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JNUG Sept 28th, 2022

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JNUG This move today (bullish gap up with continuation) above key points of resistance on increased volume is attention getting.

GLD Sept 28th, 2022 Monthly Chart

GLD It’s not quite the end of the month but by today’s action, thinking this could be a failed breakdown/reversal attempt

GDX Sept 28th, 2022 Monthly Chart  Gold mining stocks are more telling I think with this long legged Doji.  A green close next month would be telling.

GLD July 1st and 5th, 2022

Weekly chart.  Make or break zone. Downward (negative) bias; based on continual weakness that I’ve been observing with silver, etc.

GLD July 5th, 2022
It’s only Monday, 1 day into the week and is already confirming more weakness.

GDX GLD SLV May 31st, 2022

Bear flag confirming at resistance.  I continue to avoid gold and silver
Update June 10th, 2022 Good continuation after the bear flag confirmed on gold mining stocks, and could go lower.

GLD April 25th, 2022

Failed breakout attempt

GLD Feb 10th, 2022

Weekly chart

Symmetrical triangle breakout

GDX Oct 12th, 2021

Inverted Hammer confirmed nicely today on increased volume, closing above resistance. Looking like this is ready to make a move higher and possibly to fill some higher gaps. Not a predication. Potential breakout above (green) trend line above

GLD Jun 9th, 2021

Direction seems questionable at this time  No position

Update June 14th

Rejected at resistance, with continuation lower. Iffy at best
No position
A good example of why you need an exit plan, be it to take profits or reduce downside risk

GLD May 25th, 2021

Did you see our intial post on bullish expectations?  Posted below this chart

Nice continuation!

GLD May 17th, 2021

A significant move (signal) for gold today, breaking out above its 200 day moving average on increased volume.

See the setup (before the breakout) below