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PDD Feb 13th, 2019

PDD Alert at $26.76 Potential V bottom setup Market open at 27.50 Seeing as attractive now on this pullback.

Buy: 26.76 Wed. February 13th
Sell: 31.80 Monday, March 4th

PDD Position Closed +18.8%

SFIX Feb 11th, 2019

SFIX Alert at $22.87.  Setting up just above the major moving average. Slow Stochastic turning positive on daily. Thinking continuation higher (potential breakout) likely above $23.27.  Initial support around $22.62, $22.50, $22.31

Buy: 22.87 Monday January 11th
Sell: 26.40 Tuesday, February 20th

SFIX Position Closed +15.4%

LABU Feb 8th, 2019

LABU Alert at $46.22 Reversal attempt near support and now looking for a close above the 20 day moving average today to better confirm strength.

Buy: 46.22 Friday January 8th
Sell: (partial) 53.70  Friday  February 15th
Sell: (partial) 59.60  Mon.,  February 25th
Sell: (partial) 59.60 Wednesday March 6th

LABU Position Closed +16.2% +28.9% +28.9%

CRON Feb 6th, 2019

CRON Alert at $19.40 Potential drop to pop setup, near support. Looking for above $20.00 (and to hold above the mark today) to better confirm strength.

Buy: 19.40 Thursday January 7th
Sell: (partial) 21.47 Monday, February 19th
Sell: (partial) 22.80 Thursday February 21st
Sell: (partial) 20.35 Monday, February 25th

CRON Position Closed +10.7% +17.5% +5%

SQ Jan 30th, 2019

SQ Alert at $69.25  Seeing as attractive now that it’s pulled back, nearer to potential support, the 200 day average at $68.42

Buy: 69.25 Wednesday January 30th
Sell: (partial) 76.90 Wed., February 13th
Sell: (partial) 74.90 Thurs. February 21st

SQ Position Closed +11% +8.2%

LABU Jan 29th, 2019

LABU Alert at $43.24 XBI Near support, the 20 day average.  Needs to hold.

Buy: 43.24 Monday January 4th
Sell: (partial) 49.28 Thursday, January 31st
Sell: (partial) 53.00 Thursday, February 5th

LABU Position Closed +14% +22.6%

SQ Jan 28th, 2019

SQ Alert at $74.43  Suggest small. Higher risk

Buy: 74.43 Monday January 28th
Sell: 70.38 Tuesday, January 29th

SQ Position Closed  -5.4%

NUGT Jan 24th, 2019

NUGT Alert at $15.95  Market open at 15.52  Suggest small and/or may want to go with GDX to lower your risk.  Bouncing off 50 day moving average (consistently)

Buy: 15.95 Thursday January 24th
Sell: (partial) 18.50 Tues., January 29th
Sell: (partial) 20.05 Wed., January 30th
Sell: (partial) 20.80 Wed., January 30th

NUGT Position Closed +16% +25.7% +30.4%

SGH Jan 24th, 2019

SGH Alert at $21.96 Doji  Reversal setup.

Buy: 21.96 Thursday January 24th
Sell: (partial) 24.60 Mon., January 28th
Sell: (partial) 26.90 Tues., February 5th
Sell: (partial) 28.05 Wed., February 6th

SGH Position Closed +12% +22.5% + +27.7%

PDD Jan 22nd, 2019

PDD Alert at $24.77.  Potential drop to pop setup off support.

Buy: 24.77 Tuesday January 22nd
Sell: (partial) 29.10 Wed.,  February 6th
Sell: (partial) 27.10 Thurs. February 7th

PDD Position Closed +17.5% +9.4%