These charts can help guide you but understand they’re updated after the market close.  It’s best to not wait. Get my updates on market conditions before the next move, live during market hours.


SPY March 26th, 2020

SPY March 24th, 2020

SPY March 20th, 2020

SPY  Important: On this chart, start from the right side and work your way to the left.  This is the index (upside down) The Friday’s close got my attention. So if you’re bearish on this chart, that’s bullish for the stock market. 

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VIX March 20th, 2020

Hangman, potentially indicating a reversal. Confirmation is still needed.

IWM Jan 14th, 2020

EEM Jan 8th, 2020

EEM Jan 13th, 2020  Chart update

IWM $RUT Dec 31st, 2019

One of the key indexes that we were closely watching last year to better confirm the strength of the overall markets. A solid move indeed, breaking out to a new 52 week high.

SPY Dec 31st, 2019

Nice continuation since that retest of resistance, now support.


EEM Dec 10th, 2019

EEM Dec 11th, 2019  Chart update

Confirming strong.

SPY Nov 13th, 2019

Strong upward trend that could certainly continue higher …and produce a fear of missing out effect. Hungry buyers that don’t want to miss out on the rally. That combined with short cover could bring things higher (fast)