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XBI Sept 23rd, 2022

Alerted on Sept 23rd at 6.07 (Free to new subscribers)

At support. Seeing potential for a technical bounce.
Sept 27th Just updated See below

XBI Update Sept 27th, 2022

Good intial confirmation of strength today with a bullish gap up on increased volume. Thinking continuation higher is likely if able to get above and stay above the 5 day moving average at 77.22.  Next key pivot point at 79.01 (the gap)

XBI August 19th ,2022

Seems to be losing buyers interest; shown by lower volume on this pullback, closing under the 200, 50, 10 and 20 day moving averages.

Took profit on LABU at 11.79 on August 5th.

Avoiding at this time.


XBI August 4th, 2022

Breakout confirmed

XBI July 8th, 2022

Weekly chart.  Nice continuation since posting this setup, and leading most stocks.  Scroll down a bit to see recent chart updates.

XBI July 5th, 2022

Daily chart. Breakout confirmed (on increased volume)
MACD, RSI (Relative strength) OBV (On balance volume) and Slow Stochastic. All confirming strength.

XBI June 23rd, 2020

Weekly chart is compelling  Expecting higher

XBI May 27th, 2022

It’s been quite some time since biotech has sent a good signal to consider buying (and holding) Though this signal is somewhat subtle, this move after forming a new base, in consideration with the overall market; closing back above the 10 day moving average on increased volume is attention getting. Expecting higher.

XBI Jan 4th, 2022

Down trend. Sideways at best.

Jan 5th, 2022  Update

Bearish confirmed This likely continues lower

XBI Nov 22nd, 2021

We’ve been avoiding this (no alerts) since Nov 10th, after failing to hold the 50 day moving average.

XBI Nov 1st, 2021

Weekly chart  Starting to show some promise