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XBI March 19th, 2020

A good start bouncing hard off what looks to be good  support here. These type of reversal setups,after such an extreme sell off can move fast. Several reasons, one of them being that anyone that wanted to or felt that had to sell, are gone. So less resistance of sellers on the way up.

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XBI Chart update 03-30-20 Nice continuation!

XBI Close up

XBI Jan 24th, 2020

XBI Jan 24th, 2020 Chart update EOD

Breakdown confirmed

XBI Jan 14th, 2020

XBI Jan 14th, 2020  Chart update EOD

Confirmed strong above resistance (now support) I’m thinking continuation higher at this point to be likely.

XBI Jan 3rd, 2020

XBI Jan 6th, 2020  Chart update

Setup confirming well, closing back above it’s previous 52 week high of 93.87 I’m thinking continuation higher, likely

XBI Nov 19th, 2019

XBI Nov 13th, 2019

XBI Nov 8th, 2019


XBI Nov 1st, 2019

XBI Oct 11th, 2019

XBI A different perspective. Chart update, using TrendSpider  Confirming our long position on LABU and is now looking to continue this trend higher likely. Now, all about follow through.

Extreme bearish can be bullish.

This higher high, higher low telling me this setup may still well be intact.

Nice follow through today, trading back well above this significant point of resistance (blue line) now support.