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Understand that this listing of trades below does not include trades called out by members in chat. This list also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.

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PBI Nov 28th

PBI  V bottom setup.  Now at $10.01  Opened today at $9.90.  Suggest 1.5% max risk

Buy: 10.01 Tuesday November 28th
Sell: (partial) 11.05 Monday December 11th

PBI Position Open  +10.4%


UPS Nov 20th

UPS Reversal attempt.  Open price: $113.18  Now at $113.27

Buy: 113.18 Monday November 20th
Sell: 124.58 Monday, December 4th

UPS Position Closed +10%

ROKU Nov 15

ROKU  Sell off extreme. Seeing reversal potential on strong stock since their recent earnings report.

Buy: 35.97 Wednesday November 15th
Sell: (partial) 47.10 Monday November 27th

ROKU Position Open  +30.9%

LABU Nov 15th

LABU XBI  Perhaps overdone.  Higher risk trade.  Now trading at $63.06.
XBI  This perhaps for some a good alternative with lesser risk.
See recent chart updates.

Buy: 63.06 Wednesday November 15th
Sell: (partial) 73.88 Thursday November 30th

LABU Position Open  +17.2%

UVXY (short) Nov 15th

UVXY (short) Think worth a shot here. 18.06

Short: 18.06 Wednesday November 15th
Cover: (partial) 15.98 Thursday November 17th
Cover: (partial)  14.81 Monday November 20th
Cover: (partial)  13.64 Tuesday, November 21st

UVXY Position Closed  +11.5%  +18% +24.5%

CALD Nov 13th

CALD  From the Heads UP list.  Opened today at 27.65.  Now at $27.80.  Will update with chart ASAP

Buy: 27.80 Monday November 13th
Sell: (partial) 30.20 Friday, November 24th
Sell: (partial) 27.80 Monday, December 4th

CALD Position Closed  +8.6%  +0.0%

SHOP Nov 10th

SHOP Potential reversal Higher risk. $98.03.
SHOP Nov 15th  Update: SHOP Still low here guys. Engulfing candlestick (though early) And pushing back above the 5 day moving average now of $98.83. Continuation (potential breakout) above $100.00.
SHOP Nov 16th  Update: SHOP Breakout confirming! Chart update.

Buy: 98.03 Friday November 10th
Sell: (partial) 111.80 Tues.,  November 21st
Sell: (partial) 109.80 Wed. November 29th
Sell: (partial) 103.85 Wed. November 29th

SHOP Position Closed  +14%  +12%   +6%

M (Macy’s) Nov 9th

M A bullish open after earnings. Like it on this pullback.  Now at $18.12

Buy: 18.12 Thursday November 9th
Sell: (partial) 19.94 Thursday November 9th
Sell: (partial) 19.64 Monday November 13th

M Position Closed +10%  +8.4%

AAOI Nov 8th

AAOI  Earnings released and good volume pushing this up higher (likely)  Breakout mode.  Now at $41.10

Buy: 41.10 Wednesday November 8th
Sell: (partial) 44.40 Wed. November 8th
Sell: (partial) 41.10 Mon., December 4th

AAOI Position Closed +8.0% +0.0%

NKE Nov 3rd

NKE Setting up just above the 220 day average of 54.74.  Now at 55.44.  Suggest 1% max risk

Buy: 55.44 Friday November 3rd
Sell: (partial) 59.28 Friday November 17th
Sell: (partial) 62.15 Monday December 11th

NKE Position Open +7.3% +12.1%