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SPY August 7th, 2019

Reversal attempt with a higher low. Red to green move would be a positive here. Not predicting but a heads up on this potential move for stocks to move higher.

SPY August 7th, 2019 Chart update EOD 

Saw good,bullish follow through today in the stock market.

QQQ August 7th, 2019

VIX August 6th, 2019

VIX August 7th, 2019  Chart update.

Confirming weakness and seeing as bullish for the market

SPY August 6th, 2019

SPY July 23rd, 2019

SPY July 9th, 2019

SPY July 3rd, 2019

New all time high.  No resistance overhead.

SPY June 28th, 2019 Monthly

New all time high monthly highs. Expecting higher

DJIA June 28th, 2019

DJIA June 27th, 2019

Could there have been any better place for a bounce?