These charts can help guide you but understand they’re updated after the market close.  It’s best to not wait. Get my updates on market conditions before the next move, live during market hours.


QQQ Jan 13th, 2020

Got a good look

EEM Dec 30th, 2020

There’s one more day left in the month but nevertheless this move is compelling and a bullish signal for the overall markets.
SPY QQQ DIA These major indexes in agreement Last updated Dec 17th, 2020

VIX Dec 24th, 2020

Seeing a path to fill the gap lower here

EEM Dec 17th, 2020 Monthly chart

Monthly chart is an attention getter. See what we get. If this breaksout, it’s a big deal.

VIX Dec 15th, 2020

VIX Telling me markets likely continues higher.

QQQ Dec 4th, 2020

Trading at new ATH’s No resistance overhead

IWM Nov 23rd, 2020

Seeing continued strength in small caps

DIA Nov 23rd, 2020

Higher highs, higher lows. Good overall (bullish) action on the stock market and could go higher.


QQQ Nov 13th, 2020

Up trend well intact

XLF Nov 9th, 2020

A strong move for bank stocks, breaking out above resistance and good for the overall market.