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GLD June 18th, 2019

GDX July 11th, 2019

GDX July 17th, 2019  Chart update  Confirming breakout

GDX July 17th, 2019  Chart update  EOD  Nice continuation.

GDX July 18th, 2019  Chart update  EOD  Nice!  Assure some profit

GDX July 5th, 2019

GDX July 9th, 2019 Chart update  Confirming

GDX July 10th, 2019 Chart update  Nice continuation

GLD July 2nd, 2019 Monthly chart

GDX June, 25, 2019

Too high, too fast telling me this almost has to pullback. Potential gap to be filled lower.

GLD June 11th, 2019

GDX May 31st, 2019

GDX April 16th, 2016

GDX April 22nd, 2019 Chart update