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GLD Jan 4th, 2023

Gold stocks continue to breakout to higher levels in the new year.


GDX Dec 27th, 2022

Closed above the 200 day average.

GLD Dec 2nd, 2022

GLD  Weekly chart  Confirming our bullish expectations (see earlier charts on this setup below)
Note  Dec 1st, 2022  Closed back above the 200 day moving average. It’s the first time it’s closed above that since June 16th

Important >>  This type of trade may not be for everyone, due to the extreme volatility. Please understand the risk.

See more of my gold charts below to see how I got here.

JNUG (Gold stocks) Dec 2nd, 2022

Gold stocks

Breakout mode.  Continues to show good strength after this bullish gap up, and today with a bullish engulfing candlestick. Watch the 200 day average overhead; currently at 45.72 as a point of significant resistance and/or a breakout point to move higher.

GLD Nov 30th, 2022

Monthly chart  Got a decent bounce off support this month.
I’m thinking that gold stocks could continue higher but as always with gold, you can expect volatility along the way, especially at higher levels.

GLD Nov 25th, 2022

Classic reversal setup at support, pushing back above the 5 day moving average giving good confirmation of the expectation (see chart below) and could go higher.


GLD Nov 8th, 2022

Posted during market hours.

A strong open filling this higher gap (with continuation) and could go higher. Potential breakout.


GLD Oct 10th, 2022

Gold / Once again rejected at resistance, the 50 day moving average, and thinking that this likely goes lower.

SLV Sept 30th, 2022

SLV With gold making its move, would watch for a move above this key pivot point to indicate a reversal also for silver.

JNUG Sept 28th, 2022

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JNUG This move today (bullish gap up with continuation) above key points of resistance on increased volume is attention getting.