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Understand that this listing of trades below does not include trades called out by members in chat. This list also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.

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PI Nov 2nd

PI  Potential falling wedge on 5 min.  See chart posted on member website.  Now want to see this hold above $19.90 and ideally close well above the $20.00 (pivot) mark.

Buy: 20.34 Thursday November 2nd
Sell: (partial) 23.47 Mon., November 6th
Sell: (partial) 25.60 Wed., November 8th

PI Position Open  +16% +25.9%

LABU Nov 1st

LABU Selling maybe overdone. Higher risk.  Now at $73.18

Buy: 73.18 Friday November 2nd
Sell: (partial) 82.00 Friday November 3rd
Sell: (partial) 73.18 Thurs., November 9th

LABU Position Closed  +12.1% +0.0%


CBI Nov 1st

CBI This one perhaps overdone. Seeing bullish round bottom setup on 5 min.  Yesterday’s close was at $13.94 Now higher low at $14.00.  Now at $14.16

Buy: 14.16 Wednesday November 1st
Sell: (partial) 15.74 Friday November 3rd
Sell: (partial) 16.78 Mon.,  November 6th
Sell: (partial) 17.15 Mon.,  November 6th

CBI Position Closed  +11.2%  +18.5%  +21%

SRPT Oct 31st

SRPT Classic reversal setup and just pushing through the 29 day average of $49.08.  Now at $49.20

Buy: 49.20 Tuesday October 31st
Sell: (partial) 54.25 Friday November 3rd
Sell: (partial) 53.95 Wed.,  November 8th

SRPT Position Closed  +10.3% +9.7%

COST Oct 31st
COST Attractive just above support, the 50 day average of $159.94.  Opened at $159.83.  Now at 160.62.  Suggest 1.5% max risk

COST  Update: 10-31-17  Setup confirming well and think this has good upside potential.  Would suggest to not watch too closely and hold as long as it’s above the buy point. Focus more on the daily chart more so than the 5 min. 🙂 As always of course look to assure some profit into any significant rally.

COST  Update: Nov 1st.  Next pivot point at the 200 day moving average of $162.22.  Above that, especially with volume would send this stock higher.
COST  Update: Nov 1st.  Breakout confirmed.  Expect higher.  Chart update

Buy: 160.62 Tuesday October 31st

COST Position Open

LABU Oct 26th

LABU  Starting to show some more strength with higher low.  Now at $70.92

Buy: 70.92 Thursday October 26th
Sell: (partial) 79.80 Monday October 30th
Sell: (partial) 82.00 Friday November 3rd

LABU Position Closed  +12.5% +15.6%

UVXY (short) Oct 25th

UVXY (short) 18.99

Short: 18.99 Wednesday October 25th
Cover: (partial) 15.67 Friday, October 27th
Cover: (partial) 16.09 Mon.,  October 30th
Cover: (partial) 14.80 Tues  November 7th

UVXY (short) Position Closed  +17.5%  15.2% +22.1%

UVXY Oct 24th

UVXY Think it worth hedging some here.

Buy: 15.69 Tuesday October 24th
Sell: 18.20 Wednesday, October 25th

UVXY Position Closed  +16%

LABD Oct 17th

LABD  Seeing XBI as continually at resistance and now giving initial evidence of it with increased sell pressure coming in yesterday, selling into the rally.  LABD Today opened at 4.52

Buy: 4.49 Wednesday October 17th
Sell: (partial) 4.83 Friday,  October 20th
Sell: (partial) 5.10 Tuesday October 24th
Sell: (partial) 4.99 Tuesday October 24th

LABD Position Closed  +7.7%  +13.6%  +11.1%

SHOP Oct 17th

SHOP Reversal setup.  Now at $96.84.  Opened at $97.00.  Seeing initial support around $95.50

Buy: 96.84 Friday October 6th
Sell: (partial) 108.40  Wed.,  October 25th
Sell: (partial) 107.85  Mon.,  October 30th

SHOP Position Closed  +11.9%  +11.4%