These charts can help guide you but understand they’re updated after the market close.  It’s best to not wait. Get my updates on market conditions before the next move, live during market hours.


SPY June 18th, 2020

Looks to be setting up for a move higher if able to get above this pivot point.

QQQ June 16th, 2020

Chart updated. Saw good follow through today above resistance

QQQ June 15th, 2020

XLF May 26th, 2020

Banks now beginning to look more interesting here and could give the overall market more momentum to go higher.

DIA DJIA May 15th, 2020

Bull flag setup. This push on Friday, above resistance got my attention and telling me there could be more upside potential from here.

SPY May 8th, 2020

Weekly chart udate. Signficant changes happened this week. We broke through resistance with the RSI (relative strength) above 50 and the Slow Stochastic indicator is also now positive. Not a small thing.

EEM May 8th, 2020

Chart update. Already showing improvement. A plus for the overall market.

QQQ May 5th, 2020

This leading index has the look of wanting to move higher

EEM April 28th, 2020

DIA DJIA April 27th, 2020

Closed above the 50 day moving average today.