your own mistakes. It really helps me to remember I'm in a learning curve shared by many many others before me. :)

Awesome teaching today !!


One of the main reasons I joined your team was to get some more discipline in my trading. I am a bit slick with charts and I can pick some good entry points, but I am terrible at selling. And because of that flaw, I have watched a lot of my profits erode last year. I simply had no discipline.

But ever since I joined your team, my portfolio has gone up 15% in the last month and on track to go up another 15% this month. And that is simply because I have a coach telling me when to sell - and that is priceless.

Not to mention there are an excellent group of people to trade with, and making money as a team is far more fun and rewarding than making money alone. I have learned a ton just trading in your room and I am looking forward to being a member for a long long time. I may not be as active after Jan, but I'll be relying on your live alerts to continue making money consistently hand over fist!

$79/month - best money I ever spent.



Tim S.

It's been a great week being introduced to your service. I am really pleased with the high level of solid charts, great advice on entries, exits, technical stuff, etc. But best of all, I feel like I really am in a class room. There are lot's of wise voices and I appreciate all. But especially thanks to you for really smart, clear advice, hands on coaching at times, encouragement and patience. All in addition to your doing a great pro job..

Deepa J.

Unfortunately I can't get into chat during working hours so I rely heavily on your awesome email alerts.  Thank you for this alert, Scott! I made my first short term trade! :) DANG!

Hamza J.

You are really good Scott
I have had a bunch of subscriptions but your's is by far the most profitable.
I'm in it for life.

Wayne L.

I would like to say I honestly did enjoy being in your chat room. It was like having a trading buddy next to me constantly coaching and alerting. I really have to applaud you for your never ending voice. You work very hard for your subscribers. You are honest, genuine, and caring to your subscribers. I felt it and appreciated it. I definitely will keep you in mind if I do swing trading in the future. 

Michelle W.

When I first joined with Scott back in April, I was very apprehensive because I had got so burned by the markets and two traders whose sites I joined.  Scott has a very strong work ethic and my faith and trust has been built in his work.

Wayne L.

I really like it when you reinforce an alert because you feel very positive about it.  It actually gives us a second chance to get in if we missed the initial alert.  Thank you


I don't know how you do it, but just when no one wants the stock, you're telling everyone to buy buy buy.... then the top traders get in.... you're way ahead of the game.


I've been to 4 different alert services and trade rooms only two have made me money, but this has made me the most in less time.


I haven't seen someone nail as many calls as you. appreciate it.


Hello Scott, I am really enjoying your day trade room. It is not overwhelming and easy to follow your thoughts about the stocks. I like when you point out the setups.
Thanks very much!


It's been an interesting couple weeks and I've learned a lot from the stock info. and charts that you share every day and how to seize those opportunities while at the same time limiting my losses where the stocks go the opposite direction to my bet.  Thanks.


I'm impressed by your work.  I have studied about so called 30 online guru's who promise millions, but to me you seem most dedicated, realistic and honest.


I have been watching you (not trading your calls) You really are what you say you are and excellent at that Scott  Keep up the good work, I will now start trading your trades.

You made a believer out of me


I like the way you inform the members, especially me, every time you close a position.  You are our eyes and ears when we don't have the luxury of monitoring the market.


Just wanted to say I am really enjoying your commentary, chat, and trade ideas.  Really like your strategy and your mindset for trading.  Took me many years and a bit of cash but finally getting to a place where I can take positive profits consistently. I'm a recent graduate from University, so while managing properties I am continuing to trade to get my account to where it needs to be for larger profits :).  Just wanted to say really enjoying what I see from you so far.


Hi, Scott! Just want you to know how much I appreciate your guidance.  My portfolio is on the mend thanks to you.  My husband & I live in Minnesota, but, am currently on Nantucket visiting his 89 year old mother.  We're kinda on the remote end of the island here, thus my inability to use my computer.  I am just using my iPhone to receive your emails & trade via my Ameritrade app & the reason I am not in the chat room. Another great trading day. You sure know your stuff!  Best regards, Athena Sent from my iPhone

Ioan S

Just wanted to thank you again for this morning with the NUGT call, got my money back and then some. You really saved me there, I was about to sell it when i emailed you:)
Anyway, i'm still in gold, but this time i got in GG, al little safer than NUGT.


I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for all you've done for me so far.   I am learning a ton even though sometimes it's hard to see what you see.  I know eventually that I will start seeing what you see one of these days.  You truly are a mastertrader and can't wait to learn more and have more successful trades with you.  I have already made more money in the last week with you than I have on my own the last 6 months!!  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


I like the fact that you are methodical and clear in both reasoning for entry and exit and have given clear and frequent chart explanations which creates a sense of calm and confidence in managing a trade.


It's been an interesting couple weeks and I've learned a lot from the stock info. and charts that you share every day and how to seize those opportunities while at the same time limiting my losses where the stocks go the opposite direction to my bet.  Thanks.

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