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  • NOTE:  This list (archives) only includes LIVE Alerts that are sent to members directly via email and does not even begin to cover all of the other calls made in Live Chat (including several day trades) by myself and other key members (View Recent Chat Log) so come visit us in chat and experience for yourself the real excitement, by signing up now with your own Free 7 Day Trial

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  • Record of Buy/Sell signals

    Friday November 29

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)  Following Inverted hammer. Looking to confirm (green) Open $14.38 Now at $14.39 Suggest 1% max risk here. NEEDS to confirm

    Buy: $14.39 Friday, November 29th
    Sell: (partial) $15.37 Thurs. December 5th
    Sell: (partial) $15.83 Friday December 6th
    Sell: (partial) $16.23 Mon., December 9th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +6.8% +10.0% +12.8%

    Friday November 15

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)  Bouncing off key support (16.91) (1% max risk) Now at $17.01 NEED to see follow through today...

    Buy: $17.01 Friday, November 15th
    Sell:$16.38 Monday, November 18th
    WLT - Position Closed

    Wednesday  October 30th
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Getting buyers on this dip after earnings. Good bullish stock (as per previous charts) longer out. Alerted in chat once again at $12.23 - $12.51 (confirming)

    Buy: $15.03 Wednesday, October 30th
    Sell: (partial) $16.44 Wed October 30th
    Sell: (partial) $17.23 Frid, October 30th
    Sell: (partial) $18.88 Monday, Nov., 4th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +9.4% +14.6%  +26.6%
    Tuesday  October 8th
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)   Like it once more on this pull back, just above the 20 day moving average. 
    Buy: $14.32 Tuesday, October 8th
    Sell: (partial) $15.54 Tuesday, October 14th
    Sell: (partial) $15.40 Tuesday, October 29th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +8.5%    +7.5%

    Wednesday October 2nd

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)  Liking this set up just above support of $13.73  Showing good strength from the open, despite the market sell off and now poised to move higher.  Now at $13.97 Tight stop.
    Buy: $13.97 Wednesday, October 2nd
    Sell: (partial) $15.63 Monday, October 7th
    Sell: (partial) $14.88 Monday, October 7th
    WLT - Position  Closed
    +11.9%    +6.5%%

    Monday September 23rd

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Still like the long term trend here and now once again near good support ($13.51) Higher low today of $13.58 Need to see follow through here. Now at $13.73 Suggest a tight stop (1% max risk)

    Buy: $13.73 Monday, September 23rd
    Sell: $14.90 Thurs., September 26th
    WLT - Position Closed

    Monday September 16th

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Attractive once again (bullish longer term) after this 3 day pull back and now pushing back up just off key support of $13.73 See updated chart on members website. $14.32 to confirm reversal. Opened at $14.07

    Buy: $13.98 Monday, September 16th
    Sell: (partial) $15.55 Thursday, September 19th
    Sell: (partial) $14.95 Thursday, September 20th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +11.2% +6.9%

    Wednesday August 28th
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Another showing good strength after inverted hammer set up from yesterday. Need to see some good follow through to better confirm. Bullish longer term chart!

    Buy: $13.02 Wednesday, August 28th
    Sell: (partial) $15.43 Monday, Sept., 9th
    Sell: (partial) $15.43 Tuesday Sept 10th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +18.5% +18.5%

    Tuesday August 20th

    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Strong push back above the 20 day of $12.03

    WLT Buy: $12.04 Tuesday, August 20th
    WLT Sell: (partial) $13.48 Tuesday, August 26th
    WLT Sell: (partial) $12.92 Tuesday, August 27th
    WLT - Position Closed
    +12.0% +7.3%

    Wednesday August 14th
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Poised now to move higher after consolidating. (swing)
    Opened at $12.50

    WLT Buy: $12.94 Wednesday, August 14th
    WLT Sell: $11.68 Friday, August 16th
    WLT - Position Closed

    Thursday August 1st
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT)  Bouncing off good support after earnings. 10 day at $11.66 Now at $11.67 Opened at $11.55

    WLT Buy: $11.67 Wednesday, August 1st
    WLT Sell: $11.17 Wednesday, August 1st
    WLT - Position Closed

    Friday June 28th
    Walter Energy, Inc. (WLT) Inverted hammer yesterday and starting to confirm today above the $10.00 mark. Risky play however and would suggest to not risk more than 1% on this trade. At the same time, very good upside potential here. Opened at $10.07 HOD $10.34 Now at $10.26 NEEDS to see follow through today!

    WLT Buy: $10.26 Friday, June 28th
    WLT Sell: (partial) $12.02 Wed., July 9th
    WLT Sell: (partial) $13.69 Thurs July 18th
    WLT Sell: (partial) $13.38 Thurs July 22nd
    WLT - Position Closed
    +17.2% +33.4% +30.1%


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