Stocks below where alerted to subscribers in real time.

Does not include trades with a loss of 2% or less. Does not include partial; one half size trades with a loss of 4% or less. I also do not include stocks alerted that went up 6% to 15% and that I didn’t send an alert to take profits, that went back down to the alerted price.
Click here to see annotated charts created on many of these stocks listed below.

“TrendSpider” Charts that work

CHWY Oct 2nd, 2019

CHWY Alert at $23.19 Reversal attempt

Buy: 23.19 Wednesday October 2nd

CHWY Position Open

LK Oct 2nd, 2019

LK Alert at $18.16  At potential support

Buy: 18.16 Wednesday October 2nd

LK Position Open

CROX Oct 1st, 2019

CROX Alert at $28.29 Conservative swing. Action too good to ignore as a longer term swing trade

Buy: 28.29 Tuesday October 1st

CROX Position Open

CRWD Sept 30th, 2019

CRWD 55.68  Drop to pop setup with volume. Needs to hold Higher risk Would give this more wiggle room. Looks good and strong so far.

Buy: 55.68 Monday September 30th
Sell: 69.30 Monday, October 7th

CRWD Position Closed +24.5%

JDST Sept 26th, 2019

JDST Alert at $13.94 As per Stocks To Watch list. Long to short gold mining stocks. i.e. GDX

Buy: 13.94 Thursday September 26th
Sell: (partial) 17.75 Monday, Sept 30th

JDST Position Open +27.3%

SQ Sept 25th, 2019

SQ Alert at $56.73 Potential drop to pop setup and liking it on the pullback.  See if it can get that follow through

Buy: 56.73 Tuesday September 24th

SQ Position Open

UVXY Sept 24th, 2019

UVXY Alert at $24.73 Just in case

Buy: 24.73 Tuesday September 24th
Sell: 26.80 Tuesday, September 24th

UVXY Position Closed +8.4%

NUGT Sept 23rd, 2019

NUGT Alert at $35.15  From Stocks To Watch

Buy: 35.15 Monday, September 23rd
Sell: 38.00 Tuesday, September 25th

NUGT Position Closed +8%

PDD Sept 23rd, 2019

PDD  Alert at $34.12  Still appears to be a strong setup overall above $34.00

Buy: 34.12 Monday September 23rd
Sell: 33.13 Monday, September 23rd

PDD Position Closed -2.9%

CPRI Sept 9th, 2019

CPRI Alert at $29.12  Strong reversal setup.

Buy: 29.12 Monday September 9th
Sell: (partial) 32.50 Wed., Sept 18th
Sell: (partial) 31.80 Tuesday Oct 1st

CPRI Position Closed +11.6 +9.2%