Stocks recently alerted to members in real time.

IMPORTANT:  This listing does not include the many profitable trades that we also do in chat.  It also does not include trades with a gain or a loss of 1.5% or less.

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ROKU April 6th

ROKU Alert at $31.27.  Seeing more consistent action lately on this stock.

Buy: 31.27 Friday April 6th
Sell: (partial) 37.10 Tues. April 17th
Sell: (partial) 33.08 Wed April 17th

ROKU Position Closed +18.6% +5.8%

UVXY April 6th

UVXY $18.58  Worth hedging I think. This morning’s rally off the lows may not hold.  SPY  Now near intial resistance.  Tight stop.  Market open at 19.14

Buy: 18.58 Friday April 6th
Sell: (partial) 20.05 Friday April 6th
Sell: (partial) 20.90 Friday April 6th

UVXY Position Closed  +8.0%  +12.5%

TLRD April 4th

TLRD Alert at $26.23

Strong despite a terrible market open. Yesterday, this stock hit a new 52 week high.  Tight stop.

Buy: 26.23 Wednesday April 4th
Sell: (partial) 28.40 Thurs. April 5th
Sell: (partial) 28.40 Friday April 6th

TLRD Position Closed +8.3% +8.3%

SHOP April 4th

SHOP  Alert at $117.30.  Sell off just seems too extreme

Buy: 117.30 Wednesday March 4th
Sell: (partial) 124.88 Thurs April 5th
Sell: (partial) 118.41 Friday April 6th
Sell: (partial) 117.30 Friday April 6th

SHOP Position Closed +6.5% +1.0%  +0.0%

BA April 4th

BA Alert at $316.64.  Near support

Buy: 316.64 Wednesday April 4th
Sell: (partial) 337.80 Thurs April 5th
Sell: (partial) 327.70 Friday April 6th

BA Position Closed +6.7% +3.5%

ZS April 4th

ZS  Alert at $26.95  Sell off seems extreme.

Buy: 26.95 Thursday April 4th
Sell: (partial) 29.25 Friday April 6th
Sell: (partial) 26.95 Monday April 9th

ZS Position Closed +8.5%  +0.0%

LABU April 3rd

LABU  Alert at $67.90 Sell of extreme (which can be bullish) and think worth a try here but need to see follow through.

Buy: 67.90 Tuesday April 3rd
Sell: (partial) 77.10 Wed.,  April 4th
Sell: (partial) 72.58 Thurs April 5th
Sell: (partial) 67.90  Fri.,  April  6th

LABU Position Closed +13.5% +6.9% +0.0%

FAS April 2nd

FAS  Alert at $58.62  Seeing this sell off as extreme and think worth try at these levels with a tight stop.

Buy: 58.62 Monday April 2nd
Sell: (partial) 66.10 Thurs, April 5th
Sell: (partial) 62.35 Friday April 6th

FAS Position Open +12.8% +6.4%

UVXY April 2nd

UVXY Alert at 19.32.  Short term hedge.  Tight stop.

Buy: 19.32 Monday April 2nd
Sell: (partial) 21.55 Monday April 2nd
Sell: (partial) 21.45 Monday April 2nd

UVXY Position Closed  +11.5%  +11.0%

BB March 28th

BB (short) $12.62.  Pop to drop setup. Bear flag setup on daily.

Short: 12.62 Wednesday March 28th
Cover: (partial) 11.52 Thurs. March 29th
Cover: (partial) 10.72 Monday April 2nd

BB Position Closed +9.5% +15.1%